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    FS: Storage Hardware SOLD OUT-SanDisk Ultra II SATA III SSD 240GB

    Hi Ranjith Do you still have the SSD Available. I am based in bangalore, can pick it up directly. Thanks Anoop Kumar
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    Video HDMI to DVI: Dell monitor has no display

    I am connecting the videocon D2H HD box, to Dell 20 inch monitor through a HDMI cable with a DVI connector at the monitor end. I am unable to get a display and there is some type of monitor resolution error. The frequency of monitor is of 60 Hz while that of the STB is 50 HZ. Is there any...
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    Need Suggestion to Buy Window AC

    Hi Guys Since this is the first time I am going to buy an AC, I need your suggestions to make an informed decision. I am looking forward to buy a window AC (1- 1.5 TON). Since I am living in a rental apartment there is very less possibility of installing a spilt AC (I don't think the owner's...
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    WTB Urgent - LCD/LED MONITOR ( 17" - 20" )

    Hi I am looking to buy an LCD/LED Monitor 17" - 20". Any brand would do. If under warranty it'll be an added bonus. Should be in a perfect working condition. Thanks & Regards XtremeGforce
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    FS: Desktops 3 year old Desktop - quad core, 4gigs ram, 22inch lcd, 9600gt gpu

    Hey Buddy 8.2 k for a 3year old CPU with no warranty.:boxed: I guess you asking way too much as a new i5 2400 cost 9K with 3year warranty. Any ways Good Luck with your sale.
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    Razer Deathadder Normal Edition 3500 dpi Gaming Mouse

    Hi Buddy sent you a Pm kindly check
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    Western Digital 1TB Green HDD Warranty till 03-2015

    I have sent you a Pm, kindly check
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    Sorry buddy, didn't mean to annoy you.
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    CPU for sale - Proccessor+Mobo+RAM

    I have sent you a PM, kindly check Thanks Xtremegforce
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    I have sent you a PM, Kindly check. Thanks Xtremegforce
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    Storage Solutions Seagate Rma

    I am facing a similar situation here, had given my Seagate 250gb on 29th FEB for RMA still no sign of the drive, don't know when am I gonna get the drive. I am probably done with Seagate, didn't expect this kind of service from these guys.
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    Its Freaking Awesome!!!!!!

    it's freaking awesome man, one of the best optical illusions. It's like your eyes are projecting the image on the wall.
  13. X Deals and Coupons

    Hi Had a very bad experience with these guys. I had placed an order for for Nokia C2-02 on 16th Aug 2011 which was in stock at the time of ordering. Two weeks later they say that they don't have the stock and the new will be coming after Sept 10th so I cancelled the order on 29th. It's been two...
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    Suggestions needed for a phone upto 5k

    Guys, please give me your valuable suggestions regarding a good feature rich phone upto 5k
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    Suggestions needed for a phone upto 5k

    Hi Please suggest a good feature rich phone. Questions:- 1. Q: Budget? A: 5k 2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)? A: Bar/ Slider 3. Q: Preferred display type? A: TFT 4. Q: Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them. A: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola maybe...
  16. X Deals and Coupons

    Placed the order for a Nokia C2-02 on 16th Aug, these guys haven't shipped it till now.
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    Free 3.5mm earphones

    Placed an order for 2 earphones, let's see if they arrive?
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    CPU/Mobo Sandy Bridge temps too high

    No hard feelings my friend, I too am kind of really frustrated with this issue. I mean I buy a new pc after 7years and end up getting my hands burned. Not quite sure about the damaged pushpins, checkout this pic. [attachment=8684:15181.attach] Can you see the gap marked with the red circle...