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    Steam games: How to sell/trade them off?

    I have a few games on steam that I have no use of. Can I resell them to someone? What would be the best way to dispose them off?
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    How does one claim warranty for an SSD

    Hi all Got a WD Blue SN550 today. How do I register / claim warranty for the same? Thanks
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    All B550 Motherboards Reviewed : Useful for future buyers

    Part 1 (Budget) Part 2 ($140- $160) - My board B550 Gaming X is in this. :nailbiting: Passed the test for normal usage without overclocking but failed the test for overclocking (which was expected) :p:p Part 3 ($180 - $300) Enjoy! Poor guys got blacklisted by Asrock for their hard work...
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    FS: Laptop Asus laptop with discrete GPU | 20 months warranty remaining

    Hi all, Here is my first attempt at selling something on TE. Configuration - Core i5 8250U, 8GB RAM DDR4, 1 TB HDD, 256 GB SSD & FHD screen. Discrete GPU MX 150 2 GB.
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    Budget 51-70k Anyone using this laptop? Any reviews/ thoughts on it? - Considering this within my budget of 60k as a secondary gaming laptop and full-time productivity laptop. I am mostly happy with what I see barring an SSD but wondering about the battery backup.
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    Android Need tablet suggestion within 20k

    Hi all Need recommendations for a tablet within 20k for mainly watching movies and browsing online. Needs to have Google Play Store and Google Apps so no Huawei and Honor tabs I guess. Regards
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    Anyone purchased anything from recently? Suggestions for getting hardware from US

    Hi what has been your experience using off late or any other address forwarding site to purchase your PC parts? Saw newegg but hardly any difference from offline shops after adding shipping charges. Any other recommendations are most welcome Edit: Saw this about India customs - so...
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    Trying to install AMD CPU cooler fan (clip style) but failing. Pls help.

    I ripped out the stock cpu cooler fan to insert an argb one From whatever videos i saw online, i need to fasten the two tabs that come with the motherboard box on either side over the holes (visible in the pic above) These tabs But the screws provided with it, don't get screwed in because...
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    Any thoughts on this cabinet? Planning to go for this

    Planning to buy a cabinet and have zeroed in on this.. By the looks of it, it won't be great in the air flow department as I can only see air entering from the top and going out from the back but then I intend to use a Ryzen 3500 and a RX 5700 . No overclocking for me. What are your thoughts...
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    General experience trying to connect with Nehru place dealers online

    So, apparently India is 'digital India' now and especially during these trying times for everyone, I thought I will try to skip the usual process of hopping from shop to shop in Nehru Place to get quotations for PC parts and try to get via whatsapp and phone calls. Here is my macro experience...
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    CPU/Mobo MSI Vs Gigabyte B550 : Which seems better?

    Which one do you suggest? Apart from the obvious difference of Wi-fi what else does the MSI have going for it? Is it worth it? I know can't really get reviews but on a simple feature-by-feature comparison what do the learned folks here suggest? MSI B550M PRO-VDH WIFI or...
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    PC Case suggestions with dust filters & cable management under 7k

    Hi all any suggestions for a mid-tower PC case that is aesthetically pleasing, has dust filters & cable management under 7K for a regular multi-purpose rig. probably asking for the moon here with such a limited budget but can slightly increase the budget if need be.
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    Can anyone identify this cabinet for me? [Model no.]

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    Budget 21-30k Suggestions for CPU+ GPU

    What is your budget? 25K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel G4560 Motherboard - Asrock H110M HDVP GPU - GTX 1050 Ti RAM - 8GB DDR4 Monitor - Benq 24" 1080P PSU - Antec VP550 1TB HDD Which hardware will you be keeping...
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    Budget 21-30k Laptop suggestion where SSD can be installed

    I need a core i3 8th gen laptop under 30k where I can install an SSD and 8GB RAM What's your Budget? Up to 30k What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? Office work. Heavy duty MS word like 4-5 docs open at one time with at least 10 tabs open on the internet browser. loads of writing...
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    Budget 21-30k Is this config alright + suggestions for display & cabinet

    Hello folks I am on a very tight budget of 30K for a office PC ( MS office and 10-15 tabs will be open at once) and wanted to know if I am alright with these specs. I also want to keep it as an entry level gaming rig for the future but that will in the future so not buying a graphics card now...
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    I have a SPDIF port in my TV. What cable do I need to connect speakers?

    HI all I have a SPDIF port in my smart TV (with dolby digital audio). I want to buy speakers which will connect to the TV as well retain the digital audio output. I was contemplating buying speakers within 20K and zeroed in on the Logitech Z906. What will I need to connect these speakers to my...
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    CPU/Mobo Any users of AMD C-50 processor?

    Comments on the real life usage of the processor for running MS office applications and surfing would be welcome. I have read many reviews but still don't seem to get an exact picture of how slow or fast it would be.
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    Any Users Of Asus 1215B With The Amd C50 Processor?

    How is the performance of this netbook for running basic MS office applications, Ebook reading, and occasional browsing ? What kind of battery backup can one expect when only reading books on this?
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    Storage Solutions 2 issues related to windows 7 . HDD not visible and access denied.

    Hello all, Issue no.1 - I formatted the C drive of my computer yesterday and changed from Windows XP to Windows 7. Apart from the C drive, I had partitioned the HDD into the D, E, F and H drives. Now, the issue is that after formatting, the H drive is not visible in explorer but it is...