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    What Investment mistakes you made that you want others to avoid?

    Com'on, they are not running away. And surely they will exit in a decent manner. Don't panic. Very probably, they will sell the business to someone and then exit.
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    Paypal/SBI Credit card for International payments ?

    SBI removed this facility some two/three years back. It was available with SBI netbanking (for savings account holders). And SBI virtual cards are not valid for international txns. Only Kotak and HDFC virtual cards work for international transactions...
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    What Investment mistakes you made that you want others to avoid?

    Getting LIC policies (savings types) were my most disastrous investments. When I got rid of them, lost about 2lacs some 10yrs back.
  4. N - Feedback Thread

    Appears chinese are boycotting us more sincerely:
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    "Do you have XYZ Credit Card?" Thread

    in past one year, I have found SBI offering discounts most frequently. ICICI at second position, followed by Axis. HDFC has retracted significantly from offering discounts for ecom. 3 years back HDFC was leader. One silent player is Amex. Their offers are irresistible. But they don't attract...
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    Less than 10K Suggest a Featured Phone for a Senior Citizen

    Anyone using Micromax X744? Please reply my questions: 1. Does it have vibration mode? 2. Does it have separate earpiece and loud speakers? 3. Can we use a normal smartphone handsfree earphones+mic with its 3.5mm jack? 4. How's the call voice quality? 5. How's the battery backup? Thanks..
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    India officially enters recession .

    Choosing a prime minister is not the job of Indians. Its the job of Parliament. So, don't raise this stupid question. You are telling others to become responsible and make things right. Can you name someone who took votes by promising all the great things in future and is now willing to be...
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    I have amazon pay card. but I didn't renew my Prime so only 3% cashback. Cashback comes in the form of apay balance so better use instant discount offers, like AU bank currently running. Can you share price of item you want to purchase.
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    User Review My first 3D printer - Creality Ender-3

    Primary reason of lack of awareness in masses is attitude of our govt towards public. our govt badly needs ignorants.
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    Sony-WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones - Accessories Needed

    Check the second review for this BT adapter: PS: Damn the price!!
  11. N - Feedback Thread

    its a risk.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    PM me.
  13. N - Feedback Thread

    :) you reminded me old days (early 2010s), when a friend used to bring such electronics stuff for me from USA. Even sleevs/covers. - No nostalgia; Its forced regression. The illiterates in power are now downgrading us on everything.
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    What's sucess in life? Are you an underachiever like me?

    If you are happy with your job and your wife, AND your employer is happy with your and your wife is also happy with you, trust me, you don't need anything else. If you are able to raise your kids in your own care and they are doing the way you want them to, you are one of very few who have...
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    India officially enters recession .

    I guess the Indian society is in phase II as described in this interview:
  16. N - Feedback Thread

    aliexpress is forcing users to login/signup to increase sales. here's trick for window-shoppers: open incognito window. search your item in google with keyword aliexpress, eg. 'aliexpress esp32 type-c' then open any aliexpress page from google search. now aliexpress will not force you to login.
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    What exactly is Government of India doing?

    I wasn't even aware of these events. Really the Indian media has made the population dumb.
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    What exactly is Government of India doing?

    First Govt denies having knowledge about who created Aarogya Setu App: Then Govt offers a sweet reply: The shame is for you, They must be feeling proud...
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    Flipkart deals

    And this fruit is poisoned by devil's byte.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    I am sure microsoft will verify each application with their school/college.