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    WTB Looking for GPU 2060 Super, 2070 super, or 2080

    Super 2080 2 years 9 months warranty left.. pm me your price.if price is right I don't mind selling it
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    WTB RX-580/ 3070/2080ti/5700/5700XT or 3060ti GPU needed.

    Rx570 4gb 7.5k shipped. No warranty, brand new replacement unit
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    WTB Samsung guru phone

    @Mukeshmeena what is so special about this phone if you don't mind ?
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    WTB Need someone to buy razer kraken tournament edition

    Close thread @puns @Crazy_Eddy
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    WTB I7 7700k or i7 6700k intel processor

    Close thread @puns @Crazy_Eddy
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    WTB any i7 7th generation processor

    Close thread @puns @Crazy_Eddy
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    WTB Chromecast, mi tv, airtel tv Android tv etc

    Close thread @puns @Crazy_Eddy
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice Logitech MX Master 2s mouse / gaming mouse

    Sold close thread @puns @Crazy_Eddy Close thread @puns @Crazy_Eddy