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    Suggest best RAM for Ryzen 3600 + MSI B550M-PRO-VDH-WIFI

    I just bought the rig with Ryzen 3600 MSI B550M-PRO-VDH-WIFI Corsair CMK8GX4M1D3000C16 VENGEANCE® LPX 2 x 8GB I setup XMP profile 1 in BIOS and in CPU-Z my RAM shows at 1499mhz (it showed 1066 before on Automatic Default) I just want to get advise if this is a fine RAM for me or should I...
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    Availability of Seagate Exos Helium 4TB+ Drives

    Hi all... Can you recommend good local vendors/Distributors in Delhi who would have ready stock of Seagate Exos 4TB+ Helium Drives ? I'm looking for 8/10/12TB ones... and only can find them on NewEgg (I don't trust Amazon for drives) Many thanks
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    Recommend SD Card for "adopted internal storage"

    Hi everyone, I recently got my Moto G4 and want to expand its storage using the new Marshmallow's adopted internal storage usage feature. Class 10 cards and "above" are recommended however there are many negative revies that even the best cards are being reported slow and sometimes "dropped"...
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    Android Suggest for all time iphone user

    Hi, someone stole my phone yesterday from Delhi Metro... it was 5 months old iPhone 6S -64GB Anyways... I have been an all time iphone user but now the value preposition is not soothing. I'm looking for better offerings in terms of price and hardware so suggest me a good purchase on Android...
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    WAN + ADSL Router with Torrent downloading + Local storage

    Hi Everyone, I searched around for this but the thread pulled out were way old from 2009-2010. Can the Enthusiasts here share some good ideas what options we have to run a Router with Torrent downloading and can have a Local storage as pen drive/SD Card. I'm running an Airtel ADSL (130gb...
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    Storage Solutions Media Storage drive for Direct HDMI playback on TV

    Hi, any good Media Player enabled drives that can be plugged directly into my HDTV to play photo, songs and movies of x264/x265 codec ? I'd prefer to install my own HDD and I'm concerned about firmware updates, so should be an actively maintained product. Open to alternative DIY solutions...
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    Less than 10K Need earphone with mic for iPhone

    Hi all, I've tried lenovo and other cheap earphones with my iphone after i lost my original genuine ones, while the sound into the ears is OK, these earphones fail badly at the mic. The other party simply can't get my voice clear, or sometimes echo and other problems. Can you guyz suggest some...
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    PC Peripherals (Delhi) WTB: Logitech Gaming mouse G400s/402/MX wireless series

    Hi All, I'm looking to buy a new Gaming mouse... a long time MX581/500 user so want something comfortable and ergonomic mouse. I'm not gaming much now, but alot of desinging work in illustrator and photoshop, so need DPI adjustments on the fly. I called up some sources at Nehru place but 502...
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    Less than 10K Gionee: where to buy in Delhi

    Hi, I've been reading alot about them, particularity about being backed up with responsive service but have not been able to spot them anywhere in Delhi(West) at Reliance Digital, Croma or any other shops. I sent them email but there wasn't any response! Anyone knows where I can check these...
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    Need: Bangkok+Pattaya Deals

    Hi everyone, I just thought to check here with so many smarty's at TE. I'm looking for some good deals for a holiday travel to Bangkok+Pattaya. I'll be flying from New Delhi. on Make my Trip this is best pkg I've found so far for Budget Friendly Thailand - 5 Nights Rs. 25,990 3 Night Pattaya...
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    Beetel 450TC1 DDNS/port fwd issues

    I upgraded my 4 years old Airtel home999 plan to 4Mbps turbo30 and since upgrade my netgear 834G started disconnecting frequently. Tried newer Netgear DGN2200 too but that also gave frequent disconnections. Then my Airtel guy gave me Beetel 450TC1 which works flawlessly. So after much testing of...
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    Need Webdesigners/ Psd To Html Conversion/ Jquery Integration

    Hi freinds.... I have grabbed some good projects for which I'm looking to expand my team. I'm can hire people on full time if they are around West Delhi, or if someone wants to work remotely as freelancer, I'm open to that option too!! I need creative WebDesigners who can design and then...
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    help Design Active Dir. for company with 4 offices

    Hi all, I couldn't spot any other place to post this so pardon if this is the wrong section. This thread is to discuss opinions about a solution i need to design for the client... If there are any MS Server / Exchange Admins onboard on TE, I seek your opinion & consultation. I Need help...
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    PC Peripherals K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard from Logitech

    hi guyz... Need to know pricing and availability of this K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard from Logitech itdepot has it for 6480.. any other good deals on it ???
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    Graphic Cards cooler for Sapphire 4870

    Hi All.... My 2 years old sapphire HD 4870's FAN has starting making loud grunting noise, sometimes its ok but sometimes it becomes very loud.. the card itself is working perfectly fine in all games & temperature levels & fan speed are being maintained as desired, but the noise is not...
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    iPhone 4 Dock that work with Bumper

    Hi guyz... just need ur views abt where I can get a Good Dock for my iphone 4, which fits it in With the Bumper on... I'm sure people here are already using one, the apple official one seems too pricey so need ur suggestions. If the dock is compatible with iPAD, it'd be an added bonus as I'm...
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    Milestone XT720 Android from Motorola

    hi all, just wanted to check if someone has got handon with the New Milestone XT720 I want a Camera Centric phone with a good OS & decent battery life -- the one's from Sony ericsson are too bad in terms of build quality & performace. using Satio right now but its a stupid phone camera wise...
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    PC Peripherals Any branded Bluetooth 2.0 Adaptor?

    Hey guyz... are any proper branded bluetooth dongles available these days in Delhi?? one which has Unified driver for win7 x64 too... I'm sick & tired off these cheapo 130/150 wala ones.... I had an AirBridge one that lasted me 6 yrs.. i lost it one day... Pls recommend some... thx
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    Graphic Cards 720p /1080p Over component from HD4870

    [Solved] 720p /1080p Over component from HD4870 Hi all, I have sapphire HD4870 & through component out I connected my Samsung 50†Plasma. I’m using windows 7 x64 with Catalyst 10.1 The resolution I can get in control panel is 720 x 480 & 720 x 576 interlaced.. I checked some...
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    Can't sign up for Nokia Messaging Service

    has anyone been able to sign up for Nokia Messaging Service ???? its a free Blackberry like push mail service for ur nokia phones Nokia Messaging: Home I've trying for nearly a month now, during signup, in the end it always says " We cannot process your request at this time. Please try again...