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  1. hondafan

    FS: Video Card Zotac GTX 980 - AMP edition . Triple Fan version.

    Selling like new GTx 980 amp edition from zotac. Box avb.
  2. hondafan

    WTB Corsair vengeance ddr3 4gb 1600mhz

    1x Corsair vengeance ddr3 4gb 1600mhz needed. Location : Chennai.
  3. hondafan

    WTB Am3 bracket for Corsair water cooler

    Anyone who have am3 bracket of their corsair hydro series coolers , (h100,etc) lying idle can pm me
  4. hondafan

    FS: Consoles Xbox 360 Memory Stick 64 mb ( only fr fat/white models)

    For Sale : XBOX 360 Memory unit . Model : 64 mb. Price : 600rs . Used for saving games and update purposes .. Very useful for updating the xbox 360 console. Along with free userid with 8000 gamer points... Compatible with xbox fat models ( arcade , core ) . Cannot be used on slim models...