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    Google Fit not showing Kilometer

    When I go for a walk, I enable Google Fit app on my phone so that I can keep tab on how much I am walking. Since almost a month, the app is not showing distance. Calories, time etc work fine. To be sure I even reinstalled the app. Location permission is available. I can even see the app...
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    Android Redmi Note 5 pro alternative

    I like Redmi Note 5 Pro. No notch, good front camera, reinforced frame, Corning Gorilla Glass, dual rear camera etc. But I don't like how it has a big 6 inch screen. I am not sure whether I will need 6 GB RAM. My main focus is good rear and selfie camera. But I need overall balance as well...
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    Wireless game controllers

    I am a very limited gamer who use PC for gaming. I want to connect my PC to 43 inch Mi TV as monitor and play some games. I have a desktop CPU which I can use with the TV. Now I am looking for a wirless gaming controller to play games like Asaphalt, GTA or NFS. I plan to do multi player offline...
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    Play 4.2 GB file on Mi TV 4A

    I have a video file of 4.2 GB. I am not able to copy it to my 16 GB USB which is using FAT. I think that is because the file size is above 4 GB. I want to transfer the file to USB and then play it on Mi TV 4A. Since I cannot copy into USB, I am not sure how to play it on TV. Any ideas ?
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    Basic Ink tank printer

    I would like to buy a basic ink tank printer. I do not need a scanner, but would be nice if I can take colour and black & white copies. Can you suggest models from Epson if possible. I am ok with HP and Canon if they are better. Thanks.
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    Windows Dark theme for Windows 10

    Landed on Windows 10 Insider Preview.
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    Wifi without dialing

    Now that I have a spare router which I was using as a repeater, I was wondering whether I could take a LAN cable from the router and plugin to router2 making it broadcast WiFi. Since dialling is already done in router1, how to setup router2 to broadcast wifi through router1 input using LAN cable...
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    Does modem range decrease with time

    I have an ONT - router - repeater setup with a 50 Mbps connection. It used to do well with page loading and downloads at the time when it was just a 10 Mbps connection. My hardware is almost 3 years old. But recently, I am having issues with page loading. Download however seems fine. I changed...
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    Hotstar not working on MiTV 4A

    Looks like an update from Hotstar killed the app. If you try to open the Hotstar app in the MiTV 4A 43 inch version, it does not work. The app will prompt you for an update. If you click on " Update Now ", it will say " PlayStore not found ". In short Hotstar no longer works in MiTV 4A 43 inch...
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    How is the Mi Router 3C?

    How is the performance of Mi router 3C ? Does it give good range ?
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    Windows Need 18.04 install Help

    I currently have Windows 10. Some serious virus got into my laptop and disabled almost everything except USB. There is not even a shutdown button in Windows 10 now. So, I decided to sacrifice C drive and install Ubuntu 18.04. The issue is that it seems to have gotten into the BIOS level. It...
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    TataSky Broadband

    NDTV reports that TataSky has launched broadband services in 12 cities in India. Lowest 5 Mbps unlimited @ ₹999
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    Android Mi 8

    Any idea when it is coming to India ? Why the hell do they have to add a notch ?
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    Windows Google Transliteration for Windows 10

    I used to have input tools on my Windows 10 PC which allowed me to type in English and get content in regional language. It was available as a set for Windows. Now I can't find on the Google Transliteration page. Have they discontinued ? Is there any way I can get it ? Thanks.
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    Audio Wireless Headset for Mi TV 4A

    Do you think this is a good buy ? Bluetooth @ ₹ 1,999
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    Mi TV 4A club

    Any Mi TV 4A users here ? I use the 43 inch version. Which all apps you use ? Any alternatives to inbuilt YouTube app ? Back button doesn't work on it.Someone need to ask for a better YouTube app. Is Aptoide TV the only way out ? Does Amazon app store have TV ready YouTube app ?
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    Mi 6X

    Rumours say it will be launched in India as Mi A2. Price in China starts at ₹ 16,000 Comes with a dual rear camera and a 20 MP selfie camera
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    Thomson 43 inch 4k HDR Android TV @27,999

    France based Thomson Runs on Kitkat and Lolipop Available through flash sale via Flipkart exclusive 43 inch 4K HDR @ ₹ 27,999 40 inch Full HD @ ₹ 19,990 32 inch HD @ ₹ 13,490 43 inch model runs on Kitkat. No news about support for Indian streaming services as well as Hotstar, SonyLiv etc...
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    Kodi is now XBox only, renames itself as XBMC
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    Chromecast 2 restarting automatically

    I got this one ( Chromecast ) hardly a month back. It used to work flawlessly since today. Suddenly, it restarted more than 5 times in its 2-hour use today. I got fed up and stopped using it Is it a flawed piece I got ? Should I try a return to Flipkart ? What are the procedures ?