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    MSEDCL launches scheme to distribute one crore LED bulbs (EESL / DELP)

    Has anyone got the LED bulb from this scheme? Reference
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    Monitors Is it possible to watch 3d movie on non 3d monitor pc

    I saw some article mentioning we can watch 3d movie on normal pc using half side-by-side. How is the quality when using half side-by-side. What kind of glasses i need to buy to watch it?
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    ICICI Bank ATM Cash withdraw dispute

    On December 22nd i withdraw the 1800 from ICICI bank ATM but i got just 1300 (2*500 and 3*100 notes) I complained to them they reversed the transaction on 23rd. On 28th December they again deducted 500 saying translation was successful but i'm 100% sure i only got 1300 when i withdraw the money...
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    need advice about jobs in abroad

    I got multiple calls for job in the Dubai or Malaysia but all of them were with not so good salary. Is it worth to join them to migrate in other country. Suppose after joining the company and working for few months i join another company will that cause any problem? I know in Dubai and...
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    WTB CPU in Pune

    I'm looking for CPU (Motherboard,processor,smps, cabinet-optional) within 6-8k budget,can stretch it till 12k. Prefer to buy it locally from Pune. Please PM your offers
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    Has anyone tried lumber support mesh for chair

    I came across lumber support mesh online. It seems nice has anyone tried those? Are they comfortable to use on normal chair
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    Video which tv mount for sony ex300

    I have Sony klv ex300 tv somehow i lost my tv mount kit. Now i want to mount my tv to wall but i'm confused which new mount kit to get and i'm not sure if they are compatible with my tv Below are the some of the product i have short listed...
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    Has anyone able to secure job offer for H1B

    Has anyone able to secure job offer for H1B. Is it worth to pay the money to consultant to get H1b sponsored i know it's illegal but most of people are opting this route so just asking if it's worth it
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    TATA Docomo is fraud

    I work from home mostly so my company gave me TATA Photo 3G dongle. It is worst data card i ever used . Even opening simple website takes few min wait. I thought i'm only having this issue then i looked their reviews.I really wonder if they want to provide the 2G speed why they even bothered to...
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    How to find H1B sponsor

    I'm network specialist . i'm looking for job in US while i'm in India. It is big trouble to find the h1b sponsoring companies. I tried looking for h1b sponsors on typical job site but almost all job descriptions says they will not sponsor h1 visa. How to find the H1B sponsor companies
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    ICICI Coral credit card schemes are fraud

    I was keep harassed by the call from ICICI bank i finally decided i will take the Coral card and all calls will stop that didn't happen anyway With the coral card they tell you that from you will be able to buy 1 get 1 ticket offer. I was booking ticket under that scheme but i...
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    WTB MAC RAM 8gb/16gb/32gb

    I'm looking for used mac ram for mac book pro early 2011. Probably in the 8gb/16gb/32gb If anyone want 2gb *2 original mac ram sticks let me know
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    WTB i'm looking for used bookshelf speakers

    I'm looking for the used bookshelf speakers. I prefer buying locally from Pune. My budget is around 10-15k Please pm your offers .bump
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    iOS Need help choosing the lightning cable

    My iphone 5 lightning cable is giving me trouble so i'm planning to get new one. Should i go for the original Apple cable or cheap Chinese cable will do the job please share your experiences
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    CPU/Mobo need help with buying replacement cpu fan

    My older pc was getting overheated when i opened the cabinet i found the cpu fan was moving very slowly than usual speed. I took it to the local vendor but the system is Amd so the local vendor didn't had to cpu fan in spare. So i asked him to order but but after few days he never ordered the...
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    Freelancing for network engineer

    Im network engineer .Im thinking of doing some freelancing network projects. When i do a google search i see lots of sites are out there but im not sure from where to start. Suppose i complete one project how i get paid by cheque or paypal. Suppose i complete the project .is it job poster...
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    WTB Powerline ethernet adapter

    I'm looking for Powerline ethernet adapter . If anybody want to sell please send me your offers. I'm located in Pune. Will prefer to pickup after testing
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    Video Has anybody got refund from Airtel Dish

    I'm currently using the Airtel HD connection. In next few days i'm moving to new place there only Tata sky connection is allowed . That society has the cetralised Tata sky connection. So i don't need the Airtel Dish so i'm planning to return it to Airtel . Does anyone has experience how much...
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    has anyone tried

    I came across site Their deals seems too good to be true . Does anyone has experience with
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    from where to buy used cisco l2/l3 switches

    I'm planning to buy used Cisco L2 or L3 switches for my home networking lab for study purpose. I have seen some ebay seller selling used Cisco switches on ebay but most of them don't have much rating to trust them. Please share your experiences if anybody bought Switches online or if anybody...