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    Barely used Logitech Z623 200W RMS THX Certified speakers with Bill & Warranty (2 yrs)

    ================================================================================================= Speakers go to Bl^nk. ===================================================================================== For Sale Product Information Product Name: Logitech Z623 THX Certified 200W RMS...
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    Galactic Invasion

    Mods, please delete this thread. Should've seen the Everyday showoff thread before posting a new thread. Shifting it there. :)
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    LG Optimus One 20 days SPANKING NEW!!Not even a hairline scratch.With Bill & warranty

    Up for sale is a spanking new LG Optimus One. ============================================================== Date of Purchase : 25th Jan, 2011 (Opened on 5th Feb as I was unwell) Reason for sale : Upgraded to a Samsung Vibrant. :-) Bill & Warranty : Yes, almost all of it remaining(11...
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    A question regarding Aramex Shop & Ship and Ebay (US)

    I tried searching on this a lot but couldnt find relevant information. Hopefully, this will also help newbies here on the whole process of using Aramex Shop & ship with Thing is, I thought it would be a good idea to open a separate ebay dot com account, plug in my aramex US address...
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    Graphic Cards Suggest an el cheapo Graphics card (sub 2k) for net surfing rig. :P

    Can someone suggest me an el cheapo GFX card, preferably sub 2k. Building a secondary net-surfing cum download rig based on Athlon X2 4600+, Asus M2N68-AM Plus, 2 gb ram and 320 gb hdd. :P Just want something that will handle casual net surfing @1440x900 res and occasionally HD movies. Wont...
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    PC Peripherals Dell S2009W OR BenQ G2020HD OR Samsung 2033SW ? :P

    Guys, I have to buy a new LCD. Have narrowed down to these three models. :-P I wouldnt want to go for a bigger monitor right now because of space constraints as it'll share space with a 19 incher lcd and 2 cabbies on my table. So which one of these 3 would be the best buy? :-) TIA.
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    PC Peripherals AM3 mounting kit for Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme

    Hi, I have a TRU120 Extreme which is currently cooling my C2D E6300. As it happens, the replacement to the C2D E6300 system has arrived in the form of Phenom II X4 955BE. :-P I'm most probably going to retain my TRUE 120 for cooling my new Phenom. Problem is, when I had bought this HSF, it came...
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    CPU/Mobo DFI Lanparty Blood Iron 785G-M35 or Gigabyte 785GMT-USB3 ?

    Hi, I have to buy a mobo for Phenom II X4 955. If possible, today itself. Which of these 2 mobos should I buy? I've never bought a DFI or Gigabyte mobo (always had Asus or MSI). The guy at Prime Abgb is giving me a good deal in DFI Lanparty Blood Iron 785G-m35 which retails for around 5.7k,but...
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    AMD Sempron LE1200 (Only 20 days old n hardly used) Going dirt cheap!!

    I bought an AMD Sempron LE1200 a few days back for my second rig.I basically wanted the rig for basic net surfing and download.But of late, i've got some heavy work coming my way.And my first C2D rig is already working overtime. So i guess, i need more power to handle the additional work on my...
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    CPU/Mobo Suggest an AM2 mobo for a dirt cheap rig based on Sempron LE1200 :)

    I'm getting a dirt cheap rig for internet and some entertainment, as my main rig is constantly under heavy usage for my 3d rendering and editing work. I've singled out the sempron LE1200 as it serves my purpose well enuf for net usage n some music n movies.:P I need a mobo that is stable enuf...
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    Modelling after a long looong time...

    I'm into compositing. Its been a long time since i last tried my hands at modelling. I was never a good modeller. I still suck at organic modelling. But when i was learning cg packages, i always used to do inorganic modelling.Lol, i almost forgot all the menus in 3dsmax and maya cos i hardly...
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    India wins the under 19s World Cup!!

    Yippiee!! Double win for india today. :clap: The under19s won a final tht seemed to be heading SA's way with a meagre 159 on the scoreboard. And yet, India defended it well till the end.!! And the Seniors beat those morons in the first final. :clap: Sachin rulzzz!!!! :hap2: Well done, guys...
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    FS : Seagate 250 GB ST3250310AS-The Raptor from Seagate!(Only 12 days old) + 5 yr W

    I bought the Seagate 250 GB ST3250310AS from Prime ABGB on 23rd January 2008.I was a bit busy with my work so didnt open the seal till day b4 yesterday. Unfortunately, i'm in need of more space and had to buy a 500 Gigger WD yesterday. My system already has 3 hdds (320 gb +160 +160) and now the...
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    So whose Bombay is it anyway?

    Today i was shocked to see what happened on the streets of mumbai, with the Raj Thakeray's men rioting and beating up innocent ppl, taxi drivers and hawkers and just about everyone they thought was not a maharashtrian. It is such a shameful incident in a free and liberal country like india where...
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    How much time u spend in front of ur puter everyday?

    So guys, how much time u spend in front of ur computer? If u are working, then add those hours as well.. Its just a survey as i need to know the average usage pattern...thing is, i have to spend close to 14 hours in front of a computer on a daily basis..(barring 3 hours of commute and around...
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    Best courier service to send electronic stuff..

    Do u guys know of any good courier service tht send pc peripherals or other electronic goods without any hassles and at affordable rates? :P
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    Daboo Ratnani in the making..

    Alright, i know, tht sounds wayyy too far fetched, but as a beginner, wots the harm in dreaming..? :rofl: So here's my equipment which will hopefully teach me a lesson or two in photography..:P Canon S3 IS : Bought it from Heera Panna, Mumbai for 12.1k. The price difference between the S3 and...
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    Suggest a good digicam in 10-15k range

    My old kodak digicam has gone looking for a new one...So pls suggest some good ones that i can choose from..:) I found these offers to be good....are they worth it? Kodak Z710 Panasonic FZ-7 Fuji Finepix s5700 Fuji S5800 Also, is it advisable to buy from
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    Where to look for good quality soccer club jerseys in mumbai?

    The title says it all..:P ne1 know any particular sport shops? Also any idea about the price? Dont feel like paying a thousand bucks for a t Also can i get some good quality stickers with the club logos tht can be put on the rear window of a car ..:) Any idea whr i can find...
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    Nokia 5610 or SE W580 ?

    I'm going to get one of these 2 today for my brother in law as its his bday...but cant decide between the which one wud be a better choice? Considering tht he is like 36 and working as general manager in a reputed company, i wudnt want to give something tht is too flashy...i chose these 2...