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    Budget 90k+ PC buying advice US. Budget- ?2000 USD flexible

    The last time I assembled a PC was 2008, now 9 years, 2 kids later and doing something for work which not a lot of people do, the time has come to re-kindle my old love. I switched to off the shelf branded machines for the past 9 years here in US. The most work that the computer does is looking...
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    noob prob.. no images in forums

    For last few i hv been noticing this that the imageshack thumnails or ne other foto thumbnails dont appear in mah page.. i hv tried diffrent browsers.. but of no use... pplz help....:huh: :( TIA
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    FS: XFX 6600 pcie

    i hv a almost 2 yr old 6600 vanilla 256mb ddr1 pcie for sale.. warranty- 6 months left...the sticker of the indian importer says 08/05. working fine but unsed for more than 1.5 yrs... please PM ...dont crap the thread here. regards abhijeet
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    8800gts 640mb fr $299 @newegg - Foxconn GeForce 8800GTS FV-N88SMCD2-ON HDCP Video Card - Retail is this normally...or a mistake???:P :ohyeah:
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    FS:GECUBE x1600pro 2nos.

    2nos. x1600 pro PCI-E gecube.. for sale.. bought from tirupati enterprises,calcutta. 2.5yrs warranty left.... box and cables r all there. lying unsed fr 2 months or probs with the fine PRICE DROP
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    Graphic Cards problems with x1800xt???

    hi, this is friends x1800xt saphirre 256mb which got frm us...couple of weks back.. the card is showing artifacts in al games at all resolutions......:huh: . driver updates.... etc were tried but fr of no use... same system when used wid x1600xts in crossfire..ran wid no...
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    939mobo+ddr400ram+pci-e 6600 gpu

    some old stuff fr sale(ALL USED 1.MOBO-MSI- RS480M2-IL bought in probs..used till march 2006 with box cds etc. expected price-1800inr +shipping 2.xfx nvidia 6600 vanilla pci-e ddr1 bought in octo5...used till march 06.. with box cds etc.. price-2.5k+shippping 3.generic ram 256*2...
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    WTB: C2D + Mobo

    as i stay in gangtok.. local hardware market is nothing so goin the c2d way:) :D 1. either e6300/ 6400 both new or used ll do.. but must hv indian warranty 2. budget mobo... features important rather than overclockin capablities both new n used bith wid warranty budget- total 15k:no...
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    dv handycam.. india or us???

    i hv decided to get a dv handycam within 400$:cool2: i m a big noob in this deptt... plz suggest 1.should i buy it frm here or US:ohyeah: :cool2: 2..... what model?? 3. usage - fr amateuer home videos?? thanx in advance
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    another asus s96j in TE

    got my asus s96j:D .. yday nite..:hap2: :hap2: :hap2: fotos latter got it frm calcutta after searching quite a lot specs t2300 2gb transcend 533 80gb dvd rw x1600 etc etc damages-62k damages
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    Laptops lappy fr 80-85k

    i m planning to buy a laptop as a desktop replacementas i hate to carry around my cabby fr lanparties budget-85k...flexible fr may b 5 k more good gpu large screen... weight nt a problem cant buy dell... to many probs....11% tax in sikkim... can get delivered but i hate to weight. .cant find...
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    FS: xfx 6600 Used

    Used fr 2 months only....was bought in oct 05.... xfx 6600 256mb..DDR1...PCI-e hv lost the bill but works perfectly box n cd n cables all there expected price-3.5k+shipping ll post pics if asked for. do comment if the price is off, coz i donno the correct market rates now
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    Graphic Cards crossfire possible??

    this frnd of mine has 2 x1600pros....(don ask me how he got ot...long story) so can they b crossfired... coz i heard x1600s can cross fired widout a mastercard?? he has a AMD X2 4200.... IF YES SUGGEST A GOOD MOBO....... MAX 15K Thanx in advance.:hap2: :hap2:
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    One month wid no net and worse

    LAST month was pretty bad for me on the comp front......... no net fr 1 month...........reason being... i used a local cable net....the thing was fried in lightining.... :@ :@ and bsnl dial up at gtk was down:P ..... then i had a dead fone fr a week.......then again it rained and lightining...
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    Graphic Cards 3dm03 & 05 Woes!!!!!!!!!!

    i got my x1800xt day before. tried to run 3DM05 gave a message u system doesnt support ne game test. similar in 3DM03. tried reinstalling both ...... same happened.... wha could be the problem? all games r running fine... wid eyecandy enabled...... wha happened??
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    new maaal

    :) :) :) my new loggy mx 1000. i like it more than G7. loggy cordless rumble pad. loved playing FIFA on it, this is the master stroke. X1800XT sapphire .......... as things arrived y'day, and my net conn was down so didnt take fotos with dabba, but still they r here.:clap: :clap: :clap:
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    CLARKSON IN INDIA(56kwarning)

    Jeremy Clarksons MotorWorld - India - Google Video very old video but nice to c. i know many of u hv seen it but still... fr those who hvnt
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    PC Peripherals Is my DVDRW dying??

    i hv a LG 4163B DVD RW 1 yr 6 mnths old. the things has problems n reading DL DVDS.the same dvds r read by frns dru820 without ne probs. tried to clean my drive but its same. btw, writing part is ok, the drive rites good.:( :( :(
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    PC Peripherals which widescreen lappy fr 50-60k?

    the title says it all, all i need is the widest screen, and a modest config. i had narrowed it down to dell inspiron9400 wid 17' . what other option should i look at thanx hummer
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    Nokia N80

    bought it 2 days ago:ohyeah: :ohyeah: 3 MP CAM:hap2: :hap2: the box photo s taken by my good old w800i phtos taken by this fone is quite large cant post to imageshack almost 650kb or more. ne one knows how to configure its wifi.