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  1. sabby

    ACT throttling torrents ?

    Various Speed test sites give me close to 50Mbps speed. But all the torrents (from both public and private trackers) are super slow, varying between 4.4-120KBps. Everything was fine till yesterday morning. Anyone else facing this issue ? Maybe this is the flip side of the recent speed and FUP...
  2. sabby

    FS: Video Card Asus R9 280 Direct CU II TOP 3GB

    This is the factory OC'ed R9 280 3GB from Asus with Direct CU II cooling system. Extremely quiet card, can run any game at ultra settings at 1080p. Due to the generous thermal envelope and great cooling, overclocking is breeze. It has 2 DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 Display port. Supports up to 4k...
  3. sabby

    Nextbit Robin launches in India for INR 19,999

    Source : Androidcentral Nextbit Robin Specifications Display 5.2-inch 1080 x 1920 IPS LCD Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor Storage 32GB on device, 100GB cloud RAM 3GB Rear Camera 13MP phase detection autofocus, dual-tone flash Front Camera 5MP Fingerprint scanner...
  4. sabby

    ACT Bangalore - Severe Speed Isssues

    Since the last 2 months, the speed is reminding me of horrible Hathway days. I'm on a 30Mbps plan and speed after evening goes down to 1-2Mbps and sometimes even less than that regularly. Anybody else experiencing this ? I have called them numerous times (incl Nodal officer) and they keep...
  5. sabby

    Other Kindle Paperwhite questions

    I'm considering buying an e-book reader for the first time and have narrowed it down to Kindle basic touch and the Paperwhite since nook and kobo readers are not readily available here. I have no budget constraint as such but want it to be worth the price. I have the following questions for the...
  6. sabby

    Storage Solutions 2 TB vs 3TB - WD vs Seagate ?

    I need to buy internal HDD for the new Desktop. Prices seem to be around 5.8-6k for 2TB and 7-7.5k for 3TB. 2TB will be enough for me but 3TB is cheaper per GB. The problem is I remember many members complaining about failing of 2/3 TB HDDs (especially WD green drives). So which one would...
  7. sabby

    Can we use ICICI titanium master card to purchase stuffs online in US e.g. Newegg ?

    My cousin is travelling to US right now on a business trip and I wanted to get some PC stuff from there. But instead of a credit card, his company gave him a prepaid Amex card which he can't use online. So can I buy those from here in India with my debit card which happens to be a Titanium...
  8. sabby

    Graphic Cards Saphire / Gigabyte / HIS / G Skill / Intel international warranty ?

    Hi ! My friend is coming from US next month and I am thinking to ask him to get me a GPU as they are much cheaper and may be Procy/Mobo/RAM as well. Do any of Saphire / HIS / Gigabyte / G Skill / Intel honor international warranty ?
  9. sabby

    Budget 71-90K Gaming PC for 3 years - How is this configuration

    Okay, So I have not been following the CPU/Mobo/GPU etc trends for a long time. I think my old AMD rig has served its purpose in the last 5 years, now it will be used as a Home PC. I have not played Games for almost 1.5-2 Yrs now, so a lot of the games in the backlog. I'll post my requirements...
  10. sabby

    Beware of Hathway DocSIS 3.0 50Mbps connection (Bangalore)

    This is my own experience after using the connection for 2 weeks+. I had to relocate recently and the place I live in is not covered by ACT yet. So I was searching for good and fast broadband provider at a reasonable price. I found out I have 2 options - 1. Hathway DocSIS 3.0 network which...
  11. sabby

    Camera Panasonic FZ1000

    This might just be the ultimate sweet-spot for bridge camera users and DSLR users who want reach and keep 18-200 lens set in their camera. Below are the key features : 20.1 megapixel 1"-type MOS sensor 25-400mm equiv. F2.8-4 Leica lens 5-axis 'Power OIS' stabilization XGA OLED electronic...
  12. sabby

    Camera UV filters - useful or just a gimmick ?

    I have seen a lot of my friends who use Interchangeable lens cameras, almost always end up buying a UV filter. Most of them are usually made to believe that those filters improve Image quality by reducing haze and UV ray. I think this topic has been discussed to death in various photography...
  13. sabby

    Softwares to turn a USB wifi dongle into a hotspot ?

    I do have a router but that would require space on my table and more wires so prefer the wifi dongle to act as wifi hotspot. Can you guys recommend some good free software ?
  14. sabby

    Problems with ACT

    A couple of weeks ago, ACT did some maintenance activity and after that, browsing has been painfully slow. Anybody else in facing this issue ? Regular downloads don't seem to be affected by much. And they have blocked torrentz/kickasstorrents etc again !
  15. sabby

    ACT blocking torrent sites ?

    This happened to me a couple days ago and then it was fine after a few hrs. I thought it was some glitch. But from yesterday, again, popular torrent sites as, piratebay, 1337 are not accessible - only a blank page shows up. Happening to anybody else in B'lore ?
  16. sabby

    Back in track

    After waiting too long, finally got these today :) It's really small for an APS-C camera SLIK F 740 Damages : They were giving me the camera @ 38,999/- with free Sandisk 16GB class 10 card (apart from the 4GB card + HDMI cable that was part of Sony India offer) But I asked...
  17. sabby

    Camera Query regarding B&H photovideo and customs for Camera gears

    Hi ! My questions are mainly for those who have bought stuffs from B&H and/or who have bought camera gear in general from US or EU. I want to buy the Sony NEX-5R and some other lenses & accessories. It seems that the damned India dept of Sony doesn't care about releasing their NEX series - heck...
  18. sabby

    Microsoft and Samsung demo Illumiroom display, fills room with images

    Source: Microsoft and Samsung demo Illumiroom display, fills room with images (video)
  19. sabby

    Credit card for forex transaction

    Hi Guys ! I need to get a Credit card which will be mainly used for Forex transaction i.e. buying from newegg/amazon. I'd also use this for my personal shopping when I'm on a business trip. Main criteria should be less forex txn charge. Any suggestions ? Don't wanna use Amex. P.S. - I'm not...