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  1. Otaku

    PS3 Jailbreak - Discussion Thread

    I had a similar setup and was facing problems with some games which required a PS3 disc in tray (my BD-Drive does not work). Habib-Cobra 4.55 works like a charm for such games and can be installed over Rogero 4.55. I think Habib's changelog mentions that. Of course, standard precautions apply.
  2. Otaku

    PS3 Jailbreak - Discussion Thread

    Post your model no. and date code for confirmation.
  3. Otaku

    ANYBODY REPAIRS XBox 360 controllers...where can i get Paid Repairs

    iFixit has some detailed guides on fixing every part, whether be internal or external. Give it a try.
  4. Otaku

    FS: Others Multiple Items for Sale

    DD3 RAM is 4gb X 2 - 8gb?
  5. Otaku

    FS: Consoles ps3 160gb with 3 games and 2 ds3 controllers

    Would you sale the controller separately? If yes, please let me know the price with shipping to Vadodara (Gujrat).
  6. Otaku

    FS: Consoles SONY PS3 160GB with two controllers

    Would you sale a single controller separately? If yes, please let me know the price with shipping to Vadodara (Gujrat).
  7. Otaku

    FS: Consoles Playstation 3 Super Slim 12Gb White + 1 Controller BOXED (3 Months old)

    Would you sale the controller separately? If yes, please let me know the price with shipping to Vadodara (Gujrat).
  8. Otaku

    FS: Consoles Xbox360 wireless Contoller

    I will take the controller. How much would you charge to courier it locally (Kandiwali)?
  9. Otaku

    What do I shop from New Zealand ?

    Being in NZ for more than a year now, and I get all my gadgets from Amazon US. Electronics are expensive here. You can get enjoy the sights, though it is winter till November and days are much shorter with no or minimal sunlight. Try indoor activities, such as zoo,museums and theme parks...
  10. Otaku

    PS4 Hardware Design Unveiled, This Is What It Looks Like [IMAGES]

    Funnily, reminds of my PS2 arranged vertically. :D
  11. Otaku

    Resident Evil: Revelations - Discussion Thread

    I am on the last stage, and can say that it is a decent game. Can be completed in 10-12 hours and maybe 40% length-wise compared to RE5. RE fans will enjoy it.
  12. Otaku

    The Last of Us - Discussion Thread

    Went for Star Trek:ID on Saturday, and with other upcoming movie trailers, this game's advt. was shown. This is the first time I have seen a game advt. in a theater.
  13. Otaku

    Flipkart won't deliver goods worth above 10000 in UP

    We live in multiple Indias. :)
  14. Otaku

    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    I am stuck in RE:Revelations, Episode 12. Can't kill Norman.
  15. Otaku

    XBOX One - News, Rumors & Speculations

    Any news about the price?
  16. Otaku

    Formal Shoes - Which Brand?

    Out of Lee Cooper, Bata (Wind series) and Hush Puppies, I liked HP most. For your budget, you can pick up a good pair of HP. Two tests- 1. Feel the inner lining of shoes with your hand. If it feels good to your hand, will feel good to your feet two. 2. Try them and walk a bit in the shop to get...
  17. Otaku

    Multi disc games on a jtag

    I have a RGH console, and here is how I got multi-disc games working- 1. Install FSD. This can be done by editing Dashlaunch ini files. Dashlauncher can be accesed from Xex Menu. Dashlaunch is a separate package and can be copied unto a USB drive, to be accesed from Xex Menu file manager. 2...
  18. Otaku

    Is it safe to use online payments on Public Wi-Fi networks ?

    ^ Informative post. But except using VPN, there is no safe way to do payments over public wireless networks. SSL/TLS security mechanisms can be defeated by tools such as sslstrip in conjunction with MITM (Man in the Middle) vulnerability. In plain English, trust only VPN.
  19. Otaku

    Car & Bike High Security IND Number plates in Bangalore

    What is the benefit of getting one?
  20. Otaku

    Aaj Tak reporter faces eve-teasing while reporting on Delhi gangrape case

    I think they do not carry guns- New Zealand Police - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia NZ is good...way better than what we see here every other day.