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  1. imkaush

    Rest in Peace Udit

    Purchased an awesome case fan from Udit on Erodov. I was moved to the core when he informed about his illness [emoji17] A real fighter! A real hero! RIP Udit [emoji1374][emoji24]
  2. imkaush

    FS: Desktops Mac mini (2018) - Like new

    Price not visible in Tapatalk app as it’s not part of text. It is visible in web browser (it’s ₹110000 as of now).
  3. imkaush

    CPU/Mobo Press power button atleast 3-5 times, to start PC.

    @mk76 Check if you can use one of these power/reset buttons: 10x Computer Motherboard Power Cable Switch on/off/Reset Button Replacement (
  4. imkaush

    Budget 21-30k Trusted Refurbished Laptop Seller/Website 1 year comprehensive warranty with 10 days replacement/refund is applicable.
  5. imkaush

    Budget 21-30k Trusted Refurbished Laptop Seller/Website

    Most laptops I’ve seen are 20-30% of new prices (mostly 2015-16 models). For example, Thinkpad X1 Carbon i7 5th gen is available around 30k whereas new prices are above 1L.
  6. imkaush

    Budget 21-30k Trusted Refurbished Laptop Seller/Website

    Hi guys, Have been wondering about this since a long time... Until a couple of years back, I only used to buy/suggest buying used/refurbished/renewed laptops from forum members. I have never faced issues in devices bought from forums. Last year, a couple of laptops purchased from Ebay India...
  7. imkaush

    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    A surprise gift for wifey... Will remind her of her beloved dadaji :) Analog Time Setting Button (not a crown): Keep it pressed to fast forward into the future!!! Digital Function Buttons (Time(can be set to a timezone), Date, Alarm(hourly+daily), Dual Time(can be set to another...
  8. imkaush

    Amazon India lightning deals

    Guyz, Any good deals now?
  9. imkaush

    Common Scams happpening in India, list the ones you may know

    Afaik, GST must replace older VAT(around 5% and not 12%) and service tax(mostly 12.5%) and not add to it.
  10. imkaush

    Ride for the first date ?

    Well... What's your plan now? Roof/Home renovation?
  11. imkaush

    Ubuntu Fan thread

    Was complaining about Chrome/FF consuming ginormous amount of memory! Will update FF and check the difference in memory usage.
  12. imkaush

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Same here... Saw it in 3D at home, all lights off... still was a good experience :P
  13. imkaush

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    I watched Avatar 3D & Interstellar in IMAX, Wadala. Both experiences were just awesome!
  14. imkaush

    Ubuntu Fan thread

    Wish I had the same privilege :( I was working on Linux/Unix command line for almost 5 years in my previous job... and now... you guessed it.... the application being developed is on Windows only... so no option of Linux :@
  15. imkaush

    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    The City list has only the currently supported cities, so basically no point in reaching the login form if your city is not supported yet. -Mumbaikar :(
  16. imkaush

    Ubuntu Fan thread

    Avid Ubuntu user here.... :) Been using Ubuntu since 9.04 when I joined an embedded systems course post BE. Since then, always installed Ubuntu in each and every laptop/desktop and used it for C/C++ programming, Boot repairs, and surfing the internet. I prefer the gnome interface rather than...
  17. imkaush

    Ride for the first date ?

  18. imkaush

    Ride for the first date ?

    My vote goes to your (in)famous faithful companion Safari Storme... But if you still want a German luxury car, considering lower prices due to GST, go for Audi, BMW, etc.
  19. imkaush

    Stolen iPhone 7 32 GB

    I was lucky enough to get back my lost iPad mini back in 2014 (