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    FS: Photography FS: Nikon 50mm 1.8D Prime

    Available for Sale: Nikon 50mm 1.8D Prime Condition 10/10, Optics 10/10, Have the original Lens Cap, Back Cover, Bill, All Manuals and Packaging. Purchased in Jan 2013 (Box says 2 year warranty) Lying unused. Like new condition. Reason for sale: Find Manual Focusing tedious.... Will buy the 35mm...
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    FS: Mobile Brand New 4.3 " ZTE Skate (A.K.A. Orange Montecarlo)

    Brand new ZTE Skate available for sale. Also known as the Orange Montecarlo. Specs here: Images here: Good build quality, not like the micromaxes and spices sort. Beautiful 4.3" screen, decent performance. Upgraded and rooted to...
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    Car & Bike WTB:Used Bike (Just for training before buying a New one)

    Want to buy a Used Bike (Just for training before buying a New one) Need a well kept, decent a to b vehicle. Also need guidance on where to buy used ones in Mumbai? Thanks:)
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    Intel 478 board

    Want to buy an Intel 478 board compatible with a Pentium 4 3.06GHz HT Proc Should be DDR1 based Any offers??
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    Anyone been to Ladakh? AMS Queries and Concerns

    Planning a trip to Ladakh this May :) Been thinking about it since long. Have read a lot about AMS and how to deal with it. Just need some guidance on people who'v actually been there and their personal experiences. I'd appreciate feedback from members here who'v experienced this...
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    k750i or Cheap Decent Camera Phone with Flash

    Want to buy k750i or Cheap Decent Camera Phone with Flash for a friend. Have used a k750i before, had a decent camera, prefer it Phones in the Sony Ericsson K Series are ok too Any offers????????
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    High Definition Trailers (Full HD)

    Came across this link recently, thought i'd share it here High Definition Trailers (HD) - Demo World Nice collection to test our setups:) Click on the Part Link.The Trailer Name Link will not work.
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    LCD: 19,20,22 Inchers (Mumbai Pickup only)

    Want to buy an LCD monitor (pref a 19,20 or 22 Incher) Mumbai Pickup only. Any offers???????
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    Wii Emulation

    Recently came across this emulator for the GC. They claim that this can emulate the wii too. Dolphin-emu - News They also have a compatability list of supported games. Anyone ever tried this out?
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    WTB: Cheap External HDD (Low Capacity will do)

    Want to buy: Cheap External HDD (Low Capacity will do) 20/40/60/80 GB will do Should be 2.5" Any offers?
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    FS: PS2 Slim Modded with all accessories

    For Sale : PS2 Slim Modded with all accessories Deal Includes: Ps2 Slim Modded One Genuine Controller One 8 MB Memory Card 1.5 years old, modded, seldom used. In complete working condition, including 8 MB memory card and one controller.
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    FS: Asus P750 w/ 8gig micro sd

    Posting on behalf of a friend (TE User: arnab_saha. Please PM him for any queries) For Sale: Asus P750 w/ 8gig micro sd Howdy Guys, I have an Asus P750 up for sale today, its bill is dated 17/11/'08 so still 10months of warranty left. It will come with all of its original packing etc along with...
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    WTB: Cheap Processor+Motherboard+Ram Combo (Old PIII's, P IV's, Athlons)

    Want to buy a Cheap Processor+Motherboard+Ram Combo for Download Rig (Old PIII's, P IV's, Athlons). Basically for a download rig. I mignt not need Ram if the system is SD Based. Any Offers???????????
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    PC Peripherals Touchpad for Desktop

    Im on the lookout for a Touchpad for a Desktop Computer. Iv seen such a thing on Amazon. Is it available here? Any idea about its pricing?
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    User Guides Guide: Building a 100 inch LCD Projector (DIY-Self Made - Updated with Pics & Video)

    Guide: Building a 100 inch LCD Projector (DIY-Self Made) All this within the price of a 15 inch Lcd Hello Everyone :) . This is my first attempt at writing a guide. Im not particularly good at it. Isnt as nicely written as some of the others here but its a start. Not too much to explain as the...
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    Wtb:basic soundcard

    Want to buy a basic sound card. Reason : onboard sound failed. As cheap as possible...
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    WTB: Internal Tv Tuner with Svideo/Composite Inputs

    Want to Buy : Internal Tv Tuner with Svideo/Composite Inputs Want to connect PS2 to LCD Should have Video Recording functionality as a feature.
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    WTB 14.1/15 Inch LCD

    Want To Buy a 14.1/15 Inch LCD Monitor Pref. from Mumbai Only Any offers?
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    WTB: 7 inch Car LCD monitor

    Want to Buy: 7 inch Car LCD monitor Defective ones (Ones where the backlight has failed will do - A friend needs it as he is constructing a diy lcd projector) Any one?
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    Mtnl triband and wifi problem (help needed)

    I have a mtnl triband connection and use the utstarcom ut-300 r2u router. I recently purchased a Netgear wireless router and tried setting it up with this connection. I set everything up. I can access the netgear setup page on both my desktop (wired) and laptop. I can also access the utstarcom...