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    Use my own wireless modem instead of the Beetel 220BXI

    I just changed from tata indicom to Airten With tata I didn't use the modem they supplied free of charge. I just plugged the incoming connection into my Linksys wag200 wireless moedm, and put in on RFC routed, and enter the ip address, default gateway etc and it worked perfectly. Can I do the...
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    Video Solution for crap speakers on Plasma tv

    I recently upgraded from a 34" sony CRT to a 42" LG plasma. The sound quality especially bass is very poor on the plasma. Since then, i tried a few other makes, and they are all poor (voice especially). I guess it is because of the tiny speakers they use. (my sony had a whoofer) Anyways, I...
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    ADSL wireless router or switch

    Hi guys , need some help here... I am in the process of setting up a home network with wireless internet access. I currently have a BSNL adsl connection. Things I will connect to the network Main computer (my rig) Another rig in another room 2 NAS storage devices 2 lapstops for which wifi...
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    WTB: Intel 775 Back plate for Tuniq Tower

    I forgot to remove the Back plate on my mobo when it went for service, and now they can't find it... :( Hope i can buy one cheap off someone who doesn't need it.
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    OC & Modding Overvolting problem with P5N32-e-SLI

    After playing with this board for a while, I maxed out at 3825mhz (1.55v), with mem at 500mhz (4-4-4-12)(2.35v).... superpi 1m @ 13.4xx secs... After that, I ran 3210mhz(1.4v), 500mzh (4-4-4-12@2.15v) for a couple of days… Stable Orthos for 3 hours… Suddenly the board became unstable after...
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    WTB: Chieftec LCX-01 Case

    I want this particular case. I tried Arihant, but he said he can't order just one case.... If someone in Mumbai can set up a Group Buy...that would be great as well.. Anyone has a pristine example for sale...i'm up for it....
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    CPU/Mobo Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus available?

    Does anyone know if this board is available here? Its suppossed to be a cheaper 'hybrid' version of the P5n32-e thanks
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    PC Peripherals Cheiftec case

    Guys I couldn't find any place that has chieftec cabinets here (Coimbatore) Does anyone know if I can get the LCX-01B-SL-B w/ printing in India? Welcome to Chieftec -New Chassis Announced I tried emailing Arihant, but haven't received a response. Thanks for any help
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    Storage Solutions Bracket for mounting 3.5" HDD in a 5.25" CD drive bay

    Does anyone know an ONLINE place where I can get a bracket for this? I am from Coimbatore, and the shops here don't have what I want... Any info is appreciated...
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    WTB: Cheap Intel P4 processor

    I broke 2 pins on mine, and need another to make the computer usable... socket 478 obviously... Pls let me know if anone has one lying around....