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    Market section - scams with compromised accounts

    It shouldn't be too difficult to switch to min "100 days + 100 msgs" before someone can join MP. That will filter out a lot of newbies who just want to sell and dash and will eventually ease mods work .
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    Market section - scams with compromised accounts

    My observation may not be correct, but it seems only the first one is working. Looking at some recent listings, members who are 1 month old but less than 25 posts are able to post sales thread
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    Market section - scams with compromised accounts

    Since this is related to marketplace, can someone clarify that in order to move to Disciple does one need to satisfy any one or both conditions as mentioned below.
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    [Giveaway] AKDesigned Open Air X giveaway

    First of all, this is a great initiative. It is in a good way the community is evolving; away from just being a marketplace. #OpenAirX I'd love to have this case because I'd like to try. Yes, there's a lot of dust and I do not have AIO at the moment. But that's what will test its usability and...
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    FS: Others Ryzen combo, & 3 gpu amd 240, 5870, nvidia 1060 & 1070

    @Arun.P In my opinion this is a make or break time. TE is all about trust !! And you have a long way to build that trust factor. As a first step you can coordinate with @kartikoli by refunding first. And subsequently work on improving transparency in your future listings. The ball is...
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    Oneplus 9 pro. Would you pay more for Hasselblad branding?

    7tpro is going to be my last Oneplus phone. The sentiment is kind of negative across the board. Their support system is ****ed up. Updates are mostly delayed. Phones are getting overpriced with every release. They have deviated from what they originally marketed for. At such a price, they are...
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    FS: Others Ryzen combo, & 3 gpu amd 240, 5870, nvidia 1060 & 1070

    I thought it was just one of a case. However it seems that either OP takes a callous approach every time or deliberately hide things for sale. Bought a HX1000i from him in Dec and it had 5 cables missing. These included 2 key cables - main power cable and the usb link cable . At first he tried...
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    Building a Mechanical Keyboard from scratch - Planck 40%

    Great stuff. First of all thanks. This shows .. these guys can be repaired. I messed up my motospeed(104) while trying to replace a switch. The PCB is burnt and looks like handwiring is needed. (Consider my expertise and knowledge 0.5 on a scale-10 ) . At present I've moved the keycaps and...
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Same experience. Have Sanyo 32" Kaizen ( Android TV w/ builtin chromecast ). I regret not purchasing the 40" variant. Great picture and audio quality. And its UI is much better and responsive than LG's stupid webos.
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    Cockroaches mayhem

    The only thing that worked for us was to hire the pest control services. It has been 5 years .. no roaches were seen ever.
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    US declares Xiaomi a “Communist Chinese military company,” bans investments

    A general feedback regarding China issue is that 'we do not have many options'. AND we will never have if we do not start (manufacturing). Supply - The Make in India campaign, IMO, was a half baked product. The onus always lied with the manufactures .. many of whom are/were SME/MSMEs. At...
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    Corsair RM1000x is tripping my breaker

    You can try moving your desktop to a room/place which has 15A (aka power ) socket. See how it behaves. Additionally check the amperage of the MCB. Is it too low with respect to total current being drawn? You can try replacing MCB to one with higher current threshold (6A, 10A, 16A ...) or change...
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    Corsair RM1000x is tripping my breaker

    What is tripping .. MCB or ELCB ? If MCB , then probably psu is pulling high current on initial load. Try a 15A socket or send PSU for inspection. If ELCB, get the grounding of power socket checked. If earthing of the socket is fine, then PSU needs inspection.
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    Anyone using Air Purifier?

    I have Coway Air Mega 200 (since last 18 months). Does not have the dusty smell. Although the carbon filter it tad dusty but that's max I could clean. Not sure about the best way to clean the HEPA. Found this on youtube comments
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    WTB Oneplus 6/6T

    Looking for Oneplus 6 / 6T shipped to Delhi. Phone should be in good condition with no issues + no history of repair. Original Bill ( even if its out of warranty ) + box is must. Should you have one, pm the details plus expected price.
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    PiHole should be a must

    If you do not have Raspberry Pi , can try this tutorial to set pihole on Google Cloud free tier. For youtube, try youtube vanced Have been...
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Came to share the same deal
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    Brick and Mortar Shop / Store deals [YMMV]

    When Amazon was running its BB days, I was looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker. With JBL Charge 4 and Sony XB41 in mind, went to Croma for a demo. Only to find that they had a great deal on JBL Charge 4 ( same price as Amazon ) + JBL BTNC750 Free ( retails around 5k ). Was an instant buy...
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    WTB Broken Headphones [Delhi]

    Ok . I will try to bend the wire at different positions to find possible issue location. In the past I did try to solder the 3.5mm jack ( different headphones ). But it never worked. The challenge I guess was to properly get the metal wire out of its jacket .