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  1. onlystruggler

    WTB Dead oneplus one

    Hello All I need dead oneplus one phone as i need the back panel of the oneplus one. Anyone willing to sell me please let me know. Thanks
  2. onlystruggler

    Wifi Router for torrents and external HDD streaming.

    Hello Guys I need your guidance in buying a wifi router. Below are my requirements and by budget is 5K. Requirements 1) I should able to download torrents directly to the external hard disk connected to the router. Since i do not have any PC i need to download the torrent from my mobile and...
  3. onlystruggler

    No Netflix in lg new models - Webos 2.0

    Hello guys I have lg uf 770v 2015 4k tv. I do not find the Netflix app in the lg store. However my friends who have old models have this in the store. Could you guys tell me how to download Netflix app to my tv Thanks
  4. onlystruggler

    WTB Tekken 6 and NFS for ps3

    Hello guys I am looking for tekken 6 and NFS games for ps3.i stay in hyderabad.
  5. onlystruggler

    Audio Circle arko 80w remote replacement. Help needed

    Hello guys my circle arko 80w speakers remote stopped working suddenly. How to buy replacement for the remote as these speakers are not available anymore. Does duplicate remotes available in market for this model?
  6. onlystruggler

    WTB brainwavz M2 or sony MH1C black IEM

    Hello guys I am looking for these IEMs. please PM me in case if you have these for sale. Thanks
  7. onlystruggler

    WTB Brainwavz m2, Sony mh1c black, ultimate ears TF10

    Hi want to buy any of or all of these IEMs. PM me you offers. Thanks
  8. onlystruggler

    WTB Brainwavz M2

    Hello guys looking for M2 in working condition.Please Pm me for offers. I am ok for any other IEMs as well under 6K.
  9. onlystruggler

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

    Product Name: Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100- Titanium grey Expected Price: 27000/-(Willing for a trade+cash with Nexus 7) including shipping. Time of Purchase:Dec 16 2012 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes.8 months 15 days. Reason for Sale:Need cash. Purchase...
  10. onlystruggler

    PS4 unveiling on Feb 20?

    #PlayStation2013 - YouTube Even gizmodo mentioned the same WSJ: Yes, Sony Will Announce the PlayStation 4 on February 20th
  11. onlystruggler

    WTB 2.1 speakers-swans, AE2 likes

    Looking to buy swan m10, AE2, AE5. please PM me if any one willing to sell. I stay in bangalore , kalyan nagar.
  12. onlystruggler

    WTB Bluray-(hindi, telugu,english)

    Hello guys i am looking forward to buy below blu rays to be played via PS3. Avatar OMG Rockstar Zindagi na milegi dubara Udaan Wake up sid Orange Ye maya chesave magadheera
  13. onlystruggler

    32 inches TV for PS3

    Guys i am planning to buy 32 inches LED TV. NO 3D. Should be full HD. Main purpose gaming with PS3. At present i am using 23 inches LG monitor. Also i would like to connect my PC to TV. Can i connect a PC with no graphics card to PS3?Mine is i3 2100. budget:30K(flexible) Any brand would do and...
  14. onlystruggler

    Audio What do i need?

    I am looking for 2.1 speakers+Soundcard setup for my PC. I have no idea about what speakers available in this range. My basic research tells me swans and Audioengines are good brands. Now i was wondering whether i should get a Xonar ST and spend remaining in speakers or get a basic card with...
  15. onlystruggler

    FS: Mobile Airtyme PV 300 flaunt Aka Sidekick

    Product Name: Airtyme PV300 flaunt Expected Price:SOLD Description: In very good condition. Reason for Sale: Upgrading to note 2. Product condition: 9 out of 10. Purchase Date: Bought in flipkart on october 11 2012. Accessories Included: Charger, USB cable, Pouch, 1GB SD card...
  16. onlystruggler

    FS: Games Tekken 6 PS3

    Product Name: Tekken 6 PS3 game Expected Price:600(Inclusive shipping.) Description: Used for one month or so.Excellent condition, Reason for Sale: Not playing this game anymore. Product condition: 9/10 Purchase Date: March 2012 Remaining Warranty period: NA Pictures
  17. onlystruggler

    WTB Samsung galaxy S- i9000 only

    Looking to buy galaxy S i9000 only. PM me your offers. Bangalore sellers preferred.
  18. onlystruggler

    WTB Xonar DX/STx

    Hi would like to buy DX or xonar STX soundcard. PM me if anyone is willing to sell this.
  19. onlystruggler

    FS: Headphone Fiio E11 one month old for sale

    Product Name: Fiio E11 Headphone AMP- one month old Expected Price:3000(Inclusive shipping.) Also willing to trade this with PS3 move kit+sports champion game or Asus xonar DG, DX. Description: Rarely used and in perfect condition. Reason for Sale: Got this to connect to PS3 RCA . Now i have...
  20. onlystruggler

    MTV unplugged ARR Music- Where to buy

    Hello Friends i need to buy Rahman MTVunplugged music CD. are they available? Please help me. Desperately searching for the same.