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    What programming language and book for a 13 yo student

    The easy programming language to learn first for beginners is scratch & other visual programming languages because their simplicity gets kids excited about coding! Visual programming languages can be used to make interactive stories, games, and animations., it provides the students be able to...
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    Is LastPass safe?

    Yes, LastPass is safe, secure, and easy to use. It uses bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption to ensure all passwords are stored safely, and it includes many advanced multi-factor authentication options for extra layers of security. Don't worry it is the future.
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    Career Advice

    Take an online course for learning data science and machine learning, Because more and more students are shifting to learn new skills from online platforms it is more convenient, cost-effective, and easy to join as per your time preference. Before joining any online course make sure that it is...
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    How do I start learning Python?

    It’s important to know before you start learning your first programming language, that no matter what language you choose you’ll be learning valuable skills. So congratulation that you have chosen to make yourself skillful by embarking on this journey. To make a better decision first you have...
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    Apple vs Facebook

    By the way, how is it possible for Apple to get all the votes? Can anyone explain it?
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    Is oneplus band good???

    I agree with the point of recharging mechanism, I use FastTrack reflex beat(almost dead) and it gives enough battery durability but yet it irritates me whenever I put it on the charging mode as we aren't used to it, it's not mobile or laptop that's why I left the idea to have another one.
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    Need some advice on purchasing Washing Machine

    @Tejas01 You didn't mention here about fully automatic or semi-automatic which one you would prefer?
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    Under shelf light strip for kitchen

    For the kitchen, I prefer and personally installed LED strip lights which is the best option to put a golden feather in your kitchen. It will look like this,
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    Suggestion regarding Router purchase

    Agree with that non-Chinese brands is hard to find especially in these kinds of devices.
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    Less than 10K 4G VoLTE & VoWifi Feature Phone

    No, It doesn't give this feature.
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    Budget 15-20K "Best" Android phone for under 20k?

    You prefer moto as you said so just go with Moto G 5G, fits in your budget and features as well.
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    Xiaomi Mi 11 launched

    February 11, 2021 (Expected) you are from India, right?
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    Budget 51-70k Laptop suggestion 50k+

    I would suggest Lenovo Legion 5i 39.62cms - Phantom Black with 11th Generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 Processor.
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    WTB Android phone for 10k (not max)

    Isn't it enough for you? It gives average easily lasted for more than one day starting on a full charge.
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    PS5 games prices

    It's up to 5k in India like ‘Demon’s Souls’, ‘Destruction Allstars’.
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    WTB Android phone for 10k (not max)

    I think realme 7 pro is better than only 7. It's up to 20k but I personally used it and gave me a better experience.
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    Budget 20-25K Phone for learning customization

    Did you personally used it or just having a claim?
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    Suggest Great Hindi Movies

    KGF chapter one or Bahubali
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    Can anyone suggest me Fast and Safe File Sharing App for android?

    These are the alternatives of shareit, they are reliable and fast to use ShareAll Send Anywhere JioSwitch