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  1. max_demon

    FS: Storage Hardware WD Gold 8TB Datacenter HDD

    Product Name: WD Gold 8TB Datacenter HDD Expected Price: SOLD Shipping charges : included Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Item is brand new unused, have purchased extra for office but not required anymore Reason...
  2. max_demon

    Google services take loooong time to load except on Opera

    Hello, this is driving me crazy but all the google services take too long to load on my connection on all browsers- Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari However in Opera Turbo mode they seem to work normally maybe even faster. Bing seems to work normally on rest of the browsers too. and using bing as...
  3. max_demon

    Foodpanda App failed Payment issue

    Has it happened with you when ordering from foodpanda app on phone the app says payment failed but the card is still charged? especially when applying discount.. Upon calling the customer care they say that the card has not been charged and any charge will be refunded but it has been more than...
  4. max_demon

    Color issue while playing videos on AMD Graphic card

    I have been facing this strange issue lately in which the color of few videos (mkv files, H.263/264) are off color its shown something like this screenshot. I'm having MSI AMD 290x and Core i7 Desktop and this issue is really irritating. only solved by a system restart. Please help my amd driver...
  5. max_demon

    Video Selling the Set top box

    Hello Guys, I have been using TataSky HD+ since past 2 years. had upgraded to Videocon d2h now. and I'm not sure what to do with the old set top box. as the Antenna is company owned. the STB is owned by us so we should be able to sell it right? I don't care about the prepaid balance it has as...
  6. max_demon

    PC Peripherals Line of death on HP 2311gt

    I have been facing this issue for so long time. but it wasn't worse until yesterday. actually its exactly the same as this issue. : and this
  7. max_demon

    PC Peripherals Right Shift Key + S key does NOT work! Razer Blackwidow

    Hello guys I am facing this strange problem with my keyboard. the problem is similar to this but has not been resolved yet. The Right shift key and the S key works. but never together. Left...
  8. max_demon

    Car & Bike The Car Cleaning/Detailing Thread

    Hey all, we all know how important it is to keep our beloved possessions in pristine condition be it any electronics or toys. The car is no exception, being one of the expensive toys we look after it like a baby. Some do not have the time or do not want hassles of cleaning so they give for...
  9. max_demon

    Storage Solutions Emergency recovery of 9+TB of Data.. Please Advise

    Hello, My whole system has been formatted by a mad person including 4 Hard Disks of 3 TB. I had over 9TB of Data on it. I can buy more hard disk if required for the recovery process. Please help me on how to proceed. It has been Right Click Quick Format NTFS. the drives are untouched after that...
  10. max_demon

    Car & Bike Best Automatic C+ Segment Sedan

    I'm looking for a good car which will be primarily driven by me and will be chauffeur driven in long trips. Must be petrol and auto gearbox. FE is also not a concern. Usage will be light not more than 10k kms/year It should be very comfortable especially in the back seats and should have all...
  11. max_demon

    FS: Games (PS3) GTA V PS3 Game Disc with Atomic Blimp Code and Poster

    Product Name: GTA V PS3 Expected Price: Rs 2100 Shipped Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Haven't removed the game disc from PS3 system from 0-100% completion handled disc only once. ATOMIC BLIMP CODE IS UNUSED Reason for Sale: Completed Game Product...
  12. max_demon

    FS: Networking Replacement NETGEAR DGN2200v4 N300 ADSL2+ Router

    Product Name: NETGEAR DGN2200v4 N300 Expected Price: Rs 2800 Shipped Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: I had received this REPLACEMENT DGN2200v4 Router Selling as I am switching to non adsl provider and my ASUS RT66U will be enough for that...
  13. max_demon

    Car & Bike Used Opel Corsa, ok to buy?

    hey guys I'm planning to get a used sedan under 50k I know very less budget but keeping room for additional expenses. planning to keep it for maximum 1 year. what models should I be looking at, I really liked the engine of opel corsa gsi, one person is selling 2003 model with gaskit installed...
  14. max_demon

    Graphic Cards HD6950 Overheating on Two monitors.. that too without load

    Hi, since few weeks my MSI HD 6950 Twin Frost edition is giving overheating problems.. I have not been playing any games on it recently. the problem happnes only when I'm on Multi Screen card activity is 5-10% but the temps reach upto 105 degree celsius and computer shuts down. even on single...
  15. max_demon

    Camera Camera issue, How to stick it?

    Hello, I have a Sony A77V camera.. had been serving me well for more than a year. but recently I have noticed that the rubber grip near the focus mode dial has been loose. I suspect it might come off if it isn't fixed soon. as this grip had came off in my older camera too. now my question is...
  16. max_demon

    Are you on Quora?

    Quora is a community based question answer website like yahoo answers. but it is gaining popularity. The killer feature is the ability to edit title/answers and promote answers. I wonder how many TE members are on Quora? Almost 40% of its users are Indians as of May 2013
  17. max_demon

    FS: Networking Almost new Belkin Share N300 Wireless Router (WITHOUT ADSL)

    SOLD Product Name:Belkin Share N300 Wireless Router (With USB port) Expected Price: SOLD Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Almost Brand New, just tested a few times.. by different people Reason for Sale...
  18. max_demon

    Availability of Commercial Pressure Fryer in India or Low Pressure Chicken Bucket

    I'm interested in buying a 15L+ commercial Pressure fryer or even chicken bucket (low pressure fryer) to try to replicate KFC. I have not tried to cook in normal cooker as it could be dangerous (pressure is very high in there) So looking to get a commercial fryer or Chicken bucket (search on...
  19. max_demon

    Budget 90k+ Efficient machine for use as a media server.

    Questions What is your budget? Actually no budget limitation, but I do not wish to get a machine that will be overkill for my usage. What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - AMD Phenom X2 555 overclock 4GHz Motherboard - Asus M2A74-AM...
  20. max_demon

    electricity management/optimizing equipments

    Hello friends, I don't have much idea what else I could refer these devices with... but I am looking for some equipments which could help me monitor the consumption (of individual appliance) or something similar. or equipments like servo stabilizers , power factor correction equipments etc...