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  1. mechmax

    WTB AMD 5600XT or 5700XT or 6800

    Looking for AMD 5600XT or 5700XT or 6800 , even New is ok if priced comparably good. if someone know local seller with good price then also do provide link to connect .
  2. mechmax

    Graphic Cards Where is Colorful graphics service center?

    just want to ask one question , where do you get colorful graphics service center ?
  3. mechmax

    What should be done with faulty Power supply (out of warranty)

    I have 3 old gigabyte 650 w SMSP which is out of warranty and getting space consuming in store room .what should be done with them. are they repairable at (reasonable cost)? If not repairable then and good recycling option ?
  4. mechmax

    Hello to All

    Hello, Everyone on TE. I am by profession mechanic engineer working nuclear engineering related field. By hobby i am computer related things . My intial impression with TE is awesome.
  5. mechmax

    WTB I need of AMD am3/am3+ motherboard

    I am in need of AMD am3/am3+ motherboard. Looking for a quick purchase