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  1. imkaush

    Budget 21-30k Trusted Refurbished Laptop Seller/Website

    Hi guys, Have been wondering about this since a long time... Until a couple of years back, I only used to buy/suggest buying used/refurbished/renewed laptops from forum members. I have never faced issues in devices bought from forums. Last year, a couple of laptops purchased from Ebay India...
  2. imkaush

    Car & Bike RACEMO - by TAMO

    Unveiled at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show today! And it's the First Indian car to be in a game.... Forza Horizon 3!!! Hope to see something awesome and Indian on our roads!
  3. imkaush

    Car & Bike Which Hatchback around 7L?

    Purpose – Weekend drives in city (Mumbai - 100 km), sometimes to office (both ways total 20km) and occasional trips to surrounding locations (100-200 km). Drivers – Mostly me (driving since 12 years => Zen(1st gen), Swift VXi, Zen Estilo, SX4). Passengers – 2 + 1 infant(2 motnhs old)...
  4. imkaush

    Bill moved in US to increase H1B minimum wage from 60 to 130k$

    Link Your views :rolleyes:
  5. imkaush

    CPU/Mobo No Display (post/os load)

    Hey friends! Facing a problem with my pc since a couple of months: On powering ON, it the fans spin up, hdd spins up, mobo indicator is green, but no display (no bios/post/os load) from Gfx card or On-board gpu... :( Had faced similar situation a few times since the start of monsoons...
  6. imkaush

    Budget 21-30k 13-15" Laptop for a developer

    Back to TE after a long time... :p I like developing applications for Windows and Linux to improve my skills. Currently use a desktop (in my siggy) and a quad-core Atom 11.6" ASUS laptop. Tried Windows 10 technical preview on the laptop and it lagged a lot. So now want to buy a laptop...
  7. imkaush

    FS: Others uniBoard v1.1 (AVR AtMega128 Development Board)

    Expected Price: Rs.2500 + shipping at actuals (non-negotiable) One board sold on another still up for sale! Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from friends in Jan-2011 Reason for Sale: Was using these for developing embedded projects, not required anymore. RMA/Servicing...
  8. imkaush

    Budget 0-20k Everyday home use 10"-11" (EDIT: Bought ASUS X200MA)

    Hi guyz, Need to buy a laptop for generic home use, viz. web browsing, ms office, etc. Hoping to have an HDMI port so that I can watch movies/online videos/etc on my lg 32" led tv. Want to spend as minimum as possible preferably ~15k Have found one model matching these requirements but...
  9. imkaush

    BlackBerry Z3 coming to India, expected price Rs 11k

    Blackberry to launch a 5" screen mid-range phone in a couple of weeks. Other than the usual specs, the battery looks quite promising. But will this increase Blackberry users in India? ( IMO, Probably not :) ) Source Specs
  10. imkaush

    Flipkart First ! (Premium Services)

    Got a mail yesterday from FK mentioning FKF! Seems to be Amazon Prime like service. :p They have organized a lucky draw for the first 75,000 3-month free subscriptions. No info about yearly subscription cost yet.
  11. imkaush

    Microsoft Windows Phone to be free for phones and smaller tablets

    Microsoft looking to gain market share by making Windows Phone software free to manufacturers for devices with screen size smaller than 9 inches! (costs from $5 to $15 per device presently) Also, it will offer Office 365 free for a year with the software.. Let's see what lies in the future for...
  12. imkaush

    32" LED TV buying advice for 25k (EDIT: Bought LG32LN541B)

    Hello guyz, This purchase(for my living room) is on hold for now as we have postponed the living room rennovation... But need to buy a 32"/40" LED for my bedroom... will be connedted to a STB(mostly You-Scod18)... Will be sticking to SD channels for now and will watch SD/HD/Full HD...
  13. imkaush

    Furniture Query

    My good TEians, Need to purchase furniture(online or furniture stores) for my bedroom (king-size bed + bedside table + 3/4-door wardrobe + dressing table). Went through a few sites/hypercity/local shops selling such furniture and found that the wood used is mostly particle-board and have heard...
  14. imkaush

    42" 3D Smart LED TV for 60k (Edit: Bought LG 42LB6500)

    1. Budget. ~50k (the lower the better) 2. Viewing distance. 15 feet 3. Sources/inputs such as HD DTH/consoles/stand-alone media players etc. Primary - 1. You-SCOD18 Set-Top Box 2. USB PD/HDD (Movies/Series) Secondary - 1. Philips DVD Player 2. Wifi/hdd media player(if I buy a non-Smart TV)...
  15. imkaush

    iOS URGENT: Ipad mini wifi lost :(

    Very sad to say my brother has lost our five months old iPad mini wifi 16gb while coming home from work in a cab. He had in the cab and was the last one to leave the cab. He remembered as soon as entered home and called the cab back and we checked it thoroughly but it wasn't there. Have marked...
  16. imkaush

    iOS Must have apps for iOS

    As the title suggests, list down the must have apps for iOS devices. Do mention the device used for the apps you mention :) (inspired by the "MUST have apps for Android" thread)
  17. imkaush

    CCTV hardware suggestions for office

    Hi guys, I have been helping a friend to setup networking in his new office (this thread). Now they require a CCTV setup for which they have the electrician/hardware guy who knows about installing/configuring it, my job is to buy the hardware viz, DVR/storage and cameras.... and am a noob in...
  18. imkaush

    Storage Solutions PC running slow, due to bad HDD?

    My Good People, We have an issue with an old P4 PC in my dad's office. The usage is basically Tally 9, MS Office, Internet Browsing. It was working fine until recently, it has started running very in it lags a lot. The PC "engineer" has told its due to old CPU/Mobo and need to...
  19. imkaush

    Less than 10K Touchscreen phone for Mom

    1. Budget? A: ~3k 2. Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar 3. Preferred display type? A: Any 4. Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them. A: Trusted brands(Nokia/Samsung) 5. Preferred input method (Touchscreen, QWERTY, etc.)? A: Touchscreen only 6. Camera...
  20. imkaush

    Audio Static noise in F&D F203G 2.1ch

    Hello guys... I own this speaker set since approx. two was working perfectly... :) I am using the on-board audio ports and no separate audio cards. Since last two days, I hear a static noise from the two's my analysis: 1. The noise starts when I plug it in to my...