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    WTB Xbox 360 controller

    As the title says. Want to buy an xbox 360 controller. Wired or wireless. Pm with price
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    WTB PS3.

    Hey guys want a ps3. That can be j'bed. Preferably a 160gb or 320. On fw 3.55 for obvious reasons. With a good price. Pm me your offers.
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    FS: Processor Intel pentium 3.06ghz e6600

    Hey guys selling my proccy. Open to negotiations.
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    FS: RAM Corsair 2x2gb 1333mhz ddr3

    Hey guys selling my rams @ 1800. Open for negotiations as well. Buyer pays shipping. Price is according to the current market rate. If anyone thinks its high can post it on the thread and i shall make the necessary change
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    WTB Rent PS3 or Xbox 360 for 2 weeks

    Hey guys. I would want to rent someones ps3 or xbox 360 for a minimum of 2 weeks. the thing is i sold my ps3 last year and now that GTA V is out i wanna play it. I would buy the original disc of the game so the person who lends me the console will get that for free after i am done with the game...
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    how to convert avchd .mts files to avi or mp4

    Hey guys i just got a camcorder and want to know how do i convert the files .mts to mp4 or avi
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    Camera help me decide a good camcorder

    Hey guys i need a good camcorder. My budget is 20k not more. Ive looked up a few like sony cx190 and panasonic v100. Any suggestions? Need hd recording good battery life.
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    WWE Merch?

    Hey guys i wanted some WWE Tshirts. Just wanted to sport some tee's after seeing Raw's 1000th. So any ideas where to get it from ? In india ofcourse do not wanna ship from US.
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    FS: Consoles PS3 160GB CFW 3.55 with True Blue Dongle Bundled with a Free Game for 15k ONLY!

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Sony PlayStation®3 PS3? (160GB) - The PS3 Model is CECH-2512A I had bought it from HONGKONG. It is the HK VERSION not the Indian Version. The only difference i found was the X key is the O key here and vice versa. So to...
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    Car & Bike Which Scooty/Scooter to buy?

    Hey guys help me in buying the best one of these. - Honda Dio 2012 - Honda Activa - Piaggio Vespa - Honda Aviator - Any Mahindra Scooters - Suzuki Swish/Access Please help me decide which one is the best in terms of performance , mileage and durability. Thanks.
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    Western Digital 1TB USB 3.0 External HDD

    For Sale Product Information Product Name: WD My Passport Essential SE 1TB USB 3.0/2.0 Expected Price: Sold to @itzmydamnlyf Shipping charges: Free. Manufacturer page URL: http://www.flipkart....88-b631c4843349 Description if any: Got it as a replacement. Warranty till Aug 2013. Reason for...
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    Storage Solutions Western Digital My Passport SE Issue

    Hey guys, I have a brand new 750gig external drive Wd my passport SE. Now last night i was to format it to fat32 as to play stuff on my PS3 through GUI FORMAT. After going to 100% it gave me an error and the drive was not formatted and it is in the Raw state. I tried the cmd format but it just...
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    Graphics Card 4670 any variant.

    Hey guys want to buy a 4670. Any variant. PM me with your quotes.
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    Amazon Kindle DX @ 15000

    Please select appropriate tags while creating a FS thread. Soon the threads without tags will start getting deleted. For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Expected Price: Rs 15000/- Costed me 19.5k + Customs. ( PRICE NEGOTIABLE ) Time...
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    MX 518 + Rantopad H3 Maya @ 600 Shipped.

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Google. Expected Price: 600/- Time of Purchase: Mouse in 2009. Pad in 2011. Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | 0 Months Reason for Sale: Fund Raiser for goliathus pad. Purchase Invoice Available: No Product...
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    PC Peripherals Which Mouse Pad to purchase?

    Hey guys , I am using DeathAdder on Rantopad but it is not that good the surface is pretty rough hence i am having some problem during online play. I want a smooth surface pad. I liked SS Tyloo Qck+ a lot but the thing is its not in my budget. I was thinking to go for Goliathus Medium < Rs. 700...
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    PS3 True Blue Dongle!

    6/3/12 Mass_Effect_3_EBOOT_PATCH_TB_PS3-PARADOX SSX_EBOOT_PATCH_TB_PS3-PARADOX Wow. TB releases Mass Effect 3 patches before it hits retail stores! +1 to TB After wait of 11Days my Dongle Arrived. Installing firmware will let you guys know asap! Here are the pictures!
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    Queries about Reliance Wired Connection

    Hey guys i have decided to change my 'Cable Internet' to Reliance Wired connection had few question , 1. Does it require a modem? 2. How are the pings in CS like? 3. Do they provide the speed they guarantee? 4. How good is the customer service? 5. Is the connection always stable? 6. What...
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    True Blue Jailbreak - Discussion Thread

    What is True Blue? Ans: Runs your existing games and new v3.6+ games from HDD in conjunction with standard backup managers , Booting of games designed for PS3 system software v3.6 and above Can Backup Managers be used on it? Ans: Yes. Will it work on my 3.6x/3.7x/4.x Firmware? Ans: No, It...
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    [GO] True Blue Dongle For PS3!

    Hey guys , Finally i decided its time to get that dongle. READ ON!! I mailed - They replied - So the thing is , 1st - The link of the product -$57.98-47850 2nd - Price of the product...