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    CPU/Mobo AMD 500 series motherboard USB Issues

    AMD has acknowledged intermittent USB connectivity issues reported on 500 Series chipsets by a small number of users. Any one here facing these issues?
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    WTB Looking for RX 570

    I'm looking for a RX 570 4GB or 8GB model. Will look at RX 580 if offer is reasonable. No mining cards.
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    Budget 0-20k GPU to drive two 4k displays (no gaming / editing)

    Hello all, I need a GPU to drive two 4k displays @ 60Hz. There is no gaming or video editing requirement, this is to just run the displays. The system has a 9700F, 16GB RAM, MSI B360 board and CX550 PSU. Current GPU is a GT710 driving a 1080p display that is going to be replaced with two 4k...
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    Budget 0-20k DDR3 RAM 8GB

    What is your budget? 3.5K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel i3-4160 Motherboard - GA H81M-WW GPU - NA RAM - Kingston 4GB KVR1333D3N9 Monitor - Samsung PSU - Corsair VX550 Which hardware will you be keeping (component name -...
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    Microsoft releases Visual Studio Code - free cross-platform editor

    Microsoft has release Visual Studio Code which is a free cross-platform editor that can be used on Windows, Linux and OSX. Code is based on the Atom editor from GitHub and supports some Visual Studio features like Intellisense. JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js and ASP.NET 5 developers get some...
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    Host your own blog? Wordpress or something else?

    I'm thinking about starting my own blog mostly about .Net programming and the web. I have been reading a lot about it and would prefer paid hosting and to have my own blog rather than use free blogging services like blogger. If anyone can let me know of good hosts which cost max Rs 500/- per...
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    CPU/Mobo DDR3 for Asus P5G41C-M LX

    I have a Asus P5G41C-M LX motherboard with 1GB of Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800Mhz RAM. This board supports DDR3 so I'm thinking of upgrading to 4GB DDR3 RAM. Now the caveat: According to the manual the speed of the RAM has to match the FSB of the processor. I've got an Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 with an...
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    CPU/Mobo Please suggest LGA 775 board

    Guys please suggest a cheap and reliable LGA 775 board. I need 6 USB ports, 1 PCI, 1 PCIx16, IDE port, 3 useable SATA ports (after installing GFX) and should accept DDR2 800 RAM. Current components: Intel Core2Duo E6400 2.13Ghz Corsair XMS2 1GB x 2 SATA HDD x 3 XFX GTS 250 Corsair VX550 Atheros...
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    CPU/Mobo PC not booting; no display

    Hi all Please help me with my desktop as it is not booting. 0 sec ----> Power on (Fans, drives are working but no display) 10 sec later ---> Restarts (Fans, drives are working but no display) There is no beep sound and I have confirmed that speaker is connected. Have tried individual RAM...
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    Storage Solutions OCZ Vertex 120GB - 25nm NAND issue

    Hi all, I have recently purchased an OCZ 120GB Vertex 2 from primeabgb. I believe this SSD is one that suffers from the 25nm NAND issue recently seen in OCZ SSDs. Please help me identify if it is so: Die Size: 64Gb Firmware: 1.29 Windows Formatted capacity: 107.4 GB AS per info here this...
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    Monitors UPS for PC & LCD TV

    Hi all, First, thanks to all for this great forum where I have learnt many things. Summer is coming and my UPS battery is dead. I am planning to replace it but now want to connect my LCD TV instead of monitor to this UPS also. Please see the config below: UPS: APC Backup ES 500 PSU: Cooler...
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    Pls help to check UL/DL data amount

    Hi, We have a BSNL Home UL 1350 plan which we use for 3 comps. All connections are over wireless g using Netgear WNR2000 connected to a BSNL-provided HUAWEI SmartAX MT841. Is there any way to check the total data amount (upload+download) over the network? Please advise.
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    Help req. - BSNL UT-300R2U modem unable to connect to internet

    Hi, I recently tried to connect my BSNL UT-300R2U to Netgear WGR614v6. I was unsuccessful at this so I tried resetting the modem and router. Now I am unable to access internet even from modem alone. The "Status" page shows as Disconnected. I tried the following: * I reset the username + pwd...
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    Laptops Dell Chennai dealer for new Inspiron 14 (core i3)

    Hi all, My uncle needs a laptop for Ms office, music and browsing. After some research I have decided upon the new Dell Inspiron 14 (core i3). The online price of the basic computing version on Dell's website is ~31k excluding delivery. I called up my regular dealer in my locality(Anna...
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    Monitors Viewsonic Full HD IPS monitor

    Full HD IPS from Viewsonic, something to watch out for? is the wait over for a good HD IPS panel over? take a look .. Engadget specs
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    CPU/Mobo CPUID Hardware Monitor AUXTIN temp.

    Hi all, I use CPUID Harware Monitor to check the component temp: hwmonitor. When I run it there is an entry under Temperatures section called AUXTIN, which shows as 128 deg :huh:. I think this is some sort of bug, not the actual temp. anyone know of this? Thanks
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    Long time lurker finally joins up!!

    Hi guys, Karthik from Chennai saying a big hello to all TE members. I have been lurking for a long time and finally took the plunge and signed up!!. TE is gr8 :hap2: