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  1. Otaku

    Recommended Car Driving Schools in Bangalore?

    Hi folks, I want to get my Car DL prepared and have got around 7-8 weeks to get it done. As I understand, I will first have to get LL, wait for at least a month and then get permanent DL. I am complete noob in driving cars. Therefore request you recommend good driving schools (and their fees)...
  2. Otaku

    Best VFM Netbook under 20k?

    Hello all, Looking for best VFS netbook under 20k. Priorities are- 1. Good RAM (at leasr 2gb) 2. USB 3.0 3. Battery Life 4. Screen size (for some movie watching pleasure) :) If you have any ebay/LSB/other links,would be much appreaciated! Thanks, Otaku --- Updated Post - Automerged ---...
  3. Otaku

    Where to buy Kindle accesories?

    I have purchased a Kindle 3 and am looking for a screen guard and leather cover case. There are similar items on eBay India, but not sure of quality. Are these items available in Bangalore?
  4. Otaku

    Amazon Kindle 3

    Looking for a Amazon Kindle 3 6-inch tablet. Do not require 3G, but if it has, can pay extra. I have an option to get it from US, but want to avoid the hassle. Therefore please send in your offers, considering the current US/Amazon price. Thanks, Otaku
  5. Otaku

    Please help me get refund from Flipkart

    Here is the story so far- 1. Purchased an item worth Rs.999/- through HDFC Credit card on 23/July/11. 2. Waited till 03/Aug/2011 for any sign of delivery or in-transit notification/updates. Mailed 2 times reminding them to mail it or at least provide status update on delivery. Only email...
  6. Otaku

    How to get PCC for Visa done?

    Hello friends, I need your suggestions on how to get PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) done for NZ work visa. Here is my situation- 1. I am staying in Bangalore since last 2.5 years at same address. Passport has a different address. 2. For PCC one needs Proof of Residence (POR). Only POR, I...
  7. Otaku

    DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor/cable?

    Hi, I have Dell E6400 laptop having multi-mode DisplayPort. I want to connect to HDMI port of BenQ G2420HD. To my knowledge, I can use a DisplayPort to HDMI cable or adaptor to do this. I already have Belkin Male to Male HDMI cable. Please suggest me a cheap deals to do this. On all...
  8. Otaku

    How's BenQ MK2432?

    How's BenQ MK2432 for gaming and movies (not much for PC/Laptop use)? Also, I want to know the current market price in Bangalore, with dealer contact details.
  9. Otaku

    Things to do/see/buy in Vienna (Austria)?

    Friends, I am in Vienna for few weeks and was wondering what to do, see and buy during weekends. Tomorrow, I plan to get a Vienna city tour through hop-on,hop-off bus. :D Pour in your suggestions....:clap: Thanks, O
  10. Otaku

    Repalcement battery for Samsung Corby Mate B3310?

    Any idea what battery model is used by Samsung Corby Mate? Any links to replcement battery for the above model would be appreciated! O
  11. Otaku

    Who subscribes to international magazines?

    Does anybody on TE subscribe to international mags like Wired? Is there a way to get them cheaper or at Indian prices. I am okay if I receive them 1-2 months late.
  12. Otaku

    Japod batteries from Dealextreme- How reliable?

    Need your experience with 'Japod' brand batteries available at Dealextreme. Are they reliable and last as long as original Nokia ones? I am interested in the following one (sold out for now)- DealExtreme: $6.99 Japod BL-4C Replacement 1020mAh Li-Ion Battery for Nokia 2650/6260/6170/7200/7270 +...
  13. Otaku

    Huawei SmartAX (Airtel) + Asus 520 GU= Confusion!

    Can somebody provide step by step instruction son how to configure Asus 520 GU with Airtel's Huawei SmartAX 880AT modem. I am completely lost. :( Searched on Net and TE, but can't make it work.
  14. Otaku

    How to get notified about upcoming events (seminars,meets etc.)?

    Hi, Is there any site which send notifications about upcoming events in one's city? I am interested to know about IT related events happening in Bangalore. Thanks, O
  15. Otaku

    Any Gold member? Is the Gold membership worth $50?

    Friends, Anybody a Gold member of Vault? Is it worth the $50 they charge? I am interested in reviews of some India-based employers. Thanks! O
  16. Otaku

    Help me get a Asus WL-500GP

    Hi All, I want a Asus Wl-500GP to make 24/7 download rig. Not interested in Asus-Wl520GU. Link: - ASUS WL-500GP V2 IEEE 802.3/3u, IEEE 802.11b/g Multi-Functional Wireless Router with x2 USB Plug-N-Share hard drive function and Print Server Function Can anybody help me in getting...
  17. Otaku

    Asus 520GU or similar

    Interested in buying Asus 520GU Router to turn it into NAS/Download rig. Any other router capable of doing the same would be of interest too. Please send your best price by PM.
  18. Otaku

    Audio Compact MP3 players with AA/AAA battery?

    Hi, Does market have any compact MP3 players (should fit in shirt pocket) with AA/AAA battery as power source? It would handy, when the battery runs out, as the one with internal ones require USB power or power outlet. Thanks, O
  19. Otaku

    Audio USB Speakers under 1k?

    Hi, I am looking for USB speakers under 1k for my laptop to watch movies/play music. Please post your suggestions, preferably with Ebay listing. Thanks, O
  20. Otaku

    Creative/Logitech/Branded Webcam with Mic

    Looking for Branded Webcam with Mic. Please PM me with shipping to B'lore included.