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    XBOX LIVE card

    hi guys, can some one tell me the price of 1 year XBOX LIVE gold membership recharge card.
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    xbox live id's/gamertags.

    hey guys anybody wanna share their xbox live id/gamertags for a gaming sessions or socializing etc........... my tag is:- GreaterKRIS30
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    force unleashed

    guys has any one of you checked out star wars on your x360 or ps3.just wanna know your opinion before buying the game?
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    Too Human

    to all the people who own a 360....Too human has been slated to release at end of this month...i think its one of the antispated games coming on the 360
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    Graphic Cards new ATI cards

    hey guys have u heard....ATI/AMD are launching new high end graphic cards, 4870 x2 and 4850 x2 which will be competing with gtx 280. they are cheaper than the nvidia cards..
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    Gaming DULL

    gaming has gotten dull all of a sudden. no new games released recently....i dont think there are any anticpated releases till holiday season...plz share u r comments on this issue....
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    psp cfw

    hey.....can we upgrade from a 2.60 ofw to 4.01 m33 cfw. can you guys plz let me know how do we do it.
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    PC Peripherals urgent: switch advice

    hi, i have a gaming rig and would like to buy a lo config system for downloading which is gonna run 24*7. i would like to know whether there is any swiching devise so i can switch from one cpu t another using same monitor and other peripherals
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    Storage Solutions 2.5" Sata Hdd

    hi, can some one suggest me a 2.5 inch 500GB SATA hdd.
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    Ps3 Hdd

    hey...i am currently using the 8ogb console from usa.i need to upgrade my internal HDD as i am currently running out of space. can any one suggest me good hard drive models. i heard somewhere that seagate currently manufactures HDD for ps3
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    Bourne conspiracy

    hey,has any one checked ut bourne conspiracy either on ps3 or 360.i am planning to get a copy on ps3. it's been rated 8/10 in most gaming sites.
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    list of anticipated games for consoles

    multi platform prototype endwar fall out 3 borderlands street fighter 4 alone in the dark 4 brutal legend bionic commando the last remnant re 5 bad company BIa hells highway conflict denied ops dead space darksiders dark void dead island elveon fracture harker indian jones infinite undiscovery...
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    x360 elite

    hey....does any one of u know where i can get a region 2 elite as i got of loads of region 2 dvds and a couple g games from uk, could u also let me know the price in grey market
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    Grid on ps3

    hey any of u guys got grid on ps3.saw a trailer on youtube,the environments are awesome.does any one know where we can get a copy of grid in hyd.i tried a couple of stores but no one has got one and they are not intrested in taking order.
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    Metal Gear Online

    hi, any one playing metal gear online on PS3. we can share PSN id's to game together.......cheers. can add me to your friends list uid:- kris_earth