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  1. ChairmanSaab

    FS: Others Kawasaki Ninja 250

    For a second I thought I opened the wrong bookmark, it reeks "AutoEnclave" Anyway, that's way too flashy an item for my introverted soul
  2. ChairmanSaab

    FS: Mobile iPhone X 64GB @ 19.9k

    Well, as someone who has handled multiple cracked screens, that's definitely a hardware issue and only a screen replacement can fix that. This occurs when there's a separation of glass and digitizer upon impact or a cracked screen. Using the phone at higher brightness levels or in a hot room or...
  3. ChairmanSaab

    Budget 31-40k Need help building a basic full PC @ 40K

    CyberGhost's suggestion is pretty good, I would replace the Corsair unit with Antec VP500PC though as it uses more reputed capacitors.
  4. ChairmanSaab

    FS: Video Card Zotac GTX 1060 3GB AMP! Edition

    Card shipped and tracking details shared.
  5. ChairmanSaab

    FS: Video Card Zotac GTX 1060 3GB AMP! Edition

    Card on hold for @kangaroo911 1601633541 Payment received from @kangaroo911 Will ship the card by monday.
  6. ChairmanSaab

    Suggest a 3L Instant Water Geyser / Heater

    Before I go in-depth and lecture about the heat map and peak temperatures of Central African countries, can you tell what "temperature" do you feel comfortable with? Do you've any preference for humidity? Because it's humid AF in Nellore right now.
  7. ChairmanSaab

    Android How to find recordings of whatsapp when you talk with anyone ?

    I don't recall Whatsapp having a native call recording feature, you need to install a call recorder separately to record calls.
  8. ChairmanSaab

    Cricket in India was first played ...

    In our backyard ofcourse
  9. ChairmanSaab

    FS: Video Card Zotac GTX 1060 3GB AMP! Edition

    Zotac GTX 1060 3GB AMP! Edition in very good condition. Note: The card is working perfectly and silent. Idles around 36-40C, Gaming 67-80C, Benchmark 83C I can provide 3 day testing warranty. For any other details, DM me or post here. !
  10. ChairmanSaab

    Group Order amd ryzen 3500x

    Does the 4650G has the same iGPU performance as 4750G? I've read it has 15-20% gains over the 3400G, that isn't a significant jump IMO.
  11. ChairmanSaab

    Suggest a 3L Instant Water Geyser / Heater

    You're a madlad! :sob: Here, I'm taking ice baths to cool myself only to feel sticky again in 3 minutes.
  12. ChairmanSaab

    ACT FIBERNET: Why we will never offer Unlimited Plans

    Post FUP: 512kbps Can somebody tell ACT that it's not 2007 anymore?
  13. ChairmanSaab


    I haven't used D2H service since 2015 when it was cut off at our home, honestly the streaming services are better and cheaper if you don't want 300+ channels, most of them you'll probably never watch. Anyway, I think Airtel and DishTV has lot of HD channels with Dolby Digital sound, DishTV being...
  14. ChairmanSaab

    Cyberpunk 2077 - Discussion Thread

    ^^ After seeing the minimum and recommended system requirements, MSFS2020 be like: Those are rookie numbers, pump those numbers up! ikr, that makes me mad! Is it so hard to make him a hacker or something? This game has a hacking "sidegame" while the whole Watchdogs is based on hacking.
  15. ChairmanSaab

    Alternative to pubg

    Just move to Valorant and take some steam off Battle Royale for the time being
  16. ChairmanSaab

    Audio buds under 5k

    Oppo Enco W51 has rave reviews, probably the best under 5k. Check this out and take your own decision.
  17. ChairmanSaab

    Suggest a 3L Instant Water Geyser / Heater

    I'm more surprised at the thread start date, do people down south really use heater in the middle of the summer? I don't remember Mumbai being cool at all! Here in the north, we only use hot water 6 weeks a year, India is hot as hell, I hate it.
  18. ChairmanSaab

    Best games of 2019?

    Bold of you to assume that my PC can run games from 2019
  19. ChairmanSaab

    Budget 51-70k 3080 FE or TP card?

    You sir, have angered the RGB gods! A cavalry will be sent to take you to the hell!
  20. ChairmanSaab

    Android Redmi K20 Pro blew me away with the DAC/ amp capabilities!!

    Nova launcher has been a trusty companion since 2012, no matter what phone the family member has got, the first thing I do is install the Nova Launcher! There's was another one that I used called Apex but switched to Nova soon after.