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    Storage Solutions Portable HDD - Internal HDD Laptop Use

    Hi Guys, I'm looking forward to purchase an HDD. My laptop's internal HDD went kaput so visited market. Found WD & Seagate Internal laptop drives . WD & Seagate 1Tb(Internal 2.5")= approx 4700/-(2 years warranty) Portable Seagate Backup+ = Around 4700-5000/- (3 years warranty) So Can I open...
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    FS: Mobile MICROMAX A116 CANVAS HD:White (Original)+Black Flip Cover

    For Sale ! MICROMAX A116 CANVAS HD:White (Original)+Black Flip Cover Expected Price: Rs 13500/- Rs 12800/- SOLD LOCALLY Time of Purchase: 6 April 2013 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 12 Months Reason for Sale: Phone Size is too big. Purchase...
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    FS: Laptop DELL VOSTRO 3450(Brand New)

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: DELL VOSTRO 3450 Expected Price: Rs 29,000/- Negotiable Time of Purchase: Oct 2012 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 12 Months Reason for Sale: Want to upgrade to Gaming laptop. Purchase Invoice...
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    Planning to Buy a New Bluetooth Keyboard for My Android Smartphone

    Hi, I'm looking for a bluetooth keyboard for my Android phone and have found a few options. Suggest me the best one Amkette Smartboard(for all platforms) Amkette Smartboard Buy Amkette Smartboard - Wireless Keyboard - Amkette Logitech Tablet Keyboard(for Android only) Logitech® Tablet...
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    FS: Mobile Samsung Omnia W

    Samsung Omnia W (under warranty) For Sale ! Samsung Omnia W Samsung Omnia W I8350 - Full phone specifications Expected Price: SOLD LOCALLY Time of Purchase: Dec,2011 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 6 Months. Reason for Sale: Want to try Android. Purchase Invoice...
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    Samsung galaxy s

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a Samsung Galaxy S phone . It should be in good condition and should be under warranty. I Prefer to deal with local sellers(Delhi) to avoid shipment hassles. Thanx
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    Need to buy 2.4GHz wireless headset

    Hi guys I'm looking for a 2.4GHz wireless headset so suggest me a few options.. My options RadioShack 2.4GHz Wireless Stereo Headphones Logitech clearchat Pc wireless Asus HS1000W Any other options do you suggest?
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    LogitecH MX518

    Guys I'm looking for a logitech MX518 or similar gaming mouse ,my old mouse went kaput :( It'll be great if the mouse will be in warranty period:clap: Sellers from Delhi/NCR preferred.
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    WHich Wireless mouse?

    1.Buy Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000 : 2.Buy iball Freedom Cordless Mouse : 3.Buy iball Freedom Cordless Mouse: 4.Buy...
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    foreign trip

    Guys I wan't to make a tour of around a week to some good place which should not empty my pockets,should be reasonable:) Don't knw much about anything because I've never been to a foreign place before.:huh: Suggest some good places ,flight/cruise offers,destinations,prices etc..
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    Hi guys, I want to buy an Xbox360(Jasper)console HDMI along with accessories. Preference will be given to in-warranty consoles but others will also do the job. Delhi NCR sellers are preferred cos i don't rely on shipping and i want to check and test the console before buying. Budget:10K Thanks
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    Laptops DELL Issue

    I'm having Dell Vostro A840 laptop for my basic needs and now the thing is that it turns off automatically whenever it wants and this happened to me maybe twice or thrice in the past 2-3 days. After pressing the power button it turns on and sometimes the keyboard and mouse doesn't respond for...
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    Car & Bike i20 or Dzire under 6Lk?

    Hi guys, I'm planning to book swift dzire but don't like its interior quality but overall i'm impressed with the package(exterior,boot space) but i20 seems to be better package (interiors,exteriors,overall) but no big boot:huh:.. I want to purchase a petrol version for city driving and big...
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    500GB portable HDD

    Hi guys i'm looking for a 500 GB portable HDD which must be USB powered and should be in warranty. Delhi/NCR people preferred as i don't want shipping hassles.:):)
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    Laptops Help:Dell BIOS crashed

    Hi guys i need urgent help in recovering my BIOS as i updated my Dell Vostro A840 BIOS using windows utility and while windows was shutting down i thought that it got stuck so i resetted and after that i could not able to Boot my computer as the laptop gets stuck on the BIOS screen and neither...
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    WTB:17" or 19" LCD/TFT

    hi all, I want an 17" or 19" lcd monitor. It shud b in nice working condtn. post the pics.. PM for details
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    For sale motorola A1200(Just 4.5K/-)

    Motorola A1200:hap2: Application CPU: Intel XScale PXA270 processor Baseband CPU: Freescale ARM CPU with a Motorola 56000 DSP Operating System: Linux (Motorola Proprietary Version) Bands: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (quad band), GPRS Class 10, EDGE Connectivity: Mini-USB, BlueTooth Display: 240...
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    WTB:PS2 console(FAT/SLIM)

    Hello everyone i'm looking for a used playstation 2 console which must be in good working condition along with accessories like controllers,multitap,memory cards and goodies like games with bill and box of the console. So if anyone among u wants to sell one then can PM me. Seller's near...