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    FS: Laptop Lenovo legion y740, i7, 16gb ram, RTX2080, 256gb nvme+1tb hdd.

    Listing again, no holds, first one to pay gets it. Laptop+Charger+Targus Bag(Bought for 12k but condition is used, slight wear) Will throw in a thunderbolt 3 dock, HP(dock only, no adapter/cable). Lenovo diagnostic tested, no issues, No dents/scratches, minor wear possible, fits tight in...
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    Ful HD capture card

    I am looking for a capture card for YT streaming. Do let me know if someone has a spare one. NCR preferred.
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    Dell's Ophelia Android Stick Hits the FCC

    @Tom's Hardware Dell's Ophelia Android Stick Hits the FCC,24774.html#xtor=RSS-980
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    WTB Socket 1156 motherboard and 1155 processor.

    Hi All, as the title suggests, I need a socket 1156 mother board any gigabyte h55 preferred. And need a basic 1155 processor as well..even dual core will do.. PM or reply..
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    FS: Others ACER Iconia w500-windows tables-32gb SSD

    Acer Iconia Tab W500 Series Review and Specifications | TechCrunch Expected Price: Rs.13,000 Time of Purchase: See invoice Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: NO Reason for Sale: Lying unused Purchase Invoice Available: No Product Condition: 7/10(a part...
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    Ikea wins Indian agency approval for stores

    Great news, atleast for me :) BBC News - Ikea wins Indian agency approval for stores
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    FS: Mobile HTC EVO 4g LTE-on Reliance

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: HTC EVO 4g LTE(Registered on Reliance) Expected Price: Rs 25,000/- 20,000 now:bigok: Time of Purchase: June/July-2012 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: NO- Reason for Sale: Got an white Phone. Purchase Invoice...
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    WTB Nintendo WiiMote Plus/WiiMote

    Hi, Title says everything.. if someone is left with an extra and spare controller. Check your cupboards, I know its kept there :) yup right over there..:lol: TIA
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    Anything not to miss on a UK trip--tech stuff to buy :)

    Hi, I m here in UK for another one week, is there anything which should be bought here :) Or is it good to save your money, get back to India and buy ;) Thanx in advance :)
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    HTC Sensation XE Mobile Phone with Beats Audio for £ 247+£ 4.50 from UK

    I came through this deal and just wanted to share if someone is coming from UK or want to use SNS :) HTC Sensation XE Mobile Phone with Beats Audio | Unlocked Handsets | ASDA direct
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    State Bank Virtual Card

    Great news for SBI Users... Hope this goes live for all of INDIA and they allow payments for all currencies soon
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    Camera Sony Nex-5 should buy or not

    Hi, I m really tempte to buy the Sony NEX-5 for all my camera needs. Presently I own No camera-using iphone 4s for general needs Jus t need some quick advice should I go for NEX5 or some other entry level DSLR. Remember my price range is about 25k. Not willing to spend more then that...
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    [IC]-Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle with USB Adapter

    Hi, I have been providing some decent deals on Dell Items through a local dealer and in between I stood away due to some reasons/bad experiences . But recently when I visited his store I found these keyboard+mouse bundles which as per him were taken away and replaced with wired ones...
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    Dual Link DVI-D Cable for Dell U3007

    Hi, As the title suggests I need a Dual Link DVI-D Cable for Dell U3008 .. ooops wrong title I guess ;) Mine got damaged accidentally and as I m addicted to 1600p I need the cable asap ;) I will prefer a Dell cable. Pls pm me with if someone have a spare cable.. TIA
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    Dual Core/C2D/C2Q Processor/Mobo/Ram Combo for a poor guy

    Hi. As the title suggest I need a system for a staff person in my office.... he needs a desktop for his son and is very tight on budget. PM me if u have any spare Proccy/Mobo/Ram. Just I need the products to be in good working condition.. warranty is not a concern but will be preferred..and...
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    Photon 4g Screenguard and Case/Pouch

    Hi, Recently got a Photon 4g and now I need to protect it.. so PM me with details and offers.. 1.Screen guard 2. Case 3. Pouch TIA :)
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    Help activating Evo 3d on TATA/Reliance

    Hi all.. I know many have done such activation and I don't want to take the hardest way to it:bleh:.. Just needs some precise steps to it.. 1.What to do on the Tata/Reliance Part and What to do on the handset.. 2.Can I use the Insta handset change for TATA if yes from where I can get it...
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    Dell Biometric Fingerprint Reader+ Dell BR Drive + Dell external eSata DVDRW

    Hi.. Have following things for sale.. All of them are brand new or used 2-3 times for testing and all.. 1.Dell Biometric Fingerprint Reader-2 nos-1500 shipped for each-Model no mp-61001 2. Dell BR Drive for Laptop--3k shipped--if u need cable connector to use it with desktop pay 300 extra...
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    Mobo for pentium D 945 with pcie cheapest..and any GFX Card

    Hi, As the title suggests I need a board that supports Pentium D945 processor and also have a pcie slot. Some warranty will be preferred. Also I need a good GFX Card specially GREEN EDITION Cards that wold be installed on my HTPC.
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    Storage Solutions SAS to Dual Sata Adapter

    Hi, I got a PM from Vivek Krishnan regarding this ADAPTER So I just want to confirm that can this be used without any SAS Adapter or its just an extension to existing adapter.. I could not find any specific information regarding the same.. Here is the pic of adapter...