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    What is this graph about?

    I was going through datasheet for a hub controller TI TUSB-88044 and found this graph on page 50. I want to understand what does this graph represent? google is showing generic results for 'Application curves'. @vivek.krishnan please help.
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    WTB Pogoplug Series 4

    Hi, Looking for Pogoplug Series 4. I remember few members imported Pogoplugs in past. If anyone has extra/unused piece, please PM me with price. (Please ignore the requirements list shown above. Its there because it has to be.) TIA,
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    WTB [WTB] Unlocked Huawei B310

    Its an Airtel or Idea CPE. Or can be other operator branded. I need the unlocked one because it can be used with a desktop phone (LL). Please PM with your offer prices.
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    User Review My first 3D printer - Creality Ender-3

    Idea and Search for a 3D printer After assembling Otto DIY robot I felt strong need of having a 3D printer handy. Though I have always wished to have some machine to create customised pieces. After spending lots of time on reprap portal, I created list of parts / cost but was stuck at...
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    Advice request for 3D Printer - RAMPS 1.4

    Friends, I want to own a 3D printer. Have been googling for a few days and RepRap's RAMPS 1.4 open source project is my choice. Here's the list of items I need to start with: 1x Printer Controller RAMPS 1.4 BOARD 1x Mega 2560 R3 4x NEMA 17 Motor 5x A4988/DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver...
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    Android EveryCircuit perpetual license fee

    Hello Friends I am impressed with the electronics simulation app everycircuit (google play link). It gives 24-hour trial to new users and asks for 500.Rs after it. I am seriously considering purchasing this app but 500 is on higher side. Is there some way to get discount? I have seen some...
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    Airtel 4G hotspot : ALCATEL WM40CJ or huawei e5573

    Hello Friends, Airtel is offering two models of 4G hotspots : Alcatel WM40CJ & Huawei e5573. I want to purchase one but can't decide which of them is better ? I would like to unlock my hotspot in future so that I could any SIM in future. Thanks in Advance.
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    Suggest for FPV/DVR setup

    hi, I want to set up a cheap monitoring system for my street with two cameras focused towards both ends of the street. I don;t need live/remote monitoring. I don't to spend much on this setup as there are no serious concerns. I have never setup such a thing and my searches led me to two devices...
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    FS: Others Goibibo Hotel / Flights Discount Voucher

    I have Ibibo Group Private Limited (GoIbibo) coupons: (a) one voucher worth INR 2500 from GoIbibo which can be redeemed on hotel bookings on the GoIbibo website/ mobile application with a minimum booking amount of INR 4000, and (b) one coupon code which can be redeemed on domestic flight...
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    PC Peripherals Which JTAG downloader for a learner

    Hello Friends, I wish to try my hands on JTAG. (That sulemani kidaa, you know) To start with jtag, which make/model of jtag will you suggest? My experiments will be limited to some old modems/routers and mobile handsets. I found a cheapo one...
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    Adapter for 1.8v serial port

    Hi, Which adapter will be able to communicate with a 1.8volt serial port? Generally all adaptors have 3v or 5v logic levels. For example;
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    Car & Bike Please suggest e-bike for daily use

    Hi, I am planning to buy an ebike for daily use. I need to travel about 20km daily to/from my office. One side journey is 10km. I enquired one local dealer here in delhi and he quoted the cheapest model at 30K after govt. subsidy. I request users of ebikes to share their experiences using...
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    Suspicious external resource in SBI netbanking page

    Hi, After about a week I opened SBI online banking page and saw little modified interface. I got alert. Suddenly at the bottom of browser window I saw ''loading''! I had never observed that thing ever hence I did't log in. Then I opened the firefox dev tool and...
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    how to create a company profile page in facebook

    I need to create a FB page for a project website for a company like this one: Whenever I enter the name of company during registration, FB tells me to enter a real person's name. I don't want this page to be associated to a particular person. Any...
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    Where does this piece of music come from?

    Hello Friends, Please help me find original of this piece of music. Its a funny music being played as call-hold music by MTS/Delhi customer care. It was recording on my phone when I called them. Though a small portion is being looped, I beleive a longer version exists. I am interested because...
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    FS: Others Nook Simple Touch; Rooted; modded

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Nook Simple Touch E-reader (Only Reader with Micro USB Cable for charging and data transfer) Expected Price: Rs 3500 Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from USA an year ago. Reason for Sale: No more using it. RMA/Servicing history...
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    how to set up Google wallet sitting here in India?

    hi is there some way to set up a Google wallet sitting here in India? I have a VPN account. Google voice account (which means I have a USA based mobile number). I don't have any USA based bank account or credit card. I have only Indian Bank account and Indian credit card. thanks in advance ...
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    FS: Others Kindle touch 3G without advt.

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Kindle Touch 3G without special offers (e.i. without adverts) + Flip cover Free. Please do not compare this Kindle touch with the one being sold by Amazon India. They are selling the one with tactile controls and not the touch version. Its one of the...
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    FS: Others 2100mAh Extended Battery for sprint samsung nexus

    Please note that this listing is for Spring branded Samsung Nexus (CDMA version). Product Name: Samsung Nexus Extended Battery 2100mAh & back panel. Original samsung made. Expected Price: Rs 1000/- Shipping charges: Buyer's choice & to be paid by the buyer. URL...