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  1. TheIndian

    Do all Apple products have international warranty?

    FK has xx days replacepment warranty, I have returned a notebook and got a another one, cost of notebook was 80+ And why go to a service center on a new product, all new products anywhere is Replacement in one week some even upto a month, just go to the retailer. BTW Apple is international...
  2. TheIndian

    Other HELP - MOTO G Boost Mobile reprogram to Reliance

    I just got my Moto G (boost mobile) delivered, now I need help in reprogramming, any pointers / Directions or anyone able to do it ?
  3. TheIndian

    WTB CDMA Android Phone

    I am looking for a CDMA Android Phone in new or like new condition. It should be able to run on the Reliance CDMA network with or without Sim. Dual network (CDMA/GSM) or alternate network is an added bonus. Mumbai sellers preferred. Suggestions where to buy also welcome.
  4. TheIndian

    Budget 90k+ Performance Laptop Needed Urgently

    Looking to buy a New Performance Laptop. Primary use: Financial modelling / analysis Must have a 1920 x 1080 screen RAM : Min 8 GB may expand in 2-3 years. Cores: The more the merrier, which brings us to i7 MQ series (8 threads) Onsite PROMPT service a must, SSD would be nice. Shortlisted the...
  5. TheIndian

    Android Getting a Nexus 4 (or two) and CDMA from US

    Hello, I have always bought phones locally and never even considered buying or getting a phone from outside. Right now an opportunity exists to get some from US. My Bro is there for the next couple of weeks, I had told him to get a Nexus 4, but he says need a Google wallet or something, can...
  6. TheIndian

    WTB NEW DELL XPS 12 i7 Haswell

    Hello, I am looking for immediate purchase a new Dell XPS 12, i7 4th gen, no fuss no muss, Want it right now, Anyone interested ?
  7. TheIndian

    Bad customer support from Dell (non-responsive)

    I used to be a huge fan of Dell service, but a recent (just last week) episode has put me off them totally. I ordered a XPS 12" i7 4th Gen and it was delivered in an unsealed condition, twice I refused delivery, and then they wrote a mail to me to accept it as it was opened only because of...
  8. TheIndian

    Android / iOS App programmers wanted

    I am looking for Android / iOS programmers who would like to be associated with a potentially explosive idea and are capable of thinking out of the box. Please contact me if you think this is something that describes you.No adventurous androiders here ?
  9. TheIndian

    WTB CDMA Android Phone

    I am interested in buying a CDMA Android Premium phone. Should be in good condition and reasonably priced. PM me your offers please.
  10. TheIndian

    Best Deal for a Samsung S3

    I am looking to buy a Samsung S3, I am located in Mumbai. What is the best possible price it can be got at (no grey market) ? Any offers also are welcome.
  11. TheIndian

    Storage Solutions Warranty procedure for WD HDD

    My one month old WD HDDD LVPT xxxx 500 GB has died, what is the RMA procedure ?
  12. TheIndian

    WTB Western Digital Scorpio Black 500GB Review (WD5000BEKT)

    Western Digital Scorpio Black 500GB (WD5000BEKT) 2.5" , 7200 RPM Notebook drive Any idea where I can get one from in Mumbai ?
  13. TheIndian

    8600 GT or lower

    Interested in buying an older PCIe card 8600GT or lower Dual monitor output preferred Mumbai Delivery Make offer
  14. TheIndian

    Pci gpu

    Yes that is Right, I want to buy a PCI GPU or does anyone know where to get a PCI E x 1 GPU ? Need this for a server motherboard, resolution 1920 x 1080
  15. TheIndian

    OC & Modding 220v Silent fans

    I need to install 2 - 3 nos silent fans as an Air intake into a room in an office The cabin is windowless with no AC - originally it was made with a regular exhaust fan - but it was so noisy, it was never used. I was wondering if 2 x 120/140 mm silent fans (scythe maybe) would do the trick -...
  16. TheIndian

    Storage Solutions SSD opinion and inputs wanted

    Any opinions or Inputs welcome on Solidata SSDs Specifically SoliData RTS-SM K6me 64 GB at Rs 4600
  17. TheIndian

    Warranty for a Dell Notebook

    I would like to buy warranty for a Dell notebook Inspiron 9300 - which is Aprx 4+ yrs old, Any Suggestions or help welcome. TIA
  18. TheIndian

    CDMA Reliance

    CDMA Phones Reliance Looking to buy used / New Reliance CDMA phones. Should be in good condition - and preferably never been opened. Should have blue tooth. Nokia / motorola preferred 6275 may be Tata too.
  19. TheIndian

    Reliance Wireless modem CDMA 1x RTT

    Huawei preffered Should be USB plugin model
  20. TheIndian

    Motoroal CDMA Reliance Phone

    Should have blue tooth, and be capable of acting as a modem