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    Video Copying Files From Tata Sky Hd+

    Has anyone tried to copy recorded programs from the Tata Sky HD+ (or tata sky + for that matter). What format are the files stored on the hard disk and are they encrypted? If I take the unit apart and copy files from the hard disk to my computer will I be able to view them? Someone should have...
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    Need a Android navigation app with turn by turn in India

    So I have been using Google Maps but there's not Turn by turn navigation in India and it has sent in to a couple of completely wrong places recently :( Looking for a better navigation app, have tried Sygic and like it, but not sure if its worth the money. Any one else can suggest a reliable...
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    Help me pick an Android phone (30k budget)

    So after a long time, I'm in the market for a phone. Have been out of touch with the latest and greatest for a couple of years now. Here's what I've shortlisted so far: Motorola Defy: 18k. Total VFM. Its Waterproof! Sleek looking. Nice screen. Its waterproof! But Motorola's past reputation with...
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    HP Tablet, Canon 400D SLR, ATI 4670, Sunbeamtech Controller panel, HP 16Gb pen drive

    Canon 400D SLR, Sunbeamtech Controller panel, HP 16Gb pen drive - Updated 18/5 1. MSI 4670 - Gone for RMA - will update post if SMC does not let me upgrade to 5770 by paying balance. 2. Sunbeamtech Superior Panel Memory card reader and integrated fan controller for 2 fans. Purchased from...
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    Interested in a TF2 server hosted in India??

    So how many of us here still play TF2 online? Put in your votes. Based on the results can try setup a TF2 server in India.
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    FS: Seagate HDDs 300GB and 250GB

    1. Seagate 7200.8 250 GB - Rs. 1700 + Shipping SOLD Bought about 4 months back, connected to the PC for an hour to backup data. Used today for the second time to format it for this sale. 2. Seagate 7200.9 300 GB - Rs. 2100 Shipped Purchased July '06. Both are Sata, working perfectly and have...
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    PC Peripherals Upcoming HTPC: Need Motherboard/Cabinet suggestions

    I've been postponing building an HTPC for quite some time now. I think the time is right to go ahead and finally get it done. However I am confused about some of the components, mostly because these days I do not spend as much time online as I would like. The HTPC will be connected to a full HD...
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    Anyone on Tata 1Mbps ?

    Anyone got the Tata 1Mbps plan yet ? Just wanted to check what kind of download speeds you guys are getting...
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    Canon announces S5 IS

    Canon has finally announced a successor the incredibly successful S3 IS. Canon PowerShot S5 IS: Digital Photography Review
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    Be a rebel !!

    Just bought the Canon Digital Rebel XTi aka EOS 400D from Bangkok :D . Got it with the kit lens for 35k including 1 gig Kingston CF card. (Blurry images i know.. V3i camera is crap) The kit lens isn't that great, but didn't wanna spend another fortune on lenses right away. Planning to get...
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    PC Peripherals Recommend a Mouse for 2-2.5k

    I just setup a friend with a new computer. He really liked my Copperhead, but doesn't wanna spend 4k on a mouse. So I recommended him a Razer Krait instead. I had my CC ready and placed an order on Razer's website, but for some reason the flat $10 shipping option is no longer available and they...
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    Xbox 360 - Do you really like it?

    While shopping today in one of the mall's, I came across an Xbox 360 demo kiosk. Obviously I had to try it. It was hooked upto a samsung 26" LCD Monitor and I tried 2 games, PGR3 and Ridge Racer 6. While I really like the controller, the overall experience was hugely disappointing. Now I've been...
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    Fun with Tracert and Piratebay

    You will die laughing if you do this. Just run a tracert to See what comes up in the end. To those lazy enuff to not bother... click below
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    Razer Exactmat vs. Razer Mantis vs. Steelpad QCK

    The contenders: Razer Mantis – Razer Exactmat – Steelpad QCK – Respawn Check out the attachments for images and relative sizes. Size: The Mantis is the largest of all 3 pads here. And it really is huge. So huge in fact that I am...
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    Get Half Life 2 for 250 bux, legally

    I was browsing through the website (The same guys we got the TE-CSS server from) and came across a very interesting new program. Apparently sgwg has tied up with Valve to distribute something they call an online game card. What this basically does is that you buy the gamecard for...
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    FS: Ati X850Xt Pci-e

    Friend wants to sell his Made by Ati X850Xt. Hoping for 12k shipped :) About a year old, works flawlessly. Reason for sale : Upgrading to something better.
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    Q&A With Arjun Singh

    Q. What Is An Arjun Singh Sale? Ans : 49.5% Off. Q. Which Is Arjun Singh's Favourite City? Ans : Kota Q. Why Doesn't Arjun Singh Have Too Many Friends? Ans : Because He's 'Reserved' By Nature. Q. Why Did Arjun Singh Learn Arabic? Ans. So That He Could Read 'Backwards'. Q. Arjun Singh Was...
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    AMD-ATI Merger May Be Near

    Forbes is confidently reporting that AMD may be in talks to buy ATI Technologies, claiming that an "AMD-ATI Merger Looks Likely." ATI employees have been talking and analysts are buzzing about the possibility of an AMD-ATI merger. "The synergies of this seem consistent with the recent...
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    What Nehru thinks of reservations

    What Nehru thinks of reservations. From Indian Express August 1990. I have nothing else to say. Source : Mail forward. EDIT : @Mods : I know that there already exists a thread on a similiar topic. But I believe that something like this deserves a topic of its own. Thanks.
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    Nintendo Goes Crazy with Wii Domain Registrations

    Nintendo has been registering a lot of Wii related domain names. Does the company really have plans for each of the domains? Or are they just grabbing them in case they might need them in the future. Some of the expected ones include,,, and...