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    Hi guys, been away from TE in terms of interaction and have missed it. In 2012, I had bought my Beat and the little car served me quite well and was very easy on the pocket. A few job changes & and overall growth in vitamin M meant that I could treat myself with a bit more luxury. So...
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    FS: Headphone Klipsch S3

    The IEM is in fantastic condition and has been lying unused.
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    FS: Games 3 PS3 Games & 1 PS Vita Game

    PS3 Games available The Last of Us ( Sealed Pack) - 1300 Uncharted 3 - 500 Battlefield 3 - 500 PS Vita Games Fifa Football - 600
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    WTB Google Glass

    Hi, Kindly pm me if anyone has a Google Glass available with them, Sealed would be preferable. Location - Mumbai Preferable but open to Pan India.
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    Happy Diwali

    Wishing all my TE mates a very happy and prosperous Diwali.
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    FS: Mobile Iphone 4 16 GB

    Product Name: Apple Iphone 4 16gb Expected Price: 15000 Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL: [ Couldn't find the apple one] Description if any: Mint condition. Box available with charger and other contents that came with it. No earphones...
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    WTB Iphone 5

    I need an iphone 5. The condition should be 9/10. Mumbai sellers only. I have a requirement of 3 phones. It seems i have already acquired one and hence need two now. Color doesn't matter at all. Imports considered as well abeit at a lower price.
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    CPU/Mobo PC in a restart loop EDIT: Resolved

    Guys i am having a peculiar problem. The problem has been for some time and i believed it to be a faulty PSU and thus got a replacement but it seems the issue still persists. Brief - Basically if turned on after a long time, it does boot and lets me sign in, but after some time it switches off...
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    Looking for a 40 incher

    1. Budget. For the 40 inch = 35 max 2. Viewing distance. 6 feet 3. Sources/inputs such as HD DTH/consoles/stand-alone media players etc. - Only the HD DTH would be connected 4. Preference for plasma TV/LCD TV/LED-LCD TV. LED 5. Preference for brands. Sony and Samsung...
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    A furniture query

    Guys I have decided to revamp my setup in my room to freshen things up a bit. I am looking for a kind of table which it seems is popularly knows as a " corner computer table" I havent had much luck of finding it in Hometown and similar stores. Can anyone tell me where can I find one in Mumbai...
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    FS: Headphone Klipsch S4

    Product Name: Klipsch Image S4 Expected Price: Rs 1500 Shipping charges: included Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: there is no problem with the iem's,they sound as they did on day 1.awesome bassy sound. Reason for Sale: Upgrading...
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    FS: Monitor and LCD Benq G2220 HD for sale.

    Product Name: Benq G2220 HD Expected Price: Rs 5000 Shipping charges NA Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Its been a great monitor and it is one of the most popular monitors around this forum. The product is fairly used. The screen is great...
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    FS: Consoles XBOX 360 wireless controller

    Product Name: XBOX 360 wireless controller Expected Price: Rs 1200 shipped Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: The item is in good condition.0 Reason for Sale: Not using it Product condition: 7 of 10...
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    Multi disc games on a jtag

    Hey guys , I mostly extract games and play them on xex menu on xbox. Can anyone give me some idea about how to play multi-disc games ?
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    WTB Iphone 4s

    So here is the dealio, i want to buy a iphone 4s.mumbai sellers will be given preference. Points to remember - The price of the 4s has been reduced to 38,500 for the base model for official indian purchase.So kindly price accordingly. Condition of the phone should be good.
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    Happy birthday to me! Da diesel arrives.

    First of all, i do like to start by thanking my parents,who felt the need to gift me a car for my daily commute.I am incredibly humbled by the gesture.Frankly,i was very happy with my tata indica.It served our family stupendously well both commercially(initially a taxi) ,and privately (when its...
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    Car & Bike 2012 Hyosung GT250R Launched

    Poised to flame up the entry level sports motorcycle category in the country even further, this 'Big Boy' Hyosung packs all the power, style and performance that you'd expect from a 249cc class of motorcycle; all for a price of Rs 2.75 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi)...
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    FS: Headphone Klipsch s4 with 2 years warranty at throwaway price

    Product Name: Klipsch Image S4 Expected Price: Rs 2000 Shipping charges: included Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: used for 10 months.warranty still available for 2 years and 2 months.the iem's come with comply foam tips which i...
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    Car & Bike In car entertainment required for chevy beat-kindly help

    Hi guys! I have booked a chevy beat diesel ps and the delivery is expected to be on 22nd june(so they say!) I have limited knowledge about ice's as i didn't really drive much in our family car,nor was my drive at a considerable distance as to warrant a setup. Things have now changed and it seems...
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    The gaming setup conundrum

    hey folks, i am moving to a dorm kind of a room soon and want to create a new setup over there.i do have a current gaming setup,but since its all fixed and dandy i do not want to disturb the baby. conundrum - 1 i am currently on the lookout for a monitor/tv as my central screen for my