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  1. sameer.sharma

    Need suggestion on moving HDD on a RGH XBOX360 console

    Guys, I got my 360 RGH'ed. Now I want to connect an 2.5 HDD in it as it's 4GB version. I have got a 750GB HDD from my Dell XPS 15. (I put in a SSD, and currently using the HDD in a drive caddy). Can I put that drive in my 360 as a internal drive? I read in some forums that you can only put...
  2. sameer.sharma

    American Express Gift Card Query

    I have got an American Express Gift Card (worth of $3000 ($1000 my share :P) as a prize for a development competition. (It was purchased in US and mailed to us). I want to know if I can use this easily on Ebay or similar online shopping sites? The card doesn't have a name on it and neither a...