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    Storage Solutions New HDD file copying problem

    I bought a new 1TB WD Green with an external HDD connector. I tried formatting it to FAT32 for PS3 usage. Files copied initially, but the transfer speed was so low. I thought it was because of the partitioning and did a NTFS partitioning once again. Now I am unable to copy any files larger than...
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    Storage Solutions HDD in External enclosure is not getting detected

    Just now bought a WD 1 TB Green with a Tech-Com USB 2.0 external enclosure. Plugged up everything connected to the system. The HDD is not getting detected at all. Changed USB ports, it is still not getting detected. The HDD can be heard spinning though. Please help me fix this issue
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    Free games for PS3 users. Is this applicable in India?

    As a part of their welcome back program, Sony has announced 2 free games out of 5 games for all PSN users in North America. Here's the list of games. PS3 (choose 2): •Dead Nation •Infamous •LittleBigPlanet •Super Stardust HD •Wipeout HD PSP (choose 2)...
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    Messed up my LG Optimus P500. Need advice.

    Very recently I managed to root the phone and I was on the lookout for installing different ROMS. Post rooting I installed 4 apps, Superuser, Titanium Backup, ROM Manager and Ad remover and just installed the LG bloatware. Just wanted to see how the recovery console looked like and I holded the...
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    Just bought a LG Optimus P500. Few Questions.

    Thanks to the wonderfully talented pickpockets of Bangalore, I have lost 3 phones in 3 years :@. Just placed an order for LG Optimus P500 in Ebay after reading so much reviews. But I'm confused about few basic things. 1) Rooting. Is it possible for this model? If so, is it worth it? What is the...
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    Psp 2004

    For sale is a PSP 2004 with a Patapon UMD, 2 GB Memory card, Charger, Box & Manuals. It has been modded with firmware 5.33. Physical condition is a 7/10 as there are some usage scratches in the front & the back. Bangalore buyers only. Price - Rs. 5,500/- Images Photo Album - Imgur
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    Complete kit for making a DIY Projector

    After having exceptional visions of becoming a DIY master, I realized that I'm not cut our for it :ashamed:As a result, my entire DIY projector kit is for sale. You can read more about making a DIY Projector over here Lumenlab -> LLAVS: Lumenlab AVS All you need is to cut out a wood box that...
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    PC Peripherals Laptop RAM advice urgently needed

    One of my colleagues has a Compaq Presario v3000 with 512 MB ram and has recently upgraded the OS to Windows 7. Needless to say, the system crawls during multi-tasking. Advised him upgrade the RAM and I find that I have suddenly become the resident senior techie:ashamed: and have to accompany...
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    PS3 Games

    Have completed all the games and will keep adding more as and when I complete them. All these games have been played only once and come with the box and manual and are less than 2 months old[except uncharted]. All the prices are inclusive of shipping to anywhere in India Uncharted 1 - 700/-...
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    PS3 Games

    Currently I'm looking for these games. As long as the disc is in excellent [preferrably pristine] condition I won't say no to third hand games also. Box is a must. Manual not so much. Batman: Arkham Asylum Dead Space Infamous Dante's Inferno Also on the lookout for some good hack n slash...
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    Bought a PS3. Few questions.

    Finally after much deliberation on whether to go for a PC upgrade or a gaming console, bought a PS3 :clap: [250GB GOW edition with extended warranty from Croma]. While I am yet to open the package, few questions on the setup. 1. I have an Airtel Beetel Wifi Modem. How can I get the network...
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    The Comic Book Thread

    It's pretty surprising that we don't have a dedicated thread for comic books. Comic books as a reading form have grown a lot from their humble origins of good vs evil to complicated biopic sagas and pulitzer prize winning works. The amount of cross-overs & retcon's can be irritating at times...
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    Graphic Cards Display issue with HD 4550 & Philips LCD TV

    I run a dual display with HD 4550 with DVI input to my DELL 2208WFP & HDMI input to Philips 32PFL 5609. There is a small niggling issue when it comes to the HDMI display to the LCD. Eventhough using the ATI Catalyst centre, I have selected the screen resolution of 1920*1080 for the Philips, I...
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    Can anyone share some interesting lifehacks?

    Just discovered lifehacks. But then again most of them are suited to the western lifestyle. Would any of you guys like to share your own lifehacks that are useful to us Indians?
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    CPU/Mobo CPU Upgradation suggested

    Would need advice on beefing up the CPU alone [Is it possible:ashamed:] without replacing my motherboard and other components. Here are the CPU-Z results. It is a AMD Athlon X2 4000. [/IMG]
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    Storage Solutions DVD drive not detected.

    My DVD drive had been giving me problems for quite some time now. It used to eject only after 15 or 20 button presses if there's no media in the tray. If there is a media in the tray it used to eject in 2 or 3 button presses. Now it's completely conked off. The drive is not ejecting and under...
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    Video Unable to mod the WDTV Live

    After experimenting with my WDTV LIVE for nearly 2 hours, I'm still unable to upgrade to CFW. This is what I did 1. Formatted USB stick to FAT32 2. Downloaded the latest firmware and extracted the contents to a single folder "1.01.24_B-RAD.CC_WDLXTV_LIVE-" 3. Copied the contents of...
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    Solar Lighting solutions in Bangalore - Need advice

    The power shutdowns have started in Bangalore again. So this time I have decided to go for a Solar Lighting Solutions instead of spending a lot of money on battery powered LED's. Does anyone have the information on where to pick up a good solar lighting solution at a good rate in Bangalore...
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    Xbox 360 HD DVD Player; Component Cable, Radeon X1550 256 MB Graphic Card and More

    Xbox 360 HD DVD Player - 2,500/- No use for me anymore. Thought I'll build up a HD DVD collection, but bought a WDTV live. Will send the player with 3 HD DVD's "Troy, King Kong & 300". Shipping charges extra. Zyxel 600 Prestige Series Ethernet Modem - 300/- Mandatory Images "]...
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    Hold on to those Motorstorm copies. PS3 Hacked. Video proof from Engadget.

    PS3 hack plays Blu-ray backups, should send Motorstorm values soaring (video) -- Engadget Damn, Video is taken down in Youtube, Sony cronies are real fast.