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    WTB Chromecast, mi tv, airtel tv Android tv etc

    Need to convert my monitor to smart tv , Need Android tv supported devices, like mi tv , Chromecast , firestick 4k , airtel 4k tv box etc
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    WTB I7 7700k or i7 6700k intel processor

    .Need to buy i7 7700k or 6700k .Come on guys shoot me with good offers. Take care
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    FS: Headphone Hyper X revolver S gaming headphones

    Best gaming headphones. Near about 10 months official warranty remaining. One side ear cup foam stitching has been losen. Usb dac shirt clip on has been removed because I felt that it wasn't needed. Comes with original box.
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    WTB Need someone to buy razer kraken tournament edition

    Looking for someone who wanted to buy razer kraken tournament edition.. I just want the dongle and the buyer can keep the headphones. If anyone is interested let me know.
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice Logitech MX Master 2s mouse / gaming mouse

    Logitech MX Master 2s mouse . It's good for productivity and gaming as well. Battery last easily for 1 month before needing for a charge.. This mouse can be paired with 3 devices and can work simultaneously on 3 devices . Software Logitech options and Logitech flow can be used for best...
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    WTB Mi tv stick, Chromecast , firestick

    Max budget rs 1000 to 1200
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    WTB any i7 7th generation processor

    Hi guys looking forward to quickly buy i7 7th generation processor . Price should be competitive .. Pm me your offers.. warranty is a plus.
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    Best data recovery software

    Guys can you please tell me which is the best data recovery software for windows
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    FS: Processor FX8350 Brand new Sealed unit.

    Hi this a sealed unit which I got from Rma. The current market price of the same processor is Rs 15500 . This processor is for some one who is planning to buy the processor and wants to save his few bucks. No Low balling please.
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    FS: Motherboard Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 with more than 2 years warranty

    Happy to give one week testing warranty. This motherboard is for someone who is going to buy the same motherboard and wants to save few bucks. ( current market price ) This is not my listingbump
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    Does SBI Platinum International Debit card with Chip works with app store/ Google pay.?

    I just want to know there the card mentioned above works with apple appstore / google app store or not.Also does it work with shopping sites like ali express.?
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    Graphic Cards What custom duty will I incur for used GTX 980

    Hi my friend will be sending his GTX 980 as a duty free gift . The card is used and I am aware I may incur custom duty on it . Any one aware of how much custom duty I need to pay.? Please help
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    WTB fx 8350 must be in warranty

    I want to buy amd fx8350 processor . It must be in warranty.
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    Budget 41-50k Need mid range gaming and full HD display laptop.

    I cant find a laptop with full hd display . Screen size should be above 15 inch and resolution should be full 1080p display. Need a mid range laptop . Please help.
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    Storage Solutions Need help with SSD

    Hi guyz I am posting the screenshots of my used samsung ssd evo 830. Can you guyz help me whether the ssd is working absolutely fine and has no issues.?
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    FS: Headphone Sony MDR-XB70AP (in ear headphones wit mic )

    No flaws at all. Works amazingly amazing. Incredible Bass. Comes with 10 months warranty and original bill
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    Storage Solutions Which manufacturer provides international warranty on SSD

    Hi guys wanted to know, is there any manufacturer which provides international warrantyon SSD in india.
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    WTB Looking for BB Z30 non working motherboard

    I am looking for Blackberry Z30 non working motherboard. Basically I needs its wifi IC and Sim tray .
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    WTB Mx 518

    Max Budget Rs 500
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    WTB In ear Headphones With Mic

    Looking for in ear IEMs with mic . Should have indian warranty .