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  1. AakashKS

    WTB 4G Phone

    I have a pixel 2 but would be out of budget to use as hotspot
  2. AakashKS

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Logitech F310 Gaming Controller | Tizum HDMI Cable | Deepcool N400 laptop cooler

    amazon has f310 renewed for 1590, can you do 1000+ shipping for it?
  3. AakashKS

    WTB 4G Phone

    Nokia 2.2 2/32 running android 10 feb 2021 security update with android one bought last july during lockdown in emergency because old phone broke
  4. AakashKS

    Anyone used ?

    Bought a x230 with 240 gig ssd and 8 gb ram for 15k
  5. AakashKS

    Anyone used ?

    bought a thinkpad, working fine
  6. AakashKS

    FS: Games Nintendo Wii U (Pal)(Zelda,Kirby) and Wii(Usa)Murumasa Games

    interested, also do you know anyplace where i can buy more wii u games?
  7. AakashKS

    WTB Controller for pc(xbox or Logitech)/lg phone with quad dac

    Looking to play some fighting games. Also want a phone with inbuilt dac for my modded koss porta pros