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    Fire TV to get YouTube, Prime Video gains Chromecast support

    Google and YouTube have ended their stalemate, with each adding support for a key feature of its competitor. Google will be releasing the YouTube app on the Fire TV devices and Fire TV Edition smart televisions over the next few months. The app will support up to 4K 60fps HDR content on...
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    Spotify India launched

    Spotify, one of the world’s most popular music streaming services, is now available in India. Spotify, the music streaming app is now available for download in India for both iOS and Android users. The India subscription for Spotify starts at Rs 13 per day.....but you can listen for free too. A...
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    Any one using imgur ? Is it filled up ?

    Hello experts and forum members anyone from India using imgur image sharing site service ? From past couple weeks, I'm unable to Log IN due to this -> {"data":{"error":"Imgur is temporarily over capacity. Please try again later."},"success":false,"status":500} Is it India based problem? Any...
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    Budget 15-20K Mi Max for Jio?

    Is it a Good Idea to buy Mi Max base 32 GB version for Jio 4G - The phone will be use by my parents and stays at home. They need a Good Big Screen - So far my experience with Mi very good with following phones; Redmi 1s - Redmi Note 3G and RN 3.
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    Help me to choose a Wi-Fi Router which is ideal replacement of Asus RT-N16

    Hello Experts, As the thread title suggest my Home Router Asus RT-N16 which is now reach at EOL, It remain Power ON almost 24/7 since 2011 - Please help me to choose a Wi-Fi router in the same category. RT-N16 coverage is very good which able to cover the Ground Floor (where it sits) as well as...
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    Anyone noticed Amazon never mentioned Serial number @ Invoice !!!

    Anyone noticed Amazon never mentioned any serial number in their invoice - which I believe still the only source to claim warranty for electronics here in India....of course there are some exceptional like WD / Dell / Apple etc. I bought many electronics / computer components from FK earlier...
  7. dissel

    Please Suggest (Help Me To Choose) Aquaguard Water Purifier Model Between Two.

    Respected Forum Members and Experts, After reading countless of Water Purifier thread as well as reading Knowledge Base Faq at company's respective website I stumble upon two models. 1. Aquaguard Enhance UV+ UF+ 2. Aquasure Smart UV Now my water resource is Municipal Water Supply which we...
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    Flipkart deals

    Check out the price - It is 5k Is it real deal ? Anyone ?
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    Fulfilled by Amazon product - no estimated delivery?

    Hi, Ordered 3 items at 25/05/2015 and all are 'Fulfilled By Amazon'. Item 1 is on it's way very next day, (yet to receive the item) But Item 2 & 3 are still - " Preparing for Dispatch Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We'll notify you via...
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    Video No Signal on Tata Sky HD+ Box

    Hello Experts, I'm facing no signal at all for my Tata Sky HD+ set top box - Checked All Cable & Connector / Did Master Reset / Clean & Vacuum the All Vent / Reinsert Smart Card / Checked Antenna Module all are in place / Weather is Fantastic outside - Bright Sunlight with clear blue sky. I...
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    Video HBO HD Pack on Tatasky

    HBO Defined HD @LCN.358 HBO Hits HD @LCN.360 Now live on Tatasky Introduced each 90/- p.m or HBO combo pack 99/- and they are introduced as 'Specials' after the Star World Premiere HD, So can't be the part of any looks like any new interesting new HD channel goes under 'Special'...
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    Android Question About Google Maps App for Mobile - Reducing Functionality ?

    Hello Experts, As the title said, Just recently I encounter there is a feature silently remove from the Google Maps App which I going to describe below with pictures so that you get clear idea. I tested this feature in my Android (Samy G.Grand)as well as iOS (Ipad 4) and it is not there...
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    Can't Activate Win7 Retail - Automatically or By Phone

    I just recently upgrade some component (Processor+RAM+Motherboard) of my home desktop pc which is completely failed to boot and till then I can't able to activate Windows 7 retail copy either automatically (which it used to do) or by phone I called the 1800 102 1100 (Toll Free) at least twenty...
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    Strange Problem with my BSNL BB Line (8 Years OLD Connection)

    Hello Experts, I'm a Bsnl BB user past 8 years and my current plan is BB Home Combo ULD 800 as mentioned in the Bill. From past 8 years at my home this connection served me as problem free. But now from Feb End 2013 it constantly make me suffer. The problem is Low BB speed, Can't browse a...
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    Credit Card (ICICI Bank) - EMI queries - First Time User - Help Please !

    Hello TE's Credit Card Holders as ( I know many people around here already experienced this, So I decided to asked my query here ). As the title suggest I recently used my one year old ICICI's CC in a online purchase in 12 month EMI transaction on a popular E-Commerce site and opt for 12...
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    How to Unblock (3D Secure transaction) ICICI Bank Credit Card ?

    Hi, Today I came to know that my ICICI Bank Credit Card block for 3D Secure online transaction due to security reason. Please let me know how to unblock it.... ICICI 3d secure service won't help. Called the helpline printed on the back of the card for my region Kolkata which is 9831378000...
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    Video Tata Sky - Package Renewal Question - Help Needed.

    Hi, I'm TS HD+ subscriber since April 2011 and since then my current pack is Mega HD Pack which will be ending 5/4/2013 coming Friday. As the TS got no hope in channel addition comparing Airtel/D2h and the GSAT-10 is a failed or fake (whatever) rumor allover the net there is no chance I can...
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    CPU/Mobo Please suggest Intel based Mobo + Processor + RAM for around 15-20K.

    As the title mentioned I'm looking for an upgrade of my ancient old home pc which used by all family member (incl me). Nothing fancy, Just want to make sure it can run/handle HD movies rip as well as Blue-Ray (As I going to buy BD writer next year) without any lag. Else the normal day-to-day...
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    Is it possible to buy anything from Nokia Store (OVI) here in India ? (By using ICICI card)

    (Hope I'm posting in the proper section else mod feel free to move this thread into proper section and Do the needful) I'm trying to buy something from Nokia (OVI) store for past 2 days and every time it returned with "Transaction Denied" by using ICICI debit card. (VISA) The same card...
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    Car & Bike Vehicle: Honda CBR250R STD (2011)

    Name: Honda CBR250R STD (2011) Date Added: 22 January 2012 - 10:00 PM Owner: dissel Short Description: My SilverBlade View Vehicle