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    Health & Fitness Corona is in full swing and its not Joke !

    @red dragon , what is your view on Mucormycosis or black fungus ? Do you suggest any preventive measure ?
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    BSNL Fiber router query

    True, my statement was based on the assumption that people are not planning to upgrade existing hardware after getting wifi6 :)
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    BSNL Fiber router query

    Wifi6 might be overkill as many of the existing devices might not support wifi6. Also wifi6 routers are on the high end.
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    Need suggestions with a good TWS

    I got Soundcore liberty air 2 recently. It sells in amazon for 9.3K, but you can grab from flipkart for 5.5K + extra 10% off with HDFC card I use it mainly for office meeting, it doesn't have...
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    Camera WTB home security solution (CCTV)

    Thanks mate, yes hikvision is good; but i dont see their complete wireless set. Ezviz is a subsidiary of hikvision
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    Camera WTB home security solution (CCTV)

    Any personal experience ? Online pics in amazon/flipkart are not real and misleading. I don't see any good reviews as well
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    Camera WTB home security solution (CCTV)

    Thank you for your input. Are these outdoor cams? Any online links to those ?
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    Camera WTB home security solution (CCTV)

    Hello all, hope you all are doing fine in this pandemic. I already have a wireless (Chinese) set of CCTV cameras +NVR with low-resolutions. I am planning to get a new set of CCTV cameras + NVR. Currently i have zeroed on Ezviz set...
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    Which Wallpapers do you use in 2021

    Using this for around a year :grimacing:
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    (NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    Do you still have this for sale? Do you still have this for sale?
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    Peculiar issue with my router(?) TP link AC2300.

    Have you added the router IP as the DNS server for the 5 GHz network and not for the 2.4 GHz network?
  12. CA50 - Feedback Thread

    During refund do they refund the shipping amount as well? I order a pic-e card and paid extra 500 bucks to ship via gati for 2 weeks delivery; its been 3 weeks and the package is still in transit :(
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    PS4 motherboard contact pins torn, where can this be fixed?

    From the pics, it seems that 2 traces are still intact on the motherboard while 2 are ripped off. Its not the end of the world, any experienced soldering guy can hot patch (with wires) and fix it. 1593463803 Don't think manufacturer will entertain this kind of physical defect.
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    Are BigRocks VPS's any good? They're @51% off for today.

    You can check onohostingas well, their plans are dirt cheap that too with SSD hosting
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    WTB Salvaged Parts for FreeNAS

    You can try Xpenology too which is a bootloader that allows you to run Synology DSM on non-synology hardware. While looking for components, do consider the power usage, servers usually runs for longer duration. You should not be end up with a hefty monthly bills :P
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    Xiaomi laptops launched in India.

    Based on a youtube video, the RAM modules are soldered. Also mi website doesn't say that they are upgradeable.
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    User Review My first ever NAS device - Synology DS218j Review

    @itspriyank , if you are planning to setup your own NAS, i suggest you to go with Synology (Xpenology) because it comes with SHR (Synology Hybrid Raid) which is similar to RAID5 but provides more storage space. Another advantage is its UI. The only problem that i see with Xpenology is that, it...
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    User Review My first ever NAS device - Synology DS218j Review

    Very nice read liked it a lot. For people who want to use Synology Software without their hardware, they can use xpenology with their custom hardware. I am using it around 8 months or so.
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    WTB Looking for sata SSD < 500GB

    Hello, I am looking for sata SSD less than 500 GB. More interested in less then 128GB but ready to get higher capacity if price is within my budget. Stay safe :)
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    WTB Usb Ethernet adapter

    I have a gigabit ethernet adapter, pm if interested.