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    WTB Oneplus 6/6T

    Looking for Oneplus 6 / 6T shipped to Delhi. Phone should be in good condition with no issues + no history of repair. Original Bill ( even if its out of warranty ) + box is must. Should you have one, pm the details plus expected price.
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    Brick and Mortar Shop / Store deals [YMMV]

    When Amazon was running its BB days, I was looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker. With JBL Charge 4 and Sony XB41 in mind, went to Croma for a demo. Only to find that they had a great deal on JBL Charge 4 ( same price as Amazon ) + JBL BTNC750 Free ( retails around 5k ). Was an instant buy...
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    Featherlite Optima OC1 or Misuraa Xenon or Greensoul Monster Ultimate ?

    I need an ergonomic chair on priority and have zeroed in on 3 models. Mesh Featherlite Optima OC1 - 26k after discount Mesh Misuraa Xenon - 23k ( Not listed on their portal )...
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    WTB 2 x 120mm ARGB fan + splitter cable

    Looking for 2 x 120mm ARGB fan. And a wire 1-3 splitter cable. Please pm the details, should you have the same. Shipped to Delhi.
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    Budget 10-15K Phone for the parents. Durable + Close to stock or easily rootable

    Need a phone for parents. - Decent battery life (Would prefer type C charger ) - Close to Stock or should be easily rootable . - Decent front camera - Durable - FP sensor to be at back or front ( not on side body ) Their use - Regular Calls - Whatsapp video calls - Will install Big...
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    WTB PSU - HX1200(i) or V1200

    Shipped to Delhi. PM details and expected price
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    Graphic Cards GPU or PSU, which is failing

    GPU - MX RX580 Armor OC ( Out of warranty) PSU - Cooler master V750 Others - Z170 Sabertooth + 6700K + GSKILL 2x16B @ 3000 Couple of months ago, my system crashed once with Asus surge protection message. That time I cleaned up the grill, fan, gpu etc and it ran fine thereafter. Yesterday I...
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    Nvidia RTX 2070 super discontinued
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    PSA - Policy update - MD Computer doesn't allow cancellation now
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    PSA : Asus laptop [AMD version] air vent issue Do research if you plan to purchase these models.
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    WTB Wacom Intuos Medium

    As title says. Preferred to be in warranty, in good working condition, with all accessories. Should you have one, pm me the details (To be shipped to Delhi) 1594956505 Bump
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    WTB Dual band Wifi Adapter

    Looking for a dual band wireless adapter ( N600 to be minimum ) . Should you have one, pm me the details pls. (To be shipped to Delhi) 1594956518 Bump 1594976953 deal done with @CyberGhost
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    Budget 90k+ 2-1 laptop for college

    What's your Budget? (e.g. >30K, not more than 50K etc.) < 110k What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? (e.g. web surfing/office apps/Casual Gaming) For a college person Multipurpose NO gaming Photoshop Note taking / annotations What size and weight considerations do...
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    WTB [Delhi] Desktop(CPU only) / Parts for a build to donate ... 5-10k

    Looking for parts or desktop(without monitor, keyboard,mouse) for a donation build. As cheap as possible but in decent working condition. What I have at present - CX 430 - Mini Itx Cabinet - Keyboard/mouse combo - WD 1TB For monitor ( they will use their existing TV ) Looking for -...
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    WTB mItx cpu/mobo (ddr4)

    Looking for AMD/Intel mini-itx cpu/mobo combo - compatible with 2400Mhz DDR4 - Pls specify if it is w/ or w/o CPU Cooler
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    Laptops What first device for a 13 year old ??

    The schools are going to move to full fledged online classes. And my Jrs are going to have a clash on my main workstation. Phone is not a good option. And casting on TV is useless. It seems I need another device for my 13 year old. Need your advice. Usage - Online classes ( Google , Zoom...
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    WTB Condenser Mic

    Kids want to try vlog. Looking for a Condenser Mic with desk stand and pop filter. Shipped to Delhi. Should you have one please pm the details and price.
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    Budget Above 25K Please suggest a successor to OnePlus 3

    It's time to replace Oneplus 3 and get a newer one. Better camera and 256GB storage are must to have No Gaming May root for better adblocking. Ti-Backup How's OP7T pro vis-a-vis OP7 pro ?
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    WTB Looking for a graphic pen tablet

    Looking for a graphic pen tablet shipped to Delhi . Should you have one to sell, please share details.
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    WTB Dual band Wifi adapter : Dongle or PCI

    Looking for a dual band AC1200 plus wifi adapter dongle or pci . Should you have one please share model and device condition and price expected. To be shipped to Delhi. PS - Also looking for a Bluetooth dongle....