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  1. sibot

    FS: Laptop Dell Inspiron 15 3543 for sale

    I would recommending putting it on sale on OLX.
  2. sibot

    Video 50-55" Television - 35k Budget

    Wanted to update you guys, I just pulled the plug on Mi 4X 50" 4K with 2 years extra warranty from Amazon Sale. It ended up costing me ~Rs.28,750/- after the cashback. Last night and earlier today morning, I was considering the Motorola or Nokia TV. But after putting in a bit of research, I...
  3. sibot

    Video 50-55" Television - 35k Budget

    Wow! Thank you for highlighting this issue and bringing it to light. Have you tried tweeting to the company? Please do so, we will all retweet it and highlight the issue. Further, you can access the consumer grievance portal - You just need to file a complaint...
  4. sibot

    Video 50-55" Television - 35k Budget

    I tried that. They only had the 43" in stock and believe it or not, they were selling it 10k more expensive than the price quoted on their OWN website. Absurd. I also tried calling their helpline and they don't have a centralised inventory system, so you have to call each individual store to...
  5. sibot

    Video 50-55" Television - 35k Budget

    It seems to be back in stock on Amazon but they're only offering 1 year warranty. I'll wait till it comes back in stock on either Reliance or they offer 3 or 5 year warranty on Amazon or FK.
  6. sibot

    Video 50-55" Television - 35k Budget

    Thank you, that was very helpful. Great job on the review. So you'd recommend waiting for the Hisense to come back in stock? Yeah, I've heard that too. Though I'm not sure how it compares to Hisense. TCL is the OEM brand for iFFALCON too. Yep, that is why it is one of the contenders. Ah...
  7. sibot

    Video 50-55" Television - 35k Budget

    Yeah, I guess it makes sense to wait it out. Most likely I'll get the 3 year warranty. Any idea when the next Amazon sale would be? I was thinking with the recent push to manufacture LCDs in India, the supply chain of these TVs would be hindered. I've heard such good things about Hisense till...
  8. sibot

    Video 50-55" Television - 35k Budget

    Hi guys, I am searching for a 50-55" TV in a budget of 35k. I used an Amazon Fire Stick, so a smart tv is not a requirement per se, but most tvs seem to come equipped with it. I was using an el-cheapo Sanyo 43" until it conked off after some 1.5 years. Thankfully I had insurance from Acko (that...
  9. sibot

    FS: Others Portable Negative Film Scanner 35/135 mm Slide Converter - 10 megapixel w/ Digital Image Viewer with 2.4" LCD

    Now that the lock down is over and courier services are resuming... Bump! Open to offers.
  10. sibot

    iOS Battery replacement for iPad in Delhi

    Yep, you got it right. Not genuine.
  11. sibot

    Does any one know what happened to Erodov ?

    I'm one of the older members of Erodov and at one time, was one of the most active ones. At one point in time it was doing really well, there were regular meetups, representation at the local events, excellent value laden threads and conversations, etc. Forged some excellent bonds which I still...
  12. sibot

    WTB Amazon Echo Dot - 3rd Gen

    Hi, I an unused Echo Dot that I purchased in October, 2019 from the US. I have never even switched it on.