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    Smart plug (16A) recommendations?

    @rajil.s if you are looking for something to control AC via alexa or google home why don't you consider this Oakremote It is compatible with...
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    [AMA] Mi Band 5

    Is it custom watch faces have animations. Most of the watch faces are static
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    Apple's online store opened in India on September 23rd

    Apple silicon based machine will be launched in November
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    Why there's no satellite internet like DTH services?

    Using internet over the DTH is very expensive. I have seen it get used in very far away places such as mountains or remote islands, where there is no cable connectivity available.
  5. S - Feedback Thread

    When the package is not trackable it means, it will be track able till it leaves from source country. You can't track it when it will reach India
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    Good lasting Perfumes suggestions

    Has anyone tried perfume booth. Seems genuine site but not sure. Is it buying from them worth it?
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    Cheaper buying options for SIP's

    buy directly from mutual fund companies
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    Video Suggest an Android TV Box

    Why don't you consider fire tv stick. I found it best among all the options. It is avilablew easily as well as it has good app support for hotstar
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    Android Microphone issue on OP3T

    have you installed new oreo update? If yes please try to do downgrade
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    Trading and Investing - Beginner

    Just my 2 cents. If you are doing full time trading then only it's worth to do intraday trading. If you are already doing job then i think you should focus on doing Positional trading (long term investing) by doing fundamental analysis and picking quality stock to hold for multiple years.
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    A product thats priced better in India than US

    There are plenty of books that are cheaper in India than in US/UK.
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    Security Software Best Firewall + Antivirus

    Instead of getting the pc antivirus. Why don't you take a look at pf sense firewall. They do antimalware filtering as well and it will not have licensing cost but it's hardware will be costly or you can use your old pc as an pf sense router
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    Budget 10-15K Help with Flash Sale Redmi Note 4 64GB

    Which chrome extension you used, i found this closet
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    [From Reddit] I'm becoming scared of Facebook.

    kinda of but not exactly that more info in case anyone interested Usage Track actions such as registering, purchasing items, and so on. These actions can be used to retarget audiences, find new customers, track conversions...
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    [From Reddit] I'm becoming scared of Facebook.

    I think some people not aware about the Facebook pixel, even though you are not searching or chatting with friends on Whatsapp. FB track you through their pixel.Most of the business have implemented FB pixel on their website so if you visit particular site, FB knows what you are searching or...
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    Audio Best Earphones Under 1k

    From where you ordered?
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    Xiaomi Mi Box 4k

    If you are aiming to get mi box just for 4k content, beware some reviewer found mi box stuttering or losing the frame rate while playing the 4k content. In my opinion best alternative is nvidia shield android tv but it's bit expensive
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    Aliexpress 11-11

    Yes most probably
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    CPU/Mobo Raspberry Pi queries

    I usually get 3.5-4 Mbps