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    Question about htaccess, robots.txt and crawlers.

    Hello, I have a couple of questions. 1) How long after I register a domain can I expect the search engines index my site? 2) I do not have any robots.txt or any htaccess files on my server. Is that okay? Are they required for search engines to crawl my site? Thanks, Sarosh.
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    Need a website host in Goa

    Hi, Please recommend a good, reliable website hosting company. I am located in Goa, and I am not sure if I should go for a company located in Goa, India or abroad. Please suggest a good website hosting company, it doesn't have to be the best, but not the worst either. If you can recommend...
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    PHP printf question

    Hello, When I use this php code: <?php $sentence="This is a stentence whose words are to be counted."; printf("The number of words in \"$sentence\" is: %d words. ", $sentence, str_word_count($sentence)); ?> I get the following output: The number of words in "This is a stentence whose...
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    Question about CSS positioning

    Hi, I have a simple question about CSS. I am reading a book and I checked some online sources too, but I would appreciate if I could get a simple solution here with the example code. I want to design a page in which the body is 1024 pixels wide, but I want the body of the page to always be in...
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    CSS Help - Need to <a> definitions.

    Hi, I have a question about CSS. If I can find the answer here, that would be great, or else I will look elsewhere. I would like to have more than one type of style definitions for links in a document. I want one set of links to be light blue, and then turn dark blue when hoovered over. I...
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    Broadband over BlueToooth

    Hi, This is a kind of continuation thread of my previous post regarding bsnl WiFi modems. I got some very helpful ideas from you guys, and I am thankful. I would like to find out from you guys the possibility of getting internet on my netbook through BlueTooth. I have no experience in this...
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    About bsnl wi-fi modems

    Hi, I have recently purchased an acer one netbook which comes with inbuilt wi-fi. All these years I have been using a bsnl modem to connect to my pc through the lan port. What I am doing now is removing the lan cable from the back of my pc, and then plugging it into my netbook. And then again...
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    Multi Button Mouse (Circle RAGA/Play)

    Hello, This is the mouse I have been using for over a year now and I want to buy another 1 or 2 pieces of this mouse because the scroll wheel on my current mouse has broken. India > Reviews > Basics > Pointing Devices > CIRCLE raga CM412 This mouse comes in two models, PLAY &...
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    Graphic Cards Connect DVI port to crt tv

    Hi, I have a zotac 9600gt card and had connected an acer lcd via one dvi port, and my videocon tv via the other circular port (not sure what's its called, but its small and circular and towards one side of the card). However, few days back it seems this port has burnt up because now I am not...
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    Internet problem in Goa?

    Hi, My bsnl has gone dead since Friday evening and its still dead at 3am on saturday. I'm using tata mobile phone to post this. Has anyone experienced any issues? Regards,
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    Sharing bsnl modem on PC and Laptop

    Hi, Hope I am posting in the correct section. I am planning to buy a small laptop like the Acer One a few months down the line. I currently have a PC and a bsnl 512kbps connection. I use the lan cable to connect the modem to my pc. My modem is the cheapest and smallest model available, and...
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    Graphic Cards 9600GT for TV and LCD switching

    Hello, Hope this is the correct section which I am posting into. I have a 9600Gt card with an Acer 19" monitor. The default resolution of my monitor desktop is 1440x900. I have now connected my tv to my video card though the d-sub connectors. I can go into nvidia control panel and select the...
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    Unreal Tournament 3 - Keybinding Problem

    Hi, I just installed Unreal tournament 3, and I set my keyboard bindings. However, next time I start the game the bindings revert to default. I tried looking into some text files like BaseInput.ini and DefaultInput.ini in the game folder and tried to set the controls there, I even unchecked the...
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    Vista Slide Show Screen Saver

    Hi, In my prior installation of Vista Ultimate I had a screen saver named "photo slide show". This slide show would display pictures from a directory with some nice effects like sepia, zoom, grayscale, photo frame, etc, etc. After formatting and re-installing the same version of vista I cant...
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    Graphic Cards Buying advice on this Card

    Hi, I am thinking about buying this zotak 9600GT card for myself: Zotac NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT 512MB ZT-96TES3P-FSR Graphics Card - I have a coolermaster 600W tripple rail PSU with extra power cables, so I think the power requirements are covered. What do you guys think about this card? Usually...
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    Virtual memory issue in Vista

    Hi, I have to use Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 on my comp since the newest version 5.0 and 6.0 do not have the batch conversion features that are required. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 installs fine on vista, but it doest not run by default. I get an error prompt that reads something like...
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    Vista folder view problem

    Hi, I have a slight issue with windows vista. Each time I restart the comp I find that some of the folder view settings have reverted back to their defaults. For example, in one folder I have organized files as medium thumbnains and grouped them by type. But this setting does not remail, and...
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    WTB: Vista ready webcam for cheap

    I'm thinking of buying a inexpensive webcam that is 100% vista compatable. I alrady own one, but the drivers keep uninstalling themselves in vista. Last month I send a bank cheque to for a Rs.570/- webcam, they were extremely prompt to withdraw the cheque into their account, but...
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    Adjusting details in vista explorer.

    Hi, I have configured my explorer to show the folders pane on the left, the icons in the middle, and the details pane at the bottom. It is this bottom details pain that I want to configure to display the resolution of jpeg images. Either it can display horizontal and vertical resolutions, or it...
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    Need a suggestion for a macro program

    Hi, I need a software that will automate some simple tasks for my by pressing keyboard shortcuts. I tried a couple of programs, but one of them was basically for text and the other needed to use some scripting language. I want a program like the windows macro or the adobe photoshop actions, that...