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  1. saumik_

    FS: Others Original OP Dash Charger/Adaptor

    Original Oneplus Dash Charger (Adaptor only/No Cable) Got it with my OP6 last year- used but in excellent condition, still has the plastic cover on it.
  2. saumik_

    FS: Others Clearance Sale **Price Drop**

    1. Intel i5 4440 CPU - SOLD Purchased: Lamington Road 2015 Condition: 7/10 Reason for sale: Lying used Price: 4k shipped (Without Heatsink), + Free coolermaster x1 thermal paste (50%) Link - 5. AOC 27" I2769VM LED, IPS Panel - SOLD...
  3. saumik_

    FS: Mobile OnePlus 3T 64GB

    OnePlus 3T 64gb Soft Gold Purchased: Feb 2017, Amazon Condition: 8/10. Small nick on top the left corner - see pictures. Rest of body and display is in perfect condition once you remove the screenguard which has scratches. Charger and cable both work perfectly however cable has a cut at one end...
  4. saumik_

    Budget 71-90K Matebook X Pro Alternatives

    So I was completely locked on buying the Matebook X Pro (2018) which was going for around $1200 on Amazon. Where as some laptops lack in some dept, this one had it all, except the extremely reflective screen which I hate. Now thanks to that mofo Trump and the Huawei ban the future looks bleak...
  5. saumik_

    FS: Mobile Moto X Play

    Moto X Play Black 16GB Expected Price: Rs 6,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Flipkart Sept. 2015 RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd Product Condition: Excellent, 4/5 Accessories Included: Only phone and stock moto charger.
  6. saumik_

    FS: Mobile Oneplus Cases

    Expected Price: Nylon - 1200 + shipping Sandstone - 600 + shipping Source and Time of Purchase: Nylon - July 2018 Sandstone - Nov 2017 Reason for Sale: Nylon- switching to the sandstone case, don't want a bumper. Sandstone - don't need. Product Condition: Nylon - 4.5/5 - Brand new and...
  7. saumik_

    FS: Mobile OnePlus 5T - case + charger + battery

    Okay as you can see from the pics - my OP5T broke hence selling off this stuff as I've moved to OP6. 1. OP5T Sandstone hard case, 0.6k Purchased on Dec 6th 2017, Condition 4/5 2. OP5T Charger/Cable - 1.4k Nov 2017, Condition 4.5/5 Charger, 3/5...
  8. saumik_

    FS: Home Audio Video Google Home Mini

    Google Home Mini - Chalk color Sealed Box Pack
  9. saumik_

    OP 5T

    had an accident, my op5t broke, want a replacement. give me your lowest offer :)
  10. saumik_

    FS: Desktops i5 Haswell Setup for Sale

    i5 4440 Haswell -warranty over GA-B85M-D3H - Micro ATX - warranty over 2 x 4GB 1866Mhz HyperX Fury - in warranty...
  11. saumik_

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Modular Antec EA 550W Gold 80+ PRO *Sealed Pack* Brand new box pack. Warranty expired in Jan 2018, I doubt replacements have new warranty :p PM for offers.
  12. saumik_

    FS: Others Lifesense Band 2 Recieved as a gift, in Jan 2018. Brand new sealed box pack. Selling since I am fit enough :p
  13. saumik_

    FS: Mobile *PRICE DROP* Moto Droid Turbo 32GB Ballistic Nylon

    5.2" Quad HD,1440x2560 pixels 21MP 32GB, 3GB RAM Snapdragon 805, 3900mAh Batt Android 6.1, Stock ROM Verizon Unlocked Condition: 7.5/10 Accessories: Only stock charger Purchased in Jan 2016 from US.
  14. saumik_

    FS: Video Card Powercolor R9 270x PCS+ 2GB DDR5 256Bit, Factory OC'd

    For Sale ! Powercolor R9 270x PCS+ 2GB DDR5 256Bit, Factory OC'd Expected Price: 7.5k Final. Price is non-negotiable please don't bother low-balling. Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from the US, Jan 2015. Reason for Sale: Downgraded to...
  15. saumik_

    WTB Cheapest dual link DVI gfx card

    Hd5450 or similar that can power a 1440p monitor. Budget under 1k, Mumbai
  16. saumik_

    Audio Which of these 2.1 Speakers to Buy?

    Okay so I want a speaker setup for my moderately sized room 12x12. Budget - 5k, not going to increase and buy logitec or swans. Going to be using it to watch movies and music mainly. Bluetooth connectivity a bonus. Panasonic HT20 - 5k, 6.2k for the bluetooth version if you can find it. I...
  17. saumik_

    FS: Video Card Powercolor R9 270x PCS+ 2GB

    For sale - PowerColor R9 270X PCS+ 2 GB Bought from the US around 1.5 yrs back. No Bill, No Box. Works flawlessly, in great condition and is currently being used in my system. It is factory overclocked. Will remove, clean and...
  18. saumik_

    FS: Home Audio Video Bose Soundlink Mini

    Received this as a gift at work last week. Its the original soundlink mini. I have opened the seal on one side just to take pics and check the warranty card. Should have 12 month warranty once you register it on: Pics...
  19. saumik_

    Monitors TV or Monitor - Confusion.

    Okay so I'm moving out! Need a display watch movies/browse etc no gaming. I have a dell e5430 which I was planning to use for the same. Currently I'm on a 27" 1440p display powered by R9 270x, I was thinking of taking the display with me and selling the card. Unfortunately from what I've read...
  20. saumik_

    Query - Planning to buy charger from aliexpress

    Planning to buy this charger from aliexpress, its less than half the price as compared to local etailers Any idea if customs will be an issue for a charger? - I had read somewhere that there is duty on chargers too :S...