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  1. Rico

    Car & Bike Wheel alignment - demystify alignment report.

    Hi I have problem with the steering wheel of the car after wheel alignment. have done Wheel alignment at 33268KM , but after alignment the steering wheel was off the centre position and slightly inclined towards left i.e to make the car move in straight line the steering wheel should...
  2. Rico

    Car & Bike OTR price - Vehicle (Car) .

    Hi, I was trying to find OTR for the Vehicle in Chennai, TN . Googled (TBHP) but could not get recent percentage figures . Question is - What is percentage of registration charges + Road tax etc. if suppose the vehicle Ex-showroom price is Rs 7.50 Lakhs. p.s - The doubt the dealer is...
  3. Rico

    Storage Solutions SSD advice for C2D PC.

    Hi, I've decided to go with SSD Upgrade for my PC. As the boot up / shutdown and application load time is sluggish / slower. My config Motherboard - C2D E7300 , 2GB RAM, HD 4850, CM 600 watts , 1.5 TB + 640 GB. Purpose - Web browsing , Movies ...
  4. Rico

    Storage Solutions Where to buy Western Digital Laptop HDD WD3200BPVT (for PS3) online.

    Hi, I 've been on the lookout for a HDD for my PS3 and Zeored on WD Scorpio Blue 320 GB Laptop Internal Hard Drive (WD3200BPVT) But I can't seem to find it online (Prime , SMC, FK )except in Itwares. Western Digital 320GB Scorpio Blue WD3200LPVT / WD3200BPVT 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5'' Internal...
  5. Rico

    PS3 - too slow

    hi (Little long post Please bare with me.Thanks for reading.) Yesterday after a month switched on the PS3 for COD Black ops 2. but unfortunately Got his error "The system software cannot be run correctly. Press the PS button to try to restart the system” . Pls refer the screenshot...
  6. Rico

    Camera Macro Extension Tube - Canon 60D

    hi, Looking for Macro Extension tubes for Canon 60D to couple with 18-55mm kit lens. whether is it worth or ok to buy from the ebay link. Macro Extension Tube Set for Canon 600D 550D 60D 5D 7D | eBay Purpose - cheap way to do Macro Photography Auto focus is not a concern. Also let me know...
  7. Rico

    Micro USB wall charger for Motorola photon

    Hi, I'm on the look-out for a Micro USB wall charger for Motorola Photon 4G. Do i need to look into charger with any specific 'Power output' or any Micro USB charger will be good. Kindly suggest from your experience or thoughts. I have listed Couple of chargers from Flipkart...
  8. Rico

    Sony ericsson xperia Neo V - From Amazon

    Decided to buy Sony ericsson Neo V from amazon Mt11i - further digging up revealed there are 2 variants Mt11i (international) and Mt11a (for US). Mt11a - Network spec. of the variants MT11a (America) - UMTS/HSPA...
  9. Rico

    Sony Ericsson ARC for Rs18750! Sony Ericsson Arc listed for 18.5k and 20k. Is this deal genuine?
  10. Rico

    First Android device.

    hi, I have decided to get an Android mobile and get some of action happening in Android scene. Kindly help me in deciding one . 1. Q: Budget? A: 10 - 15k (can extend to 20k ) 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar 3. Q: Preferred display type? A: TFT (AMOLED is...
  11. Rico

    Recommend Laptop for 50-52K

    Hi, Recommend a laptop with good Processing power and Graphics card to run application like Maya,3D max, Video editing & Photoshop. Not a gamming laptop. Occasional Movies and music. Would be requiring HDMI out for connecting HD monitor. (It’s for a colleague )Budget - 50k - 52K max...
  12. Rico

    Yet another Ipad Show-off

    Got this very recently. Simply lovin it! :tongue: [attachment=9028:15637.attach] [attachment=9029:15638.attach] Some More pics here - 12 images Case - Yoobao from
  13. Rico

    Recommend Wi-Fi router for iPad2.

    hi, Very soon will lay hands on Apple ipad 2. :ohyeah: Googled and found incompatibilities and problems with some of Wireless routers and the iPad. (Source - macrumors and and some ipad forums) If you happen to own a iPad (1st or 2nd Gen) what Wireless router do you use ...
  14. Rico

    Car & Bike Pulsar 150cc - Problem , insight needed.

    Hi, I have a 2009 UG3 Pulsar 150, 20450Km done on ODO.In recent days i notice considerable reduce in pick-up of the bike.Riding on single there i see no difference .The ride is smooth and the bike respond well . But with a pillion rider it's totally a different story.(With pillion rider,)...
  15. Rico

    Audio USB sound card suggestion

    hi, the on-board sound card in HP laptop(not sure about the series) going kaput,bought in 2006. tried updating driver /restore the OS/moved to Win 7 from vista but nothing was fruitful. I'm in lookout for a usb based sound card. Will be connecting 2.0 speaker/headphones.usage movies and...
  16. Rico

    ipad2 from USA

    hi, I'm thinking the possibility of getting iPAD 2 from US. Things i need to know before proceeding. 1)is it true after tax the price of ipad2 16gb is $547 ? 2)how much customs tax i need to pay? if it's in baggage? 3)tips and tricks to evade tax :ohyeah: the airport would chennai. Your...
  17. Rico

    PC Peripherals Recommend Surge protector/Spike buster

    Recommend a good surge protector with good quality and warranty. Recently learned good lesson about spike and it's after effects on Wallet :death: After effects of Spike - Thought of getting this .Please...
  18. Rico

    CPU/Mobo DDR2 Motherboard for Core2Duo E7500 ?

    Yesterday there was very loud thunder and lighting by 1AM .something busted and my PC suddenly*switched off.then I could not power it on again. The ups dosnt work.the SMPS is working fine .the motherboard has gone kaput Hope other components are fine.Pls suggest me a DDR2 based motherboard for...
  19. Rico

    PS3 freezes while save/load.

    PS3 freezes while saving/loading game. Right now it's happening only for GOW3. The disc is scratchless. Played the game from previous checkpoint but the still it freezes. I have JB'ed to play backups. PS3 slim FW - 3.41,320GB. If I go ahead with patch, will this affect the JB ?
  20. Rico

    Graphic Cards HD6950 + Intel C2D - Will it work ?

    If i pair HD 6950 with Intel core2duo E7300 will i see considerable gaming performance improvement over my current set up? I beleive it would ,if not pls shed some light What about CPU being a bottle neck here? yes it would, but in what extent Why this weird combo? 1) to play...