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    Suggest games for PS2

    Prince of persia Trilogy.
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    Gears of War 3 - Discussion Thread

    I hope thats Anya in the trailer!
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    Want address of good shops to buy games @ HYDERABAD

    ambrit in koti and panjagutta(model house).games planet in imax.suman games in koti again
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    Is Ambrith at Koti Trustworthy for modding xbox 360's

    the ambrit panjagutta guy will do it infront of you or you can ask the in IMAX,below the stairs,he will get it done as well
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    Console Owners Thread...

    XBOX 360 60gb pro,PS3 60gb launch model,WII(usa). from Hyderabad
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    PSN to go pay-for-subscription model

    yeah but to use features like x-game party chat you need to pay for it.
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    PSN to go pay-for-subscription model

    but PSN isnt as robust as xbl,its strongest point is free sevice.i wonder if users will be willing to pay for it
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    How to access the playstation store & network in India?

    create a uk most games available in india are pal.NTSC content from usa store will not work with pal disc
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    A PS3 Ad that you may believe has been made by Microsoft

    its a sony ad! btw why does sony break its own product?
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    God of War: Collection Gameplay Footage

    nice................hope we can find a good link with better audio and video
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    An intresting Slim PS3-X360 comparison

    wat abt quality of xbox live?
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    Credit Card Problem on XBox Live Marketplace

    new rbi rules abt CC security.M$ needs to update their portal
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    Uncharted 2 graphics rival real life

    what are your thoughts abt crysis?
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    PS3 Information Thread

    I got the new 160gb limited uncharted edition.
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    Metal Gear Online

    add me psn id is KILL_CR33K
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    PlayStation 3 slim listing pops up on Amazon Germany

    hope it costs a bit less
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    Gears of War 2 Tournament (Xbox Live)

    they are just gonna say "NO COMMENTS" as usual
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    XBOX 360 or PS3

    hope its not a japanese wii............check that out before you purchase
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    Kojima's Next Metal Gear ?

    yeah and everybody is gonna be dissapointed........
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    13 Minutes of unedited gameplay footage of God of War 3

    yeah the game looks awesome.............