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    Budget 0-20k Looking for monitor

    Please suggest me good gaming monitor and as my gpu is gtx 970, I prefer 60hz monitor, should i go for 60hz or 144hz and also please suggest me some models
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    WTB looking for 16gb ddr3 ram

    am looking for 16gb ddr3ram 2X8gb
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    WTB Need 16gb ddr3 ram

    Hi, am looking for 16gb ddr3 ram, please let me know if anyone have
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    need 2.1 speakers

    HI , I am looking to buy 2.1 speakers for my pc , My budget is under 3k and i mainly use speakers for watching movies and gaming.....kindly let me know
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    Graphic Cards GPU TEMPERATURE

    HI, I Recently purchased Zotac gtx 970 and when its is idle the temperature is 43 and when i do gaming like 2 hours on strech it reaches up to 85, is it common and is there any other better way to bring down temperature. i used MSI after burner for creating custom fan curve but no luck, can...
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    Budget 0-20k Gaming build help

    Hi guys, Recently I upgraded my PC with help of tech enclave members...and my cousin also want to upgrade his PC and his PC specs are Intel i5 3rd gen Giagabyte motherboard 1tb hard disk He is planning to buy new GPU and his budget is under 20 k we are thinking of gtx 960 and it it...
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    PC Peripherals Need help in choosing PSU for GTX 970

    Hi Guys, I recently upgrade my GPU to 970 and i want to know which PSU will be good for me and my budget is 4k. My configuration is: Intel i5 4670 Gigabyte b85md3h motherboard 1 TB hard disk 2x4 gb ddr3 ram nvidia gtx 970 Kindly let me know ASAP as there is offer going on flipkart...
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    Monitors looking for 1080p gaming monitor

    Hi Guys, I Recently upgraded my GPU and currently am using 720p Monitor and now i upgrade it to 1080p monitor and i prefer size between 20-24 inches and my budget is 10,000 rs and So please suggest me monitor