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    CPU/Mobo suggest CPU/Mobo

    I have a budget of 15k for CPU+MOBO (intel preferable).Usage normal gaming with 6850 and cooler master 600w, please suggest.
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    Dell inspiron adapter 65w / 90w

    I need adapter for dell laptop inspiron 15 inch either 65 w or 90w will do Last month I bought a 90w adapter for dell from nehru place for 750 bucks it might be a fake but works really well. If somebody have spare adapter they want to get rid off or can get me new cheap adapter from market...
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    Getting Ready for Win7 Party @ Saturday

    Got Bored Waiting..... for party this Saturday...:) puzzle... hmmmm... i guess i am 5 ...:ashamed: Checklist .... Darts---ok Booze---should start hoarding:P PC--- win 7 installed and updated Clean house --- will have to hire somebody...:S Hukka --- needs coal tablets:no: dinner ---- plead with...
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    These two 32" TV are offered on ebay @ 6 EMI and SAMSUNG LA32B450C4M 32" LCD TV @ Rs-24,999 32" PANASONIC LCD VIERA TH-L32x9D @ Rs-25,499 + we can choose a gift MB DVD player seems to be popular choice... Has anybody used these TV's and how are they worth buying or not, I sold my TV...
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    Car & Bike Buying my First Car... Suggestions Needed..

    I think i am ready to buy my first car .... this diwali... My budget is in around 5Lac not way south to 6Lac... anything over 5.5 and my loan might not pass at all... Now requirement.... simple home use ... occasional longdrive let say maybe 6K kms an year... the spares should not be very...
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    2.5" PATA Laptop hdd (>160G)

    Product : I need ATA Drive for my IBM Thinkpad Capacity: Anything >or= 160GB is desirable (Bigger Better Disk) Condition: New / Used any will do... I can give my present 60GB hdd in exchange + Diff. amount... In case anybody wants to Downgrade their external USB storage... Will prefer Drive...
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    WTB List: Misc Stuff

    WTB: 1) Micro SD Card 2gb or above ..... Got from Ebay 2) Micro USB cable Nokia CA-101 .... Got from Ebay 1) Bluetooth EDR 2.0 2) Original Nokia Charger AC-3E (5V/350mA) Thin pins ones.. 3) Any PCI-E HDMI Gfx Card ..... HDMI Native 4) Wireless Keyboard + Mouse ...Any 5) HDMI Male...
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    WTB: 512mb SODIMM DDR2 667, Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo Media

    Need 512 MB SODIMM DDR2 667 for Laptop (single stick) mine is Infineon chipset so will prefer the same... also Need Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo Media ^^whatever that means ... I think it is some sort of memory card or something..:ashamed: Any capacity just let me know at CBD...
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    FS:Genius Ergo 525 + QCK Steel Bundle

    Product : Genuis Ergo 525 + Qck Steel Bundle Condition : Brand New ... Sealed Packed.. both mouse and pad are brand new Reason for sale: I got this RMA'ed Recently by transtek... but since the RMA took a lot of time ... i bought another gaming grade mouse ... no use so selling it off...
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    WTB: IDE HDD 160Gb or more

    I need IDE (Parallel ATA) HDD 160 Gb or more (Bigger the better) since i already have 4 SATA HDD drives it seems to be logical way of increasing the Size...:S TIA pm or post
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    Wtb: 256 Mb Sd Ram (pc 133)

    I Require 256 MB SD RAM For P3 machine... single or 128x2 .... The Chips should be clean (Error free no blue screens) Speed PC100Mhz or PC 133 Mhz.. Pm or Post.... TIA .... Peace Raj
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    WTB: PCI-E GFX Card

    Hi, I need a mid end Gfx card for use in my Main rig... Cards like 7600GT or 8600GT Prefrebly Dual DVI.... Upto ....5K Max... edit : Peace Raj
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    WTB: Network Switch

    Want to connect 2 Pc's So in need of a Network Switch 4 or 8 Port... Pm or post Peace Raj
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    WTB: 512x2 DDR2 @533 Mhz Matched Pair

    I need this for a freind .... 512 x 2 DDR2 Chips .... Dual Channel mode... He already have one pair so he need another to raise it to 2 GB... Speed : 533 or 667... Warranty Appreciated... chips like Dynet, Trans, or Kingston... or any other doesn't matter if working fine..........:)
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    FS: Hitachi 320Gb SATA2 HDD

    I Have a Hitachi Sata-2 HDD... for sale .... Read The reasons for sale carefully Pm me for anyclarification will reply only after Midnight... when i am in OFFICE the price is slightly negotiable for those who can collect it from me.... Mumbai buyers preffered for usual reasons........ Specs:-...
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    Graphic Cards PALIT x1950 pro super 512 MB ddr3

    Not sure where to post it so posting it here.........:ashamed: My friend is looking to purchase a PCI-E graphics card and he is interested in this model ..... Palit X1950Pro Super (Pics Attached........) Though i understand that this card is DX9 but still its pretty decent for its price...
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    WTB: AGP8x/Pro Graphics Card

    I need an AGP 8x/ Pro card ..... prefrebly 256mb 128 bit ..... i think following cards are PRO SLOT such as.... ATI Radeon 9600pro 9800pro x700 pro x800 pro x1300 pro Nividia i donot know but willing to buy Nvidia cards too...:)