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    Ankit Fadia has been appointed as Brand Ambassador for Digital India

    I just lost the will to live...
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    Happy birthday to me! Da diesel arrives.

    Yep Chirag. It made a lot more sense to get the Beat around 2012. Nowadays the competition is just different class. I can get a fully loaded Kwid for the price of a Beat base model. Current Figo has taken a game to another level altogether.
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    Apple iPhone 6S and 6S+ launched in India, Starts at 62k (16GB)

    Yep, ready to buy it for 50k :P It's the best iPhone ever though, like the one last year!
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    Apple iPhone 6S and 6S+ launched in India, Starts at 62k (16GB)

    That pricing is ridiculous. It is a 40k phone at max which I do pay a 10k premium just to use some services like Facetime and Keynote (Important in my work). However, given the price I can see myself going back to Android the next time I am in the market.
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    Hi guys, been away from TE in terms of interaction and have missed it. In 2012, I had bought my Beat and the little car served me quite well and was very easy on the pocket. A few job changes & and overall growth in vitamin M meant that I could treat myself with a bit more luxury. So...
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    Why Dealer's Paradise is dead ?

    I guess dealers have a lot better options nowadays, especially online channels which have a wider reach compared to TE. It was kinda inevitable. Off the top of my head, Pristine Note was someone who I have only good words to say about.
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    Happy birthday to me! Da diesel arrives.

    Sorry to bump my old thread. But just to update you guys, this has been sold and a newer (actually old) stead has replaced this one. Anyone who still has doubts about the Beat, just go for it. Most people would be surprised, but I think Chevrolet's service especially in Mumbai is very lowly rated.
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    Apple iPhone 6S and 6S+ launched in India, Starts at 62k (16GB)

    Was keeping an eye on the iphone 6s mainly to replace my iphone 6 plus due to the fact that its size becomes a huge PITA sometimes. 60k despite the rupee depreciation represents no value to be fair on a device which is hardly an upgrade on previous year. Will wait for the iPhone 7 as of now.
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    FS: Games 3 PS3 Games & 1 PS Vita Game

    Done. Please revert.
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    FS: Headphone Klipsch S3

    The IEM is in fantastic condition and has been lying unused.
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    FS: Games 3 PS3 Games & 1 PS Vita Game

    PS3 Games available The Last of Us ( Sealed Pack) - 1300 Uncharted 3 - 500 Battlefield 3 - 500 PS Vita Games Fifa Football - 600
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    Samsung S5 for 13,649 at ebay , chroma selling.

    I have had friends & also would like to include my personal experience wherein I have been happy with Croma. The buying experience in-store aint pushy as in other stores. Also, having read the entire thread, it looked like an honest mistake on the part of the person or the agency which posted...
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    Car & Bike Suggestions for a new helmet

    If bluetooth is a priority then i would recommend something which already has it integrated from the start. Adding a module later would be costly and would not be as seamless as you like.
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    Audio Anything wrong with my iem

    It seems that the older one has been used a lot more than the younger one and may have settled to produce a different sound altogether (Read Burn-in) I had something similar with my M2's a few years ago. One was very bassy and the other was a bit mellow. I kind of liked it a bit but yeah it...
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    WTB Google Glass

    Hi, Kindly pm me if anyone has a Google Glass available with them, Sealed would be preferable. Location - Mumbai Preferable but open to Pan India.
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    Car & Bike Upgrade suggestions over P220

    Alright pause and look at this. Take a bow Hero, Take a freakin bow 31 BHP in 138 kg!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Car & Bike Upgrade suggestions over P220

    Can hardly think over anything other than the Duke 390. But if you dont mind spending a bit more moolah on the Ninja then i guess you should take that as it satisfies your taste for sport specd bikes. Duke 390 i believe would be a bit more of a loose cannon because of its power and also the open...
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    Real Estate forums

    You would be very surprised at how tech laden it has become currently.
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    What to get from US right now...

    So get a bundle from there which involves games as well