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    FS: Others Echo Dot 3rd Gen White & Black

    Black piece had been sold, payment rcvd and tracking details pprovided to buyer.
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    FS: Others Echo Dot 3rd Gen White & Black

    Expected Price (Rs)1900(black) 2000(white) Shipping from Haryana Item Condition 5 out of 5 Payment Options Bank Transfer/Paytm Purchase Date 2019 both Shipping Charges Included Have you provided two pics? Yes Remaining Warranty Period NA Invoice Available? No Reason for Sale Not being used...
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    FS: RAM Samsung Laptop Rams ddr4 8gb 2133, 2666 mhz

    oh well buddy thats something you should have written. ok lets talk details on whatsapp,
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    Any Netflix Account sharing groups on TE ?

    Well I'll take the plunge then and renew today, three of you can pm me and I'll provide you payment and login details.
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    Any Netflix Account sharing groups on TE ?

    Hi, I am looking for a slot in the group, please DM me the payment/login details.
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    Car & Bike Which Hatchback around 7L?

    All I can recommend is with a automatic gearbox, Figo and Tiago both look great.
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    Help with Sharp inverter AC coil leak problem

    I also read reviews about this model and bought one from snapdeal in 2015 and within a month this same leakage issue started, It felt like raining sometimes and harsh sounds were there, 2 weeks in month it works bad and 2 weeks it works fine, its one silly machine so I have replaced it last year...
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    How to buy a pool of IPs?

    its possible with RIPE to announce their range with any provider worldwide. Going APNIC is way too costly and time consuming. I have multiple /22 ranges from RIPE being announced from USA.
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    How to buy a pool of IPs?

    I can suggest you get membership from RIPE NCC and buy your range from there, which is like easiest and cheapest as of now and your can announce your range from asia or whareever you want to utilise.
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    FS: Consoles Playstation 3 Super Slim 250 GB (including 2 games)

    Thanks buddy, received in great condition.
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    1.5 ton inverter ac

    Daikin DTKP 1.5inverter costed me 44500 without installation/stabilizer in haryana last month.
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    Video Cracked LCD Panel - New TV only solution?!

    I got my 32inch bravia E-series panel replaced in 11k last year and it was a genuine replacement done from an individual repairman, so this 40 incher is not gonna cost lesser then 15k i hope.
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    Over 80% of engineering graduates in India unemployable

    To be honest the IT workforce arent engineers at first place, I take it these 80% mostly comprise of that very IT/CS crowd because of mushrooming engineering colleges, my small city has 6 engineering colleges. I have been hiring freshers every year from engineering colleges in my city, its so...
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    Flipkart to shut down website by April 2016 and Migrate to App

    Guys its only about shutting down their mobile version of website, since if you are on a mobile version you better use the App. Its not planning to close the www version at all, Nobody read the very first line of the news, its very clear there. And its logical too since mobile browsing is very...
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    FS: Mobile Fly huge battery backup dual sim phone

    Hey man, the courier guy pics it from my office because we have dozens of documents daily, as usual, and returns receipts next day, But he did return box after 3 days because of weekend and rakhi as he needed some extra amount or document, i have no idea because my office guys deals with him so...
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    FS: Mobile Fly huge battery backup dual sim phone

    Well buddy you are acting weird for a delay caused by courier trouble , they gave the pack back today because they wanted declaration of some sort for phone. I couriered again paying 100 extra through maruti couriers using their airway thing so that it reaches you fastest, receipt is being pmed...
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    FS: Mobile Fly huge battery backup dual sim phone

    I wrote here above that ill send you track id tomorrow, its in my office. I sent it to courier on saturday so literally its only on the stay out of it.
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    FS: Mobile Fly huge battery backup dual sim phone

    Hey its blazeflash, Isnt it yet reached? Ill give u tracking number tomorrow morning.Maybe because of rakhi traffic.
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    FS: Mobile Fly huge battery backup dual sim phone

    Hi, Sure Itll be couriered tomorrow.
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    Car & Bike KTM Duke 390 Launched !

    Duke 390 is best thing happenned to Indian2Wheelers in the decade so far.