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    FS: Laptop Lenovo legion y740, i7, 16gb ram, RTX2080, 256gb nvme+1tb hdd.

    allow me a couple of hours please. for now I have updated to "invoice not available"
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    FS: Laptop Lenovo legion y740, i7, 16gb ram, RTX2080, 256gb nvme+1tb hdd.

    Listing again, no holds, first one to pay gets it. Laptop+Charger+Targus Bag(Bought for 12k but condition is used, slight wear) Will throw in a thunderbolt 3 dock, HP(dock only, no adapter/cable). Lenovo diagnostic tested, no issues, No dents/scratches, minor wear possible, fits tight in...
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    Smart watch

    Gear S2 (Verizon Model) with larger battery, inbuilt speaker and mic for calls, etc with box and all accessories. ~7k,
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    1050ti Low profile

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    Dead/working seagate external HDD usb 3.0 or 2.0(with sata+power removable connector)

    I have one, can take of my HDD and sell the enclosure. Whats your offer?
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    WTB: Old GPU non-gaming

    I have quadro FX 380LP. Working condition, no box, no warranty left. 750 shipped.
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    Altec Lansing MX 5021

    Let me know if you can pick it up from Delhi/NCR. Not using it anymore and lost the remote.
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    Ful HD capture card

    USB and for HD/FHD
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    Ful HD capture card

    I am looking for a capture card for YT streaming. Do let me know if someone has a spare one. NCR preferred.
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    Cheap GPU

    OK.. Pay what you want :(
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    Cheap GPU

    will Quadro FX 380 LP help? Expecting 700+ Shippings at actuals.
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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    How much I can expect from OrbAudio speakers. - Date of purchase:March 2105 - Source of purchase (local or overseas): US - Warranty remaining: US Warranty - Condition: Brand New. I have 10 of those.
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    WTB Altec Lansing MX5021 Controller

    Can anyone send me the remote please... Still not able to replace this. I have replaced the speakers with two beautiful orbs :P
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    WTB Looking for a Whatsapp supported cheap phone

    Nokia Lumia 822-4k+shippings-have pleanty of Scratches but works perfect.
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    Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus benchmark results are out!

    Not for broken damages :p iPads do have international warranty.
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    Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus benchmark results are out!

    Apple's after sales service is hands down the best. They replaced my nephew's iPad mini screwed by a screwdriver on the charging port without charging anything. *but I had to send it back to US form where it was actually purchased.
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    WTB High End Laptop

    Vaio VPCF137 i7 , 8GB, 128 GB SSD, Full HD Display. PM me if interested.
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    Shop and Ship is now on Techenclave to assist you!

    To be short and precise-They have reached their lowest level and have started digging now. -Phones reach NY office and may take days to get updated. -No parcel amongst last 20 delivered to me less than 10 days. -Duty is absolutely ridiculous, 24% on HTC one with accessed value of 76000 -They...
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    FS: Mobile Samsung S4 M919 Cracked Screen **Cheap** Please read

    I got a display from them for US Cellular version of s4 and paid around Rs.6600 on eBay after discount. +1 for them.